Are Base Camp Bike Helmets Good for Electric Bikes?

Base Camp Bike Helmet Review

Biking is a hobby I adore, and it’s important to me to have the best accessories. I’ve heard enough horror stories about bike accidents to always invest in the best safety gear I can afford – and a proper bike helmet is a top priority. If you also value your safety, then I have an excellent bike helmet to recommend to you.

Base Camp has been a well-known name in the field of bike accessories for the past 16 years. They are among the top manufacturers who design and manufacture accessories for sports bikes. They also make spare parts and maintenance tools. Bike helmets are one of their highest selling items. 

The Base Camp bike helmet has a solid and robust build that keeps you safe. It also has some unique features you will certainly appreciate. In this Base Camp bike helmet review, I will discuss its pros and cons, features and benefits, and some alternatives to this product.


  • Detachable LED rear light with two light modes: steady and flashing.
  • It is certified according to US CPSC standards and will protect your head.
  • It will be an easy fit for anyone with a head circumference of 21.65 – 24 inches.
  • With an adjustable chin strap and rear dial securing system, it is comfortable to wear.
  • It offers great breathability with its nine air vents.
  • It is available in multiple colors.
  • The padding is detachable for easy cleaning.


  • It is not suitable for those with very large heads.

Things to Look Out for While Buying a Bike Helmet

  • Sizing: You should look for a bike helmet that fits a 21 – 24 inches head circumference, which is the average adult head circumference. Measure your head circumference above the eyebrows to learn the size of your head and choose the helmet accordingly.
  • Fit: The bike helmet fit should be snug and stay on your head without having to fasten the straps. It should not be so tight that it results in a headache, but not so loose that it slides off your head.
  • Construction: Having a bike helmet with its shell made of polycarbonate and expanded polystyrene foam liner is ideal. In case of an accident, the smooth shell lowers the impact by sliding, and the liner absorbs the shock.
  • Weight: The bike helmet should be lightweight, as it will cause you neck strain during longer rides if the helmet is too heavy.
  • Visibility: Having a detachable light is great if you have to travel at night. It offers better visibility and keeps you safe at night.
  • Padding: Having padding that you can remove to wash more easily is ideal for maintaining proper hygiene.
  • Breathability: A good bike helmet has air vents for better airflow. Having some gap between your head and the helmet is also essential to have some room for your hair.

Base Camp Bike Helmet Buying Guide

Features and Benefits: Base Camp Bike Helmet

Size and Fitting 

The Base Camp bike helmet fits a head circumference of 21.65 – 24 inches comfortably. It is not suitable for large head sizes.

With an adjustable rear dial and straps, this bike helmet will be a snug fit, not too tight to apply pressure but tight enough to be secure without the risk of sliding off.


The shell of the Base Camp bike helmet is made of durable polycarbonate, which effectively holds the lining up in case of a hard impact. The tough material is beneficial and protects your head from hard surfaces, and the smooth material of the shell slides on the ground to lower the impact of a fall.

The lining of this bike helmet is made of expanded polystyrene foam which absorbs the energy from an impact. It is highly beneficial in case of a fall, as it will protect your skull.


With a 0.62 lb weight, this Base Camp bike helmet is extremely lightweight. It is better to travel with a lightweight helmet while on long-distance rides. This will save you from neck strain and sore shoulders.


The Base Camp bike helmet with a safety light enables you to turn it on or off at your convenience. It allows you to have better visibility during your night rides.

You can easily switch between steady or flashing lights according to the riding situation with two light modes.


This Base Camp bike helmet has 9 air vents that offer proper air circulation inside the helmet. So for those long rides in the sun, it allows adequate breathability for your head.

The rear dial securing system of this Base Camp Aircross bike helmet allows you to adjust the helmet to allow some room for your head, so you don’t feel like you’re in a sauna.


This Base Camp bike helmet comes with detachable soft padding inside the helmet. The padding allows you to have a comfortable fit while wearing the helmet. You can remove the padding and wash it after an interval to maintain proper hygiene.

With soft padding on the chin strap, you won’t feel any pinching or rubbing while wearing this helmet, even if you wear it for a longer duration.

Alternatives to Base Camp Bike Helmet

Alternatives to the Base Camp Bike Helmet

#1 Schwinn Thrasher Bike Helmet 

The Schwinn Thrasher bike helmet comes in three different sizes: child, youth, and adult. It offers 360° adjustability with its dial fit strip to offer a custom fit for your head. The Schwinn Thrasher comes with a detachable visor to help reduce glare. 

The Schwinn bike helmet comes with 21 air vents to offer proper airflow and keep your head cool, and it is much better at this task than the Base Camp bike helmet. It, however, does not have a rear light to provide visibility at night like the Base Camp bike helmet.

The Schwinn bike helmet would be better for you if you don’t plan to ride your bike at night-time.

#2 Shinmax Bike Helmet

The Shinmax bike helmet is an excellent alternative to the Base Camp bike helmet, with both fitting an average adult’s head. It comes with detachable magnetic goggles, which protect you from sun and wind.

It can fit heads that are 20.47 – 23.23 inches in circumference but is not suitable for people with large heads. The Shinmax bike helmet comes with a portable backpack that allows you to store the helmet when you are in between rides.

The Base Camp bike helmet does not offer this bonus feature. The Shinmax bike helmet only has seven air vents compared to the Base Camp bike helmet’s 9 air vents for better breathability.

The Base Camp bike helmet is a much better option for a lower price than this Shinmax helmet.


The Base Camp bike helmet is a sturdy and robust helmet that offers you proper safety on your bike rides. It is, however, not suitable for you if you have a larger head than average.

Written by Lee Hill

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