Best Moab Mountain Bike Trails

Best Moab Mountain Bike Trails

If you are a mountain rider, then you should ride once on Moab. It is a town that is present in Utah, United States. It has many trails which attract mainly mountain riders. Even other people come to enjoy this place to see the scene and scenery.

If one visits Moab in summer, he can enjoy summer heat and sometimes be accompanied by heavy rain. If a rider visits in winter, he can enjoy the snow-capped peaks, which are fantastic to see and ride your bike. The scenery all around the Moab is beautiful and eye-catching. It’s nice to see the sunburnt canyons or snow-capped peaks at the time of riding.

Moab has a trail for every kind of rider, starting from beginner to experienced rider. Some riders want to enjoy the scenery of Moab with their friends and family, while some want to have adventurous riding/. So, Moab is a perfect place for any rider. You can visit Moab at any time of the year. It is a paradise for a rider.

In this article, I will list the best Moab mountain bike trails.

Top Bike Trails In Moab

#1. Lazy /EZ Loop

You can find this place 12 miles from the northwest of Moab. It is a perfect place for Slickrock riding, and the trails are pretty easy in this place. The rocks are very mild here. So, you can easily ride to this place.

There are many other things to see like red bluffs, mesas of Arches National park, and various others. Red bluff is a bit of a grand canyon that forms because of natural erosion. You will love to see this Canyon.

Again, if you visit the Arches National park, you can see more than 2000 natural sandstone arches, including Delicate Arch. After visiting these two sites and the loop, the day will remain as a red-letter day for you.

#2. Dead Horse Point Tour

It is one of the best mountain bike trails in Moab. The dead horse point tour is 33 miles southwest of Moab and located on Dead horse point state park, and this trail one of the spectacular parks in the city of Utah, United States. You can enjoy the multicolored cliffs on this place which is fantastic to see. In this park, you can view the Colorado River, which is 2000 feet low.

Dead Horse Point Mountain Bike Trail
Dead Horse Point

This park covers more than 5,362 acres. There are several picnic areas in this park where you can enjoy yourself with your friends or near and dear ones. Many people come to this place to enjoy snacks or lunch. There are several shops also in this park.

One can find restaurants or coffee shops in this area. At the top of the pleasure, you will discover various flat trails and loops at the top of the fun, where riders enjoy their riding, but you need some previous experience to ride on these trails.

#3. Klondike Bluff Outer Loop

The Klondike bluff outer loop is almost 25 miles away from the northwest of Moab. This loop is around 18.7 kilometers and has moderate traffic. There are various small rocks and hills. So, a beginner or intermediate mountain rider can ride his bike here. The sandy track may have ups and downs at someplace.

The rider starts from an uneven slick roc. Then he needs to follow the short road of four × four roads to go to the UFO trail. In the UFO trail, you need to go down through various valleys and red dirt tracks. Then you need to follow the baby steps single track and sandy four × four roads to reach the Dino flow, where the ride is going to end. The Dino flow is a smooth trail. There you will see various rock ridges. A rider will surely enjoy riding on a sandy trail. He will have a good experience.

#4.Navajo Rocks Chapo Loop

The Navajo rocks Chapo loop is present seventeen kilometers northwest of Moab. A rider has to face steady climbing and rolling down on the trails of Navajo rocks. A rider should have the experience to ride in Navajo rocks.

Navajo Rocks Mountain Bike Trail
Navajo Rocks

The trail begins from Rockey top. You can take some snacks at the high point of the Rockey trail. Here you can look at La sals which usually caps in snow even in spring. It’s nice to see the beautiful sceneries all around the Navajo Rocks. You will find various trails with challenging ascents, descents, and dirty slick rock in this loop.

The advanced and intermediate riders will surely enjoy the riding. The entire loop is almost 17 miles. But if you want to end the ride by 10 miles, you need to ride Rocky tops and then to Middle Earth and hop on Ramblin to finish your riding. Most of the rider likes swoopy waves in Ramblin. It is one of the best intermediate trails in Moab.

#5. Slick Rock

Slick rocks is another best mountain bike trail in Moab. It is one of the renowned trails in Moab. Some people don’t like a slick rock because a lot of people flock here.

If you are an intermediate or experienced mountain rider, you will surely enjoy rolling up and down on the sandstone. Again the surfaces of slick rock are very grippy. Here you will not find a single trail. The white dashes on the sandstone will guide you to navigate the trail.

You should remember one thing that you should not go too far from the trail. Otherwise, it may not be easy to find you. You may go missing. The rider may find sand traps here and there. They will look beautiful and pretty initially, but your tires can go much down when you ride over these sand traps.

Slick Rock Mountain Bike Trail in Moab
Slick Rock Mountain Bike Trail

#6. The Whole Enchilada

The Enchilada is 27 miles southeast of Moab. It is a 34.1-mile ride in which you will find 8000 feet downhill and 1200 feet uphill. So, an experienced mountain rider should ride in Enchilada. The rider will start his journey from Geyser pass trailhead, which is present high on Lal sal mountains and needs to ride. He will complete his ride on the sandstone canyon, which is present near the Colorado River.

A rider needs to take the help of a shuttle to start his journey because the Geyser Pass trailhead is far from downtown. But some exceptional riders don’t take the use of the commercial shuttle.

They cycle up to the Geyser Pass trailhead to start their journey. You should remember one thing that you are far away from town. So, you should have basic things like food, water, and repair tools. The riders usually make a small group and begin riding in Enchilada. You need to bring some clothes and you because the Buro pass trail is above 11,000 feet, and you will feel freezing.

Some riders want to travel on their own only on the last segment of Enchilada I,e porcupine rim section. Riding your bike on the beautiful sunset is incredible. A rider enjoys the scene and scenery in Enchilada.

#7.HyMasa/ Captain Ahab

Captain Ahab is just 6 miles southwest of the town Moab. It will just take fifteen minutes from the city to reach Captain Ahab. If you are an intermediate mountain rider, then you need to ride on lower Hymasa, cliffhanger, and then again Hymasa. You will have a 2.5-mile ride, and then again, you can start from lower Hymasa.

But, if you are an experienced rider, you can make a loop by connecting Hymasa to Captain Ahab. You need to face various challenges on the loop. But the views throughout the loop are pretty spectacular. If you are ready to face a challenge, then you can ride from Hymasa to Captain Ahab.

#8. Mag 7

Mag 7 is 25 miles west of Moab. It’s a 22.2-mile ride where only a few accents are there. Mag 7 is suitable for downhill biking. Again as a rider goes down, the difficulty level increases. During riding, the beautiful scene and scenery will entertain you. You will find a lot of slick rock, rock gardens, sandy track, and various others. One of the favorite spots of top mountain riders is the Upper bull run, where you will find plenty of rocks. Those who don’t want to cover the whole 22.2-mile road can ride till Bull bun and pedal back to town. But, for those who have covered the entire 22.2-mile ride, you can arrange a commercial shuttle and return downtown, which will relax your tired legs.

The final trails, i.e., Golden spike and portal, are pretty challenging. If you are an experienced rider, then also you need to ride these trails. You have to be careful on the portal trail. In this trail, you need various times to get off your bike and walk with your two feet. It is a pretty dangerous trail. So, you should avoid riding in most places. Ell, you can enjoy the scenery all around while walking.

#9. Sovereign – Salt Wash Combo

The Sovereign is 10 miles northwest of Moab. It is a 10.6-mile loop and not as famous as slick rock or Enchilada. You will find many slick rocks and a single sandy track mixed with the double track in the whole loop. You may discover rough edges at some places. So, you need to be careful while cycling your bike.

The loop starts from Copper Ridge jeep road, a double sandy track with few slick rocks. A rider may get some rewards after completing the 10 miles. In the whole loop, The more challenging trail is Salt Wash. Here you need to find a lot of climbs and down. There are even plenty of rocks. Sometimes you need to hike your bike. It is the best intermediate mountain bike trail in Moab.

#10. White Rim Trail

The White rim trail is 33 miles Southwest of Moab. It is a 100.7-mile loop and requires almost three to five days to complete the 100-mile loop. While riding, you can view the Canyon’s land National park. It’s pretty nice to see the park and ride your mountain bike. While completing the loop, you will find so many dirt roads and double track trails.

White Rim Trail in Moab
White Rim Trail

When Should A Rider Visit Moab?

A rider should visit Moab in the early spring to enjoy the riding. You should avoid riding in summer because you have to bear the sun’s scorching heat, which is very painful to cycle. You will get tired very soon. Sometimes you need to tolerate 70 degrees Celsius, which is quite hard. So, you should better avoid riding in summer. In winter, riding in Moab is pretty cool.

The scenery all around is quite beautiful. You will be able to see snow-peaked mountains all around. But when you go much above you may feel very cold. So, you need a lot of cold clothes to feel warm. It’s best to ride during the spring season, where the climate is not so hot and not so cool. You will enjoy your mountain ride.

Bike Rentals In Moab

You will find a lot of bike rentals in Moab. If you don’t have your mountain bike or have a bike, but it does not have many downhill capabilities, you should rent a bike. You need to pay $70 to $ 100 to rent a bike for one day. A bike rent shop is readily available everywhere in Moab. But, make sure that whenever you leave Moab, your bike should be in excellent condition so that you will not face any problem on the way.

Mountain Bike Guides In Moab

Hiring a mountain bike guide is the best decision because he will guide you during riding. In Moab, you will find various trails which are pretty confusing. Even there are so many challenging trials. So, if a guide will be with you, he will say how to ride and where to ride. You can ride confidently without any tension.

Wrap Up

Moab is the best place to ride mountain bikes. If you are a rider, then you should come once to Moab to enjoy the riding. Even the scene and scenery all around the Moab attract a lot of people. So, people who don’t have experience in riding also visit Moab to see the snow-peaked mountains plateaus and various others.

Written by Lee Hill

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