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Electric Scooters With Built in Lights

Electric Scooters With Built In Lights

Do you frequently travel at night? We have some of the best electric scooters with built-in lights.

Electric scooters have gained a lot of appreciation and attention, and popularity over the last two to three years. This interest has led to massive growth in the electric vehicle industry in America. In 2016, the net worth of the electric vehicles industry in America was around $162 billion. Many people have started regularly using these electric scooters for traveling and covering moderate distances.

People who have to travel at night with these electric scooters also consistently use them. An electric scooter with lights is the perfect vehicle for traveling at night or moving from darker places.

The unique lights used on electric scooters help you to have a better view of your surroundings. Brighter lights that can travel a larger distance are better than the lights that scatter their rays or beams.

Advantages Of Electric Scooters With Built In Lights

Using electric scooters with built-in lights is an excellent safety precaution. If you drive your electric scooters at night, during sunrise or sunsets, then you are inviting another safety hazard.

There is usually less visibility and light at these times of the day. Driving an electric scooter without proper lighting can lead you to have an accident or collision.

According to a research study, most of the accidents that happen, including an electric scooter, happen between 6 am and 9 am. Such a high number of accidents and collisions between this period is because of low visibility. Low visibility is prominent in an electric scooter as most of the electric scooters in the market don’t have proper headlights and brake lights.

The electric scooters that have these lights are either not powerful enough or are cheap, due to which they have less durability. You can purchase an electric scooter with strips of LED lights as they will help improve your visibility.

An electric scooter with horns and lights is also a boon for the elderly, and older adults have weak eyesight in a majority of cases. The low visibility affects them majorly.

Importance Of Lights On An Electric Scooter

Front Lights

The front lights on an electric scooter are useful for seeing the road or path ahead of you. You will also find this light very useful for detecting incoming and outgoing traffic. If your electric scooter doesn’t have a light, you should purchase external LED lights and install them in your scooter.

Top Electric Scooters With Built In Lights

If the lights on your electric scooter are not powerful enough, you must replace them with powerful lights. Electric scooters with lights have unique lights that can penetrate all the air particles for a long visibility range. Light beams that scatter are not that powerful and are unable to cover a longer distance.

Rear Lights

The rear lights of an electric vehicle are also called the brake lights. These lights are mostly missing on an electric scooter. Due to the lack of these rear lights, the bystanders and regular passengers cannot guess and detect your movement. In most cases, these lights don’t function properly because of their low mounting position. You can solve this issue by using separate attaching LED lights that can fit at the back of your electric scooter.

Some Of The Best Electric Scooter With Built In Lights

Razor E100 Electric Scooter

This Razor electric scooter is one of the best electric scooters with built-in lights as this scooter has blue flashing LED lights. These blue lights turn on whenever you twist the throttle, lighting the way ahead along with giving this electric scooter a unique look. This electric scooter can continuously run for about 40 minutes.

This electric scooter caters to the younger audience, and it has a 100 watts power motor. This electric scooter can move at a top speed of 10 miles per hour. Children and teens love this electric scooter “with lights”. You also get 8 inches wide pneumatic tires or wheels on this scooter.

Segway NineBot

The Segway NineBot electric scooter is a two-wheel self-balancing electric vehicle. This electric scooter with horns and lights is one of the safest self-balancing electric scooters available out there.

It has a unique ambient lighting system. This system allows you to use customizable LED front and rear lights—the lights used on this electric scooter and super bright and visible.

You can see the path ahead of you with these lights, whether it is a day or night, bright sunlight, or raining. You can cover a distance of 13.7 miles on a single charge with this electric scooter. This electric scooter has 10 inches wide air-filled wheels that can go up to a maximum speed of 10 miles per hour.

Voyager Electric Scooter

This electric scooter is very compact and safe. It moves at a top speed of 6 miles per hour. This electric scooter does not have rear lights but does have headlights. Along with bright LED headlights, the handlebar of this electric scooter also lights up. You have better visibility in the dark due to this feature.

The 250 watts brushless motor on this scooter makes it move at a quick speed. The overall weight of this ergonomic electric scooter that has lights is pretty less at 18 pounds. You can easily carry and store this scooter wherever you feel like. With a powerful 200-pound load capacity, it also has a 10 degrees incline climbing angle.

Yvolution Electric Scooter

Yvolution is a unique electric scooter with lights. The entire front wheel of this electric scooter lights up when you drive it. This front wheel consists of bright blue LED lights, and these LED lights work on a motion sensor. As soon as you start moving this scooter, the wheel lights up. The braking system in this electric scooter is a rear-wheel operating system.

An electric hub motor powers this scooter continuously for about 40 minutes. People of all ages can ride this scooter as it has a push-button start. The maximum load-bearing capacity of this electric scooter is 110 pounds. The original design of this electric scooter is pretty lightweight at 13 pounds.

The full speed that you can achieve on this scooter is 8 miles per hour.

Hover Folding Electric Scooter

This folding electric scooter with lights and horns can have an utterly folding frame. You can fold up the frame of this scooter for making travel and storage easier tasks. This electric scooter is also very stylish as it has an ergonomic design that includes LED lights inside the stem and deck of the scooter. You can have better visibility at night with these LED lights.

The width of the wheels or tires on this scooter are six inches wide. The weight of this scooter is 22 pounds, and its load-bearing capacity is 132 pounds. You can move at a maximum speed of 8 miles per hour with this electric scooter. It has a ten-cell lithium-ion battery pack that can continuously operate or run this scooter for a distance of three miles or a time of three hours.

Frequently Asked Questions

Best Electric Scooters With Built In Lights

Do electric scooters have lights?

Yes, electric scooters with lights are available in the market, but not all models and versions have these lights. You need to remember to check whether your electric scooter has headlights and brake lights before actually buying an electric scooter.

Some specific and unique electric scooters can drive on all kinds of surfaces at all times. Lack of proper headlights and brake lights is a major concern or problem through which people go when they have to drive at night.

Is it safe to drive an electric scooter at night?

Yes, driving an electric scooter is a safe option. You have provided that your electric scooter has a high-quality lighting system. Traditionally, the majority of electric scooters with lights use a cheap and low-quality lighting system. If you want to rely on the lights used in your electric scooter, then you must buy a high-quality electric scooter.

By driving at moderate or slow speed at night, you can also massively reduce the risk of getting an injury or going through an accident. Be sure to reduce your speed while taking sharp turns or going through corners. Wear the proper safety gear that is available with your electric scooter to have a safe riding experience.

Final Verdict

Electric scooters with horns and lights are the perfect solution for driving at night or in dark places with an electric scooter. Electric scooters that are suitable for driving at night come with bright and darker LED lights. These LED lights help the riders to have a better view of the road and their surroundings.

You can also use the loud horn to alert the bystanders. An electric scooter that has a loud horn is also beneficial in emergencies. A loud horn and superior braking system are the main safety features that help you in an emergency when riding an electric scooter.

Written by Lee Hill

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