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Self Balancing One Wheel Electric Scooter For Commuting

Self-balancing electric scooters or unicycles provide us with a new way of traveling. These electric scooters are very different from traditional bikes or even the standard electric scooters we often see on the road.

Self-balancing electric scooters offer a very different riding experience to the user.

Children, adults, or older people of all ages are starting to use these electric scooters. They have a self-balancing feature that helps users maintain their balance and assists the unicycles or the hoverboard to remain upright. In some states, electric unicycles are legal, while in others, they are not yet legal.

These electric scooters are available in plenty of different options, such as one motorized wheel model and the two motorized wheels model. You can also choose the type of balancing assist you want while riding these scooters. There are two options to choose from horizontal assistance, and the second is horizontal and lateral assistance.

What Is A Self Balancing Unicycle

A self-balancing one wheel electric scooter is also called an electric unicycle or a self-balancing unicycle. This transportation device is quite similar to an electric hoverboard.

The significant difference between these two devices is that a hoverboard has two motorized wheels, whereas a unicycle has only one. You can control these electric scooters by your movement.

Leaning forward will move the unicycle forward, and similarly, leaning backward will move the unicycle back.

You can also move left and ride with these electric scooters by merely bending and twisting towards the side that you want to rotate the unicycle. They are an enjoyable and convenient mode of indoor and outdoor transportation.

The unicycle can detect your movement as it contains gyroscopes along with accelerometers. Both the gyroscope and the accelerometer work in tandem to guide and control the electric scooter.

How Does A Self Balancing Unicycle Work?

A self-balancing unicycle has a central pivot, whereas the electric motor, the gyroscope, speed sensors are all installed inside the wheel of a unicycle. The gyroscope receives the signals through the sensors present beneath the footpads.

Each footpad has sensors beneath that detect the tilt’s angle and the direction of the tilt. These sensors then transmit the information they gather from the user to the logic board, where the logic board then controls the motor’s action.

If you are tilting forward slightly, then the unicycle would start moving along at a slower pace.

Types Of Self Balancing Electric Unicycles

Two types of electric Unicycles have a self-balancing feature. The first is the single axis self-balancing electric scooter. It is the most common type of system used in hoverboards and unicycles.

You will get horizontal balancing assistance with this system, and you will have to provide the vertical or lateral balance to the electric scooter. The other type of self-balancing electric scooters has a two-axis balancing feature.

You will get lateral as well as horizontal balance assist on these electric scooters. Balancing on a dual-axis electric scooter or unicycle is much easier than balancing on a single self-balancing unicycle.

Benefits Of A Self Balancing Electric Scooter


Self-balancing electric scooters or unicycles are very cost-effective as they don’t run on fuel. These scooters run on electricity with the help of a battery. The prices of fuel have been continuously rising after short intervals of time.

Using gas or a fuel-operated vehicle is not suitable for protecting our environment; fossil fuel burning does emit a considerable amount of harmful gases in the air.

Vehicles running on electricity do not cost a lot of money and are not harmful to the environment.

You will also save money while buying an electric scooter or unicycle as their cost price is significantly lower than the cost price of an electric bike or motorbike.


Electric scooters, hoverboards, and unicycles make our tasks more straightforward and more convenient. You can travel indoors as well as outdoors with these devices.

Electric unicycles are ideal for personal and professional use; many offices or warehouse employees travel indoors using these electric scooters.

You can travel in tight spaces, narrow alleys easily with this scooter as well. Many people have started using them to reduce their body exertion and save time on their daily chores.

Removable Battery

Having a removable battery makes these electric scooters a lot more comfortable to use and convenient. You can just remove the battery from the electric scooter and plug it into a charger.

You won’t have to charge the whole electric scooter with this feature. A small and compact battery is easy to carry and move around for charging instead of bringing the entire electric scooter.

Faster Traveling

Once you master the controls of a self-balancing electric scooter, you will be able to travel at a rapid pace. The design of an electric unicycle allows you to maneuver and move in all directions freely.

This feature will be handy and come in handy when you are stuck in heavy traffic with less space to move around. Because of these electric scooters, you will not be affected by traffic flow even when it is rush hour.

Electric hoverboards and unicycles are slightly gaining more popularity for traveling shorter distances. You can even cover long distances with some of the high-end self-balancing electric scooters.

How To Operate A Self Balancing Electric Scooter?

Before riding an electric scooter, be sure to wear the apt safety gear and equipment. The proper safety equipment includes a helmet, knee pads, elbow pads, shin pads, and rubber grip shoes.

You will have better control and grip on the footpads because of the rubber sole shoes. You can safely ride your electric hoverboards and a unicycle by following some simple instructions.

Place your device on a flat surface.

Placing the electric scooter on an uneven surface with the power supply turned off can be a safety hazard. You’ll find maintaining your balance hard on a rough surface, and there is a high chance that you will lose balance and fall.

Put your best foot first.

The next step is to keep your dominant foot first on to the footpad or the board.

Keeping your dominant foot first will help you to maintain balance and keep the board stable. It is also essential that you keep the board in a flat position. This step can be a little tricky for many users as the electric scooter will start reacting and moving as soon as it detects pressure on its footpads. With a bit of practice, you’ll ace this time in some time.

Now keep your other foot.

Now you have to keep your other foot onto the footpad or the board. You should keep both your feet as far as possible. Keeping the feet wide apart will enhance your stability. Bending your knees slightly forward will lower your center of gravity, massively reducing your chances of losing your balance and falling.

Lean your body forward

To move forward, you will have to lean your body in the forward direction. The angle of your lean will decide the speed of your electric scooter. Similarly, to move backward, you would have to lean your body back. Beginners and amateurs should start by moving slowly. Slow movements will help you build your confidence. Then gradually, you can begin to move at a faster pace when you have mastered the controls.

Twist to move sideways

To move sideways, you would have to twist your body in the direction you want to move. For instance, if you’re going to move to the left, you would have to tilt your body to your left side. The speed of the rotation will also depend on your angle of twist. Similarly, using the above principle, you can again move to your right. You should also avoid taking spins on the unicycle as you will get dizzy and lose your balance.

Dismount carefully

To dismount the electric scooter, you would have to put all your body weight on your strong or dominant foot. This will help you to lift your weak foot off the board and keep it on the ground. After keeping your weak foot on the ground, you can start to lift off the pressure from your strong foot.

You must avoid jumping from the board or the footpads, and jumping would suddenly remove the sensors’ weight, causing them to be imbalanced. You will fall and injure yourself if you jump off the board.

Many people make this mistake of jumping from the board instead of dismounting the board systematically. Every year there are multiple reported cases of injuries that self-balancing electric scooters cause.


A self-balancing electric scooter with one wheel is more fun and an operational variant of an electric hoverboard. These devices are a bit harder to control, but they require less space, cost less, and are more convenient to ride once you master their controls. You will not take a long time to master its controls as it only requires simple and basic body movement.

Written by Lee Hill

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