What to Wear Under a Bike Helmet?

What to Wear Under a Bike Helmet

A helmet is an essential kit for bikers. There is always a chance of slipping on the roads or bumping into a rock or tree. So, a bicycle helmet protects the head of the biker from any unexpected accidents.

Bike helmets don’t protect the rider from cold in the winter or too much heat, causing sweat in the summer. That’s why many riders wonder what to wear under the bike helmet to protect themselves from heat, cold wind, rain, and other seasonal problems. A cycling cap is one of the best options, but there are many other ideas as well. I will discuss some of them in this article.

What Are Cycling Caps?

The cycling caps are slightly different from regular hats and caps. They consist of thin and flexible material. So, you can fit them easily under a bike helmet. The back of the cap is slightly elastic, so it perfectly fits on most of the rider’s head. But when a rider wears a cycling cap, he needs to raise his head slightly above to see the road. It may cause neck ache.

Benefits of Cycling Cap

If you are a cyclist and wondering what to wear under a bike helmet to keep sweat out of your eyes, then a cycling cap is the best option. There are also other benefits of cycling cap. The article discusses below.

Benefits of Cycling Cap

#1. Comfort

If you wear a cycling cap under the bike helmet, you can use a comfortable ride on the roads and off-roads. You will not face any problem on the way.


You can wear a cycling cap just like a regular cap. A cycling cap enables a rider to view everything on the road.

#3. Protects From Sun

A bike rider has to ride maximum times in the scorching heat of the sun. If he wears the only helmet, then sweat from his head will drip down his face. It is inconvenient for the rider. A cycling cap is the best alternative to wear under a bike helmet.

It consists of the thin and flexible material it can absorb the sweat from the rider’s head and prevents it from dripping down. Again when it absorbs the sweat, it provides coolness to the rider’s head.

#4. Protects From Hair

If a bike rider has long hair, then there is always a chance that his hair may fall on his face, which disturbs him during riding. He feels uncomfortable. Wearing a cycling cap will prevent the hairs from falling on his face. Again those who have short hairs, the cycling cap will protect their scalp from sunburn and infections.

#5. Protects From Rain

A rider may need to ride a bike during the rainy season. If the cyclist were glasses on his eyes, then the water beads stick on the glass, and the rider cannot see correctly. So, it’s difficult for him to ride. A cycling cap is the best option for this kind of rider.

If you wear a cycling cap, then it will prevent the rain from falling into your glasses. You don’t need to take out your glasses in the shower. Even it allows the rider to see correctly and ride on roads.

#6. Keeps Your Head Warm

If you wonder what to wear to keep your head warm under a bike helmet, then a cycling cap is the best option. The cycling caps can keep a rider’s head warm in the early morning in the spring season or winter season.

Peak up or Peak Down

The peak down cycling cap looks while riding your bike is mainly preferred. It has many benefits. It will protect your face from harmful ultraviolet rays and save a rider from bugs if he is riding in the evening. Even it will avoid the mud and rainwater. The headlights during nighttime will also not fall directly on the face of a rider.

Wear This Under a Bike Helmet

Some people prefer peak up because they think that a peak up look will protect their neck from harmful sun rays. However, if a rider finds difficulty seeing the roads, then a peak upcycling cap is the best option.

A cycling cap will keep your head dry. So, you will not catch a cold quickly if you are riding in rainy conditions.

Another Alternative to Cycling Cap

If you have kids and are cycling or going with you on a bike during cold months, you must be searching everywhere to wear under a bike helmet; then there are several options. We will discuss here one by one.

#1.Skull Cap

A thermal skull cap covers your ears completely. Your kids can wear it under the cycling helmet, which will prevent the cold air from entering the ear. So, they will not catch a cold easily.

#2. Kids Bluffs

Bluff is a tube of material that your kid can wear on their head. These bluffs or multi-tubes are good in the summer and winter months. Your kids can use them as scarves, headbands, hands, and even emergency hankies. So, they have multiple uses.

As they are thin, they can easily fit under a bike helmet. These bluffs don’t obstruct the vision of your child. So, they can ride a bike without any problem. You may find thicker polar fleece bluffs to keep your kids warm, but it’s hard to fit them below the helmet.

#3. Hooded Fleece

You can use a hooded fleece under your kid’s bike helmet to keep them warm. But the hooded fleece does not go well in the rainy season.

#4. Balaclavas and Face Masks

The balaclavas and face masks are not suitable for those kids who are pedaling themselves. It will obstruct their vision. So, kids will face a problem if they are riding independently and mainly on traffic roads. But you can use them under a ski helmet; it will protect your child from cold air.

The balaclavas are suitable for small kids with cargo bikes, trailers. It will keep their face warm.
Even face masks are also great to use below the bike helmet. They don’t obstruct the vision of your child’s eye. So your kid can wear these face masks below the helmet and independently pedal on traffic roads.

Wrap Up

A helmet is very necessary for a bike rider. But if you don’t want your hair to get all sweaty because of the helmet, I am sure you would be searching for what to wear under the bike helmet. Well, I think the article answers your question.

A cycling cap can be best to wear under a bike helmet. Well, there are various other options for kids.

Written by Lee Hill

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