Best Electric Bikes For Women

Whether you are interested in getting into shape or want to drive less, an electric bike, or e-bike, can be a great option for a woman. Helping you to get around, an e-bike can help you commute, or it can help you get in shape.

There are tons of bikes that are great for women on the market with several true women-specific-sized bikes and others that have the correct geometry or a wide range of sizes that will work for a woman. Here are a few tips and reviews to help you shop for electric bikes for women

Best Electric Bikes for Women Reviews

Blix Aveny

Ideal for going to the library or getting to work, the Blix Aveny features a rack on the back of the bike where you can carry groceries or your laptop bag. It’s also versatile enough to accommodate a child seat so you can carry your child with you.

Offering both a throttle and an electric assist, the Blix Aveny can propel you up to 20 miles per hour and comes with a range between 20 and 40 miles.

This affordable e-bike may take a little longer to charge, but it is an excellent introductory e-bike for someone who wants to try one out without spending a lot of money. The Blix Aveny also features a bunch of accessories included a long-lasting and powerful 48-volt 14ah battery, thick tires, an upgraded 500-watt motor, and disc brakes. Plus, it comes with fenders, a rack, and lights, so you can easily see at night.

With two-inch wide tires, the Blix Aveny features reflective sidewalls that provide increased stability and safety. The Blix Aveny also comes with a rear light that adds increased visibility along with a battery integrated headlight that is mounted onto the fender.

There are three types of style panniers to choose from along with a large basket attachment, a child seat, a small platform rack, and a colour matched basket that includes a drink holder. 

Tern Vectron S10 Folding E-Bike

Ideal for anyone that likes to carry their bike on the subway or bus or even lives in a small apartment. The Tern Vectron S10 Folding E-Bike easily folds down for storage and transport. Equipped with a Bosch motor, this e-bike quickly propels you around town, but the foldable electric bike will also store easily under your desk, so you don’t have to carry a heavy lock for theft protection. 

The rear rack can carry your gear or even a child. The Tern Vectron S10 Folding E-Bike comes with an integrated lighting system that will keep you from getting caught in the dark. It can also resize in just seconds allowing it to five individuals from so you’ll never get caught in the dark. The Bike resizes in seconds to fit riders ranging between 4 feet 10 inches up and 6 feet 5 inches tall, which means a single bike can be used by an entire family.

Perfect for commuting, the Tern Vectron S10 Folding E-Bike features an electric drivetrain that offers tons of power thanks to its industry-leading electric bike technology. It also offers a comfy, full-sized ride thanks to its T-Tuned geometry while the lighting system provides 150 lumens to light your way. The rear cargo rack easily accommodates child seats for added versatility.

Cannondale Synapse

Designed for long term use, the Cannondale Synapse features endurance-styled geometry along with a micro-suspension that will keep you going for hours. The included Bosch motor and the tubeless-ready WTB wheelset, carbon fork, and hydraulic disc brakes provide incredible performance and durability. A simple overnight charge allows you to continue your adventure the next day.

With Endurance Race geometry, you are positioned forward just enough to keep going hard while staying upright. The micro-suspension technology is used in the seat post, fork, and bar helping to insulate you from bumps while keeping you bonded with the road. 

This light e-bike is perfect for fast climbing while also staying stiff enough to sprint thanks to its dialled carbon layup, refined tube shapes, and an asymmetric design. Featuring a seat stay bridge that you can remove along with hidden fender mounts that keep you from grinding on the road no matter what the weather conditions. 

Pinarello Dyodo

Sleek and fast, the Pinarello Dydodo features an all-carbon build with a Mavic Aksuim wheel set. Fast and stealthy, this e-bike is stiff under power, but corners like it is on rails. This super lightweight bike also comes with power assist on demand.

Featuring a carbon fibre frame, the Pinarello Dyoda is equipped with a motor on the rear hub along with a pedal-assist system. The battery on this e-bike is found in the frame’s down tube while the hub-based motor gives it 250-watts. It is also equipped with a battery that is completely recharged in just four hours.

Resilient and lightweight, the Pinarello Dyoda has an asymmetrical design that gives it added responsiveness and strength. With building aerodynamic features, this e-bike reduces turbulence and provides stable handling. The pedal-assist motor allows you to reach speeds of 20 miles per hour.

It also features hydraulic disc brakes and a cleaner setup. The Pinarello Dyodo also includes powerful brakes and tire clearance of up to 28 mm to give you comfort and a better grip. Plus, the bottom bracket is Italian threaded to make it creak-free and easier to service. 

Orbea Gain

Weighing just 30 pounds, the Orbea Gain is more lightweight than a typical e-bike. This allows you to fo go farther faster, plus, with its hub drive motor, not many people will know that it includes pedal assist. This e-bike also includes a Shimano 105 group set along with a Ready GR wheel set and Shimano hydraulic disc brakes.

The Orbea Gain was created to improve your ride instead of dominating it. This is a rideable, sporty bike that features a carbon disc frame along with a 250-watt motor or an x32 integrated battery. The Gain is a sleek and modern e-bike that does not include bulky components that will reduce your riding experience.

Considerations When Choosing an E-Bike for Women

Taking some of the effort out of pedalling, a women’s e-bike is a specific female version of this motor-assisted bike. Basically, this is a conventional bike that uses a motor and a battery. You will find gravel, road, and hybrid-specific version of the women’s e-bike, so you will always be able to find a range that will match the reason you are riding the e-bike.

Featuring narrow handlebars and a women’s saddle, a women’s e-bike uses a design that will fit a woman well straight out the box. While some people consider it cheating to ride an e-bike, it really only assists your ride and still requires that you put in the effort to make it go.

Benefits of an E-Bike

There are many benefits to using an e-bike including the ability to tow a heavy load and get to places without being covered in sweat. If you happen to be recovering from an injury, an e-bike can help reduce exertion when you go out. Or, if you aren’t able to take specific hilly routes due to a lack of strength, you won’t have to worry about making it to the top. While your bike may have a motor that is built into it, it doesn’t mean you have to use it for all your rides. 

Things to Think About When Shopping For the Best Electric Bikes for Women

E-Bike Classes

With three different types of e-bikes, you will mostly see Class 1 and 3s, which are often called pedal assist since they require that you pedal them to propel forward. A Class 1 e-bike has an up to 750-watt motor that can propel you up to 20 miles per hour. With a Class 3 e-bike, you also get the maximum power of a 750-watt motor, but you can reach speeds of up to 28 miles per hour.

You will find that either class of e-bike is allowed in most states and cities without needing a special type of license. In comparison, a Class 2 e-bike will come with a more powerful motor that doesn’t require that you pedal making it a better choice for city electric bikes.


The motors for e-bikes come from just a few major manufacturers including Brose, Shimano, Yamaha, and Bosch. The motor’s power is measured in watts while the torque is measured in newton meters.

The watts and newton meters will both tell you how much of a boost the bike will give you. Remember that the larger newton meters and watts there is, the more power, which is great when looking for at city electric bikes.


When considering the battery on an e-bike, remember that the higher the watt-hours, the longer the battery will last before needing to be recharged. Also, consider how obvious the bike’s battery is and where it is attached. Some appear more streamlined and aren’t very noticeable, which may be more important to some riders than others.


A battery and motor can add a lot of weight to an e-bike in comparison to a typical bike. While the weight may not be apparent when you are pedalling, a heavier bike can be harder to manoeuvre, load on a bike rack, and carry upstairs. It’s super important to consider the weight of the bike, especially if you are more petite. 

Other Features to Consider

Electric bikes for women come with lots of features. Some brands will integrate the battery seamlessly into the bike’s design providing a sleeker look overall. Some also have batteries that can be locked and unlocked, which is a helpful way to keep it from getting stolen and to help it stay on the bike when you carry it.

You also want to consider the control of the e-bike, especially when going at a higher speed for a long period of time. Tires that are wider give you better traction and the ability to go off the pavement without issue.

A suspension fork helps to go over rough roads while disc brakes help to slow a heavier bike down at high speeds. Integrated lighting systems help keep an e-bike visible when you turn on your e-bike while rear racks can also help you carry a load or even attach a child seat for your little one. Plus, a foldable electric bike can be handy for storage and portability.

For any woman that needs help getting around or is looking to get into shape, an e-bike can be a great choice. With so many designs and sizes on the market, it shouldn’t be hard to find the best e-bike for your needs.

Written by Lee Hill


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