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What Are the Best Electric Bikes?

Every time you buy a bike, you put yourself and those around you in danger. Surprised? This is true, but only for gas bikes!

Gas-based motorcycles are indeed a lot more fuel-efficient than cars. However, they emit somethings known as nitrous oxides, which are one of the three chemicals tested for creating smog, and by that measure, they are ten times more polluting than cars.

On the other hand, your e-bike has many advantages over a traditional gas bike.

It runs on batteries, so no fossil fuel-based pollutant emissions.

E-bikes hardly produce any sound at all, so no noise pollution either.

They are much easier to maintain and service over the long term.

If you, too, are looking to make the switch from fossil fuel-based vehicles to an environment-friendly e-bike, we know that it can be a bit confusing at first! There are so many choices and variations, and everything looks a bit technical.

But we are here to guide you and answer your simple question – what are the best electric bikes? Let’s dive right in.

#1 ANCHEER Power Plus Electric Bike: Best For Heavy Riders

Whether your way is full of steep hills or plain old city roads, you can cover every distance smoothly with this Ancheer electric bike.

The aluminum alloy frame makes this bike very sturdy. It can support a weight of up to 330 pounds, making it suitable for heavy riders.

It has 26-inches spoke wheels with beads, which are super strong and anti-slip. You can take this bike on gravel and stones, without worrying about punctures.

It has two disc brakes- front and rear, for added traction. It also has a 21-speed transmission, 3-speed chain wheel, and 7-speed freewheels. These features help you ride the bike uphill or downhill, with constant speed or high speed. The bike is very versatile in that sense.

You get a smart lithium battery charger that charges the battery quickly. It takes a minimum of 4 to 6 hours for complete charging. The 36 volt/8AH lithium battery allows you to cover 15.5 to 31 miles in one go. You can travel at a brisk 15mph.

Use it as an Ebike, assisted bicycle, or just as a regular bike. Thanks to the LED three-speed smart meter button.

If money and time are what you give the top priority, you should choose this product as it does the same. It is far cheaper than cars or trucks.


  • 30-minute assembly.
  • Works on all kinds of terrains.
  • Range: Up to 31 miles
  • Top speed 15mph
  • Weight Capacity: 330 pounds
  • Thick and robust tires.


Some users reported that the battery needed a replacement as quickly as 1.5 years. However, this depends a lot on maintenance as well.

#2 ANCHEER Blue Spark: Best Daily Commute Bike

Office commute can be a painful ordeal. But when you have a lightweight, sturdy e-bike with an excellent top speed and a long operational range, heading to the office will be a breeze!

The Ancheer Blue Spark gives you a 36V 10AH lithium-ion battery with a capacity range of 7.8AH to 10 AH. What does that mean, you ask?

Well, it simply means that you can ride up to 40 miles per charge! Won’t it be nice to go to the office and come back without having to charge your bike even once?

The battery is removable, in case you need to lift it and put it in your car.

The 21-speed gears allow you to climb steep climbs with speed. You can adjust the gears for heavy traffic and commuter roads.

One primary concern that people have with e-bikes is the speed. Will I get to the office on time? Well, with the Ancheer Blue Spark, you can be sure to get wherever you want in an instant with a top speed of 20mph, thanks to the 350-watt brushless motor.

You can peddle it to move just like you do on regular bikes. You can convert it to an E-Bike also. All you do is just push the meter button. If you get stuck in traffic lights, the throttle allows you to come out with lightning speed.

If you are looking to buy an electronic bike, this product is the right option for you. It not only gives you a comfortable riding experience but also keeps you safe.


  • It comes 85% assembled.
  • Rims are constructed with durable aluminum alloy and are double-walled
  • Weight Capacity: 300 pounds
  • Top Speed: 20 mph
  • Range: Up to 40 miles
  • Disc brakes for safety.


#3 DJ Mountain Bike: Safest E-Bike For Kids

If you’re like me, you would always put safety first. The DJ Mountain Bike is the answer to the perennial question: are e-bikes safe?

The product meets the highest safety and quality standards in both US and Canada, recognized by industries and consumers.

Be it is the bike frame, charger, motor, or battery pack; every part meets its respective standards. So if you are looking to give a mountain bike to your kid, this is the perfect product.

If a machine is overcharged or is frequently at a low charge, the battery life reduces. This bike quickly warns you if it gets overcharged.

The power of the motor ranges from 750 watts to 1000 watts. It means you can ride on long and steep hills for hours. Your kids can enjoy the beauty of nature without breaking a sweat. Moreover, you don’t need to shatter the serenity of the hillside because this e-bike is completely noise-free.

Its thick aluminum frame gives a high level of strength and durability, so you don’t have to change your mountain bike every year. The rims are 26 inches and are made from heavy-duty alloy.

The saddle is extra cushioned that offers additional comfort and reduces shock. It supports your hip so that it doesn’t hurt with the frame.

Like other electric bikes, it neither creates noise nor does it emit smoke. Save the environment and your money at the same time.


  • All parts certified to the highest safety standards.
  • It weighs just 57 pounds, which makes it easy to carry
  • Disc brakes for safety.
  • Adjustable bike seat.
  • Top Speed: 20 mph
  • Weight Capacity: 220 pounds
  • Battery range: ~30 miles


  • It is a bit difficult to assemble.

#4 Speedrid Fat Wheel Electric Bike: Most Easy-To-Use E-Bike

Add adventure to your life by riding on mountains, streets, gravel, road rails, and many other terrains with just one bike! It’s time to expand your horizon and explore the world.

The Speedrid fat wheel bike is very durable. Tire bursts can put you in trouble. The special fat tires of this bike don’t burst when coming across sharp edges.

The wheels are 26 inches in diameter, big enough to ride over large bumps. They are shock absorbing as well.

The bike has a powerful 48 volt, 500 Watt brushless motor. This motor capacity offers high climbing power. You can race your bike up to 23 mph.

The capacity of the battery is relatively larger than others in its segment. That allows you to go 22 miles for a one-time full charge.

The LCD console of this bike makes it unique. The LCD console displays the battery level, mileage, and speed. Not just see, you can set speed modes as per your

needs. Readability is also high because you can view LCD from different angles.

If you’re looking for a cost-effective option that can help you in off-road riding, this mountain bike is perfect for you. No matter how unforgiving the surface is, you can always ride your bike swiftly. The easy to operate LCD screen, which lets you set your speed mode, makes it very easy to use.


  • Dual rear aluminum wheel rim for high strength.
  • Both front and rear disc brake systems for a safe ride.
  • Front suspension fork that absorbs shock to keep your arms comfortable during the ride.
  • Top Speed: 23 mph
  • Weight Capacity: 300 pounds
  • Battery range: 22 miles per charge


  • The throttle is a little tough to control.

#5 Speedrid Thin Wheel Electric Bike: Best For Tall People

What can be better than an e-bike that helps both your health and the environment? This zero-emission bike ensures you don’t contribute to polluting the air. It can run for over 30 miles on a single battery charge, making it one of the most energy-efficient bikes in its segment.

You can pedal the bike just like a regular cycle to keep yourself fit; the bike is comfortable enough for pedaling. It has a shock-absorbing front suspension, which gives you better handling, improved cornering, and a smoother ride.

Accelerate the bike to speeds up to 20 mph and reach your destination within minutes. The bikes are suitable for tall people; it can support you even if you are 6 feet 5 inches tall.

This bike works on a 350-watt brushless motor and is enough to power your daily ride. Brushless motors offer excellent performance without creating noise.

The larger is the capacity of the battery, the longer you can go. Thanks to the 10.4AH battery, this bike can cover 30 miles per charge. If the charging point is far from you, you can remove the battery to charge it.

From speed to mileage, view everything on the LCD screen. You can also adjust the speed on it. You can read the statistics from various angles.

When biking through hills and mountains, standard speed gears don’t work. This product brings you 24-speed gears to scale high peaks.

When it comes to brakes, nothing is better than disc brakes that offer quick and powerful stopping. Get front and rear disc brakes that save you from injuries on the roads.

The frame is of aluminum alloy 6061, offering extremely high strength. It has a load capacity of 300 pounds. It just takes 6 hours to charge so that you can use the whole day.


  • You have to use keys to remove the battery. No tension of theft.
  • Comes almost assembled.
  • Top Speed: 20 mph
  • Weight Capacity: 300 pounds
  • Battery range: 30 miles per charge


  • The bike does not have a horn.

#6 Hicient Electric Bike: Value For Money

At a very reasonable price, this bike offers premium features that the best bikes provide.

With its silent brushless motor, 36 volt 250-watt high power, you can climb the tallest of hills.

With a 42 mile range on a single charge, you can use this bike for your daily commute and back without having to charge it anywhere. Just put it to charge in the night, and in 6 hours, you have it ready for the next day.

The wheels are 26-inches beaded and constructed with aluminum alloy. They are thick and slip-resistant so that you can ride safely through the toughest of terrain, no need to stop yourself when the weather is bad either because the battery is weatherproof.

It has 21-speed gears and disc brakes for reliable braking.

You cannot convert your regular bike to an electric bike, but you can convert an Ebike to a normal one. If you are elderly and love burning calories but need a bit of support now and then, this bike will serve the purpose nicely.


  • Horn included
  • Front LED light.
  • Top Speed: 20 mph
  • Range: Up to 42 miles
  • Weight Capacity: 240 pounds


  • It is a bit tough to assemble.

#7 Macwheel Cruiser 550: Best Low Maintenance Bike

Are you looking to mountain bike? Maybe you want an e-bike to commute to your office? Elderly but love to keep fit? This bike is a good option for almost anyone who wants a trendy but straightforward set of wheels.

We understand, no one has time to invest time and money in maintenance. Choose this bike that demands the least maintenance. It not just saves your money but also saves your energy by giving a great riding experience.

The 36V/10AH lithium battery is both lightweight and durable. It can move up to 25 miles with a single full charge. Ride more, ride longer!

The sleek and modern design makes it one of the most professional-looking bikes on the market. It is compact in design, so it does not take a lot of space in the parking slot.

You can get all the important information about the bike, such as the battery life, assistance level, distance, or more, from the LCD. The handlebars on the bike are adjustable so that you can move them up as per your height. The suspension fork ensures low vibration while riding.


  • Five levels of adjustable assistance.
  • Backlit LCD
  • Weight Capacity: 265 pounds
  • Range: 25 miles
  • Top Speed: 15.5 mph


  • This bike is a bit heavier than the others.

Buyer’s Guide

It’s not every day you buy a bike. But when you do, it should be a smart investment. Evaluate these points when purchasing:

Motor Strength

Don’t buy what you see others buying, buy what you need. This is a simple thumb rule for any product. Electric bikes have motors of different capacities.

If you have to climb hills, you need a more powerful motor, which means that at least a 500 W rating is what you should look for.

If you are looking simply for a daily commute, you don’t need power, but instead, you need battery life. A 350W motor should suffice for traveling on normal roads.


Motor strength in itself is not enough to make a decision. A more powerful motor uses up more battery (batter strength is measured in WH or the number of hours the battery can hold 1W of power).


How far you can travel on a single charge is another variable to consider. Since this value depends on a lot of factors, most bikes will mention a range. However, you should look for bikes that can travel to at least 20 miles on a single charge; otherwise, you might have to keep finding a charging point all the time.


How durable your Ebike depends on each of its components. From frame material to the smallest of parts, everything must be strong to keep the bike strong as a whole. In general, aluminum frame material is a safe option to go for. The battery also has to be durable; otherwise, you have to change it (when it’s dead) to keep the bike working.


No doubt, quality earns the top place, but service still counts. You may have bought high quality and an expensive bike, but all bikes require servicing to enhance life. It is essential to know how easily you can put it to service. If the center is too far, it’s a con.

Gears and Brakes

Higher the number of gears, the more power your bike can generate. If you are looking to ride your bike in the mountains, then you should look for bikes with a higher number of gears.

Disc brakes are preferable for a quick and smooth braking action.


What are the advantages of an Ebike over regular bikes?

Ebikes are faster, nature friendly, and flexible as compared to regular bikes. They are easier to maintain and do not produce any noise either.

How long does it take to charge an e-bike’s battery?

It may take anywhere between 3.5 to 6 hours to get fully charged. It depends on how efficient the charger is and how old the bike is.

Do Electric bikes/motorcycles make noise?

Electric bikes are far more silent than conventional bikes. However, electric bikes can create a little noise if you ride on highways.

Written by Lee Hill

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