How to Ride a Unicycle for Beginners?

How to Ride a Unicycle for Beginners

Are you determined to learn how to ride a unicycle? Don’t you worry, friends! You have come to the right place. According to statistics, 400,000 people use unicycles often. If they can ride it efficiently, why can’t you!

Riding a unicycle is lots of fun yet challenging in the beginning. But before we start riding, let us meet with some of its uniqueness.

Do you know people in the circus perform amazing stunts using unicycles? Not just that, unicycling is practiced by street performers, racers, and many as a hobby. Have you ever heard of unicycle hockey or unicycle basketball? Amazing right!

Who knows, in the future, you might be one of them doing similar adventures and much more like mountain unicycling and all.

No matter where and what purpose you will use, riding the unicycle will help you improve coordination, concentration, and balance. So are you ready to learn a new way to go around the town? Here you will know how to ride a unicycle for beginners.

How To Ride A Unicycle For Beginners?

To ride a unicycle for beginners, one has to choose the right unicycle fit for them based on their inseams. Once you have picked the unicycle of your choice, it is time for you to choose the right spot to start riding, like areas with less traffic. And remember to pick a spot that has a wall or railing to support you during the ride. As you are a beginner, small accidents might happen. To protect yourself from those who wear safety equipment like a helmet, knee pads, and more.

Unicycle for Beginners

NOTE: As you are a beginner at riding a unicycle, we suggest you pick one with plastic pedals rather than metal ones. It may hurt you because of riding it repeatedly during the learning period.

How To Mount, Balance, And Dismount A Unicycle For Beginners?

When you want to ride the unicycle, you are a beginner; hold on to something when you mount it.

The major point we have to keep in mind when you mount the unicycle is you need to get on it by standing behind it and not beside it.

Place the seat under you by holding on to the wall with one hand for support. Place the pedals on a 4’o clock position. Now place your dominant foot on the pedal closer to the ground, lean forward, and mount on to the other pedal.

Another way to mount the unicycle is to keep the seat under you. Place your foot on the pedal which is closer to you, take support and lean slightly forward. Now put your second foot on the other pedal and mount onto it.

When you know how to mount, you should also know how to balance the unicycle. This balancing is pretty easy. To do this, rock on it for a moment and feel for balance. Try to balance the body and let the unicycle move under you 1/4 turn each way.

Stay this way for some time; this will build up your confidence levels. Don’t attempt to ride it immediately after you have built up some confidence. You might lose your confidence.

Practice balancing for some time before you attempt to ride it. This practice is the most important part of riding the unicycle for beginners.

Know How to Ride a Unicycle for Beginners

It is now time to know how to get down from the unicycle. To do this, keep your dominant foot high and place the total weight on the non-dominant foot and look forward. Now, you will have to transfer your hands to the seat as you step down so that the unicycle doesn’t fall to the ground. Holding onto the seat, step down with the help of a non-dominant foot; once this touches the ground, immediately put down the other foot; it will help you not lose balance and hold the unicycle tightly.

Note: Always remember to place your weight on the seat.

Learn To Ride A Unicycle For Beginners

As you are a beginner to ride the unicycle, it is ok to take time. Once you mount on the unicycle, hold on to something with one hand for support and leave the other hand out for balance.

When you move forward, lean slightly forward and start pedaling slowly and smoothly, similar to the way you do while cycling. Don’t put the total weight on the pedals, and always look forward by fixing some point when you are riding.

Start riding forward at a slow pace by placing one hand on the wall. Always put the arm in front of you when you ride because if it is behind you, the arm will pull you back.

While riding forward, move your hand continuously on the wall; this will help you move ahead with less risk.

Repeat this for some time; when you are confident that you will be able to let go of support, you can apply the following technique to learn to ride the unicycle for beginners:

  • You can ride gradually away from the wall for a while and then come back to hold the wall to keep up the balance. Slowly try to let go of support at regular intervals.
  • Continue this phenomenon multiple times until you can go to and fro with no support. Keep your back straight and lean forward from the hips when you ride.

You can increase the pace slowly and practice this way for some days to master riding it.

How To Ride Unicycle Video For Beginners

I hope now we are clear with the necessary instructions and guidance on how to ride the unicycle.

To make things much clearer and address any of your queries further, we attach the link to a youtube video. So please click on the link and watch the video.


Friends, it seems fun, right! Yeah! It may seem hard initially, but once you start riding it, you will enjoy its uniqueness and attention, which you get by riding it. So friends! Why this delay? Go to the nearest store, grab the unicycle of your choice and start riding. Happy Riding!!

Written by Lee Hill

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