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Megawheels S5 Electric Scooter

Megawheels S5 Electric Scooter

Are you looking for a cost-efficient means of transportation through your city? If you don’t encounter much hilly terrain where you live, it’s best to get an electric scooter that can maximize performance over short distances.

Megawheels is a well-known brand and one of the best electric scooter manufacturers. They have been in the business of personal transportation since 2014. Even before venturing into the world of electric scooters, Megawheels, then known as JIALIKE, was a huge name in manufacturing electrical products.

The Megawheels S5 electric scooter is one of their best products available to provide you with a better means of personal transportation during your daily commutes.

This article offers a complete Megawheels S5 electric scooter review, including its pros and cons, main features, and some alternatives.


  • It has a robust design and is constructed with aircraft-grade aluminum alloy and iron material.
  • The battery allows you to travel for 12 miles on a single charge and takes only three hours for a full recharge.
  • It has two different speed modes: the first offers a maximum speed of 9 mph, and the second allows you to travel up to 15.5 mph.
  • It features dual braking, offering you both electric and disc brakes for better stopping power.
  • The front and rear LED lights offer increased visibility during the night.
  • It is compact and lightweight.


  • It doesn’t have a cruise control option.
  • It is not suitable for hilly terrain.

What to Look for in an Electric Scooter

  • Design: The electric scooter should have a sleek design with an easy fold and assembly mechanism. Also, all the controls should be right at your fingertips.
  • Weight: An electric scooter can range anywhere between 20 – 40 lb. Another thing that you need to consider would be the maximum rider weight capacity it can safely handle. If the scooter is for kids, it can be as low as 120 lb, but it should be at least 180 lb for adults.
  • Battery: The battery of the electric scooter should be a rechargeable lithium-ion battery. For an adult electric scooter, the batteries can range anywhere between 24 V to 120 V, but the weight of the battery pack increases with the increase in voltage.
  • Speed: While there are electric scooters that can go up to 50 mph, they can be somewhat unwieldy, and the best top speed for commuting is between 15 – 20 mph.
  • Motor Power: For an electric scooter to travel on flat ground, a 250 W motor is sufficient. However, if you have to travel on inclined surfaces, it would be better to have a higher motor power.
  • Safety: Having good quality brakes and slip-resistant tires enhances safety. Disc brakes are the most reliable braking system, but they tend to cost more. The tires can be either pneumatic or airless. The pneumatic tires offer more shock absorption, while the airless ones require no maintenance.
  • Price: A good quality electric scooter can range anywhere between $300 – $600. With more features added to the electric scooter, its price can go even higher.

Riding Megawheels S5 Electric Scooter

Features and Benefits: Megawheels S5


This electric scooter has a minimalistic design with dimensions of 43.7 x 16.5 x 47.2 when unfolded and 43.7 x 16.5 x 16.9 while folded away. The scooter platform has solid ground clearance and a clean design, which is possible because the battery is placed in the main bar of the scooter.

The S5 electric scooter is available in black with red highlights, which looks sleek and is sure to grab attention. It also comes with a kickstand that allows riders to take breaks between the rides without finding a specialized parking space.


The S5 electric scooter has an aircraft-grade aluminum alloy frame that makes it durable while being lightweight. It weighs around 27 lb which makes it easy to carry around on public transportation or haul upstairs.

The maximum load capacity of this electric scooter is 265 lb. Even a heavy-weight person can comfortably ride the electric scooter.


In favorable riding conditions, the Megawheels electric scooter S5 has a maximum range of 12.5 miles on a full charge. It is ideal for traveling long distances without the need for recharging.

This electric scooter features a 36-volt lithium-ion battery that charges completely in three hours. Recharging the batteries during office hours or classes is possible, therefore allowing riders to travel much longer distances in a single day.

High Speed

The manufacturers claim that the Megawheels S5 has a high speed of 14.3 mph, with the new model reaching up to 15.5 mph. However, several factors impact the maximum speed of the electric scooter, including weight capacity and weather.

This electric scooter comes with two different speed gears. The first gear can get you up to a maximum speed of 9 mph, and the second gear allows you to reach the top speed of 15.5 mph. The low-speed mode is safe even for young kids to ride.


The S5 comes with a brushless 250 W electric motor, which is great for riding on straight roads or climbing small hills. The low-power motor keeps the scooter cost-efficient. However, it won’t be ideal for you if you live in a hilly area.

The new model S5X comes with an upgraded 350 W motor which offers better hill-climbing capability.


With front electric and rear disc brakes, this electric scooter offers you the best of both worlds. The electric brakes don’t require any maintenance and allow your scooter to stop smoothly. The rear disc brake is reliable, and you can stop the scooter immediately in case of an emergency.

For riders returning late from work, the rear and front LED lights of the S5 offer better visibility in traffic.

Megawheels S5 Electric Scooter Review

Alternatives to Megawheels S5


The GOTRAX GXL electric scooter is a great alternative to the Megawheels S5 electric scooter with the same motor power of 250 W. It has a maximum speed of 15.5 mph and offers a range of 12 miles on a single charge, almost the same as the S5.

However, there are a few small differences between the two brands. GOTRAX GXL takes 4 hours to completely recharge the battery, while the recharge time is just 3 hours for the S5.

The weight capacity of GOTRAX is 220 lb, but Megawheels can easily bear up to 260 lb. If we compare the prices, the Megawheels electric scooter is $30 cheaper than the GOTRAX GXL V2.

We can therefore say that the Megawheels S5 is a better option than the GOTRAX GXL electric scooter. But if it is not available in your region, you can go for GOTRAX GXL for a similar electric scooter experience.

Razor E300 Electric Scooter

With the same 250 W motor as the Megawheels S5, another great alternative is the Razor E300 electric scooter. It has a maximum speed of 15 mph and boasts a weight capacity of 220 lb.

The Razor E300 has a larger deck than the Megawheels S5, which allows riders to stand comfortably. However, the E300 comes with a 24-volt lead-acid battery that offers a lower mileage of 10 miles.

The Megawheels S5 is a better choice at a lower price than the Razor E300 electric scooter.


After comparing the product with several competitors, I have rated Megawheels on its features.

  • Design and Weight: 9/10
  • Battery: 8.5/10
  • Motor power: 7.5/10
  • Safety: 8.5/10
  • Price: 9/10
  • Overall Score: 8.5/10


The Megawheels S5 is suitable for people who work at a nearby office or attend college. With its sleek and lightweight design, it is sure to impress. It offers good mileage that allows you to travel around campus or within the city without needing a recharge.

Written by Lee Hill

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