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How to Fix an Electric Scooter Throttle?

How to Fix an Electric Scooter Throttle

Is your battery wholly charged and still your scooter not starting? Is your electric scooter throttle not working? Here we have a complete guide for you to fix this problem.

If you have fully charged your battery, but your scooter does not start – then in most cases, the possible reason would be its throttle. However, if you have already run your electric vehicle 75000 miles, you might now need to replace the throttle.

Let’s look at how you can fix it in your electric scooter.

Guide to Fix the Throttle of Your Electric Scooter

Inspect problem in throttle

If your razor electric scooter throttle is not working and you want to fix the throttle in your scooter, then the first is to check where the problem lies in the throttle.

First, take the lead that is on the top deck and check if the wiring and connections are firm or not. You can tighten the connection an extra step.

Now, if something looks melted in the throttle, then it means that the throttle is overheated and needs an urgent replacement. Generally, to inspect this, it only requires visual, smell and touch to determine where the problem lies.

Another thing to decide an issue in throttle can be when the speed display and lights do not twist the throttle. It can mean that there is a faulty connection between the throttle and the controller.

Next, you can try to turn the motor or start the engine. If the motor doesn’t start, then there is a problem with the battery and ignition key connected with the controller. If the motor turns on, then it means that there is a problem with the throttle.

Check the battery and charger.

The next step in this will be to see if the battery and charger are working correctly or not. If your battery in your e-scooter is old, the problem of reduced capacity can be of high chance. You can check the charger to see if it was working correctly or not.

Guide to Fix the Electric Scooter Throttle

To test the charger if it is working correctly or not, you first have to plug in the charger to a power source and look for lights that will indicate if it is on.

There can be chances that the charger will not light or start blinking; this will suggest that there is a problem with a charger. You can also check the output voltage by using a multimeter. If the output voltage shows zero or below the said level, consider replacing the battery’s charger.

Fix the problem

If the trouble lies within the battery, then you have to replace the battery. But if the connection is faulty between the controller and throttle, it may need repair, or maybe you have to replace the throttle itself.

Another option for you is to go to your nearest repair store for your scooter to get the problem diagnosed and get it fixed. It may be possible that you are still in a guaranteed period, so you can contact the person from whom you have purchased the scooter.

Fix an Electric Scooter Throttle

If you are always on the guarantee period, you can call them and get your scooter parts replaced for free or at a much affordable or reduced cost.

One of the worst scenarios in this situation can be that you have to replace your throttle entirely. Not to alarm you, but you should be ready for this possibility.

The better chance in the above scenario can be that maybe your scooter falls under the guarantee period.

Then you can get in touch with that particular company from whom you bought your electric scooter and request them to change or replace the parts for free or maybe replace it at a reduced cost.

There are many similar throttles for you to replace with if the above situation arises. We have shortlisted three of the best in them.

Top 3 Electric Scooter Throttle

If you are looking for a Throttle to replace with, you can count on these three.

However, there are many similar throttles available in the market to replace. These are listed based on reviews as per customers and their unique features.

Currie Twist Throttle w/ LED for 24 Volt Ezip Electric Scooters

If you are looking to replace your electric scooter’s throttle, you can go for this Twist Throttle. This product fits a normal range with almost all the qualities required.

It works smoothly with a 24-volt electric scooter, including S400, E500, S750, and many other scooters. So you can go for it as it fits in your budget as well.

HIAORS Twist Throttle Grip

If you are looking for 24V 36V 48V parts of your electric chopper E-scooter pocket bike, it is one of the best options you can go with to replace your throttle. Its brand HIAORS is popular for building good quality automobile parts, so you can trust it. Moreover, it has a good rating as well.

GLOGLOW Bike Throttle Grip For Electric Scooters

This throttle grip is easy to use and has various functionalities. You can use this grip in your 12-84V electric scooters. This grip makes it easy for you to check the real-time amount of electricity. You can go for this product as it helps you to identify voltage and meet other needs automatically.

Final Words

The throttle is an essential part of an electric scooter. The throttle brings the scooter to life.

So, if your scooter does not work, then it might be because of the throttle.

You should be ready to diagnose a problem in your throttle as quickly as possible.

If, after fixing it, still, if you are unable to start, then you need to inspect your battery and motor. Lastly, if nothing works, we always recommend you consult an expert.

Written by Lee Hill

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