What Size Bike Tyres Do I Need?

What Size Bike Tires Do I Need

I have been cycling for nearly two years now. I love to go cycling because it keeps me physically fit. Cycling helps me reduce my weight and calories, keeps me fit, and it’s also the perfect “me” time.

A bike’s tires play an essential role in riding—good tires grip well on the road surface. Where you want to ride your bike decides what kinds of tires you should get.

When I don’t change my bike tires regularly, it does not run on the roads with the speed with which it worked for the last year. So, from my experience, I believe changing our bike tires from time to time is important for better speed and durability of our bike.

When I bought my first bike, I never asked myself what size bike tires do I need? But after riding every day on almost every kind of surface, I have become appreciative of tire size.

In this article, I will share some of the best bike tires for multiple surfaces. Again while selecting a tire for our bike, you should emphasize several factors like tire diameter, width, and tread.

How To Select A Mountain Bike Tire

#1. Tire Diameter

The diameter of a tire is equivalent to its height. Usually, the mountain tires have the diameter of 26,27.5 and 29 inches. A small wheel is a weak wheel because it has high rolling resistance. So, it is not good to overcome obstacles. So, you should buy a mountain bike tire that has a giant wheel or bigger diameter.

#2.Tire Width

Usually, the tires of a mountain bike come in between 1.6 to 2.6 inches. A narrow mountain tire has less rolling resistance but has less surface area. So, they do not grip appropriately on off roads. So, you should select a wider tire for mountain biking because it can overcome various obstacles at the time of riding.

How To Select A Mountain Bike Tire

We have various mountain bikes like cross country bikes, trail mountain bikes, and downhill bikes. The width of the tire differs from one another.

    • A cross-country bike tire width ranges from 1.9 to 2.3 inches.
    • Trail bike’s tire width is 2.3 inches to 2.5 inches wide.
    • Downhill bike tire width ranges between 2.5 inches to 2.6 inches.
    • Plus, mountain bike tires’ width is between 2.6 to 3.2 inches.
    • Fat bike tires’ width ranges between 4 to 5 inches.

#3. Tire Tread

The knobbier the tire, the better the tire tread. A shorter knob can provide good grip on roads, whereas a big knob can provide good traction on rough surfaces like mountains.

How To Select A Road Bike Tire

#1. Tire Diameter

The diameter of a road bike is usually 700 mm.

#2.Tire Width

The tire width of a road bike usually starts from 23 mm, but they are less than 30mm. We will see some bikes which will have a 45mm width tire. Those bikes are mainly for gravel roads.

Where Can I Find the Dimensions of My Current Tire?

Whenever you buy a tire for your bike, you should first check your existing tire. There you will find two numbers. The first number is the tire’s diameter and the second one is the width of the tire. The second number, which is the width of any tire, is usually expressed in inches for mountain bike tires and millimeters for road bike tires.

These two numbers are the two key parameters to look out for when buying a new tire. You have to ensure that you get a tire of the same dimensions.

How Often Should I Check My Tires?

You should inspect your tires at least once a month. Suppose you are going for a ride to a long distance. Then you should first check your tires.

Checking means you should check your tire’s air pressure, the depth of the tread, and the overall conditions. If you do not find any problem, then you should take your bike a long distance.

What Should I Do To Check My Tires?

At first, you give a thorough visual inspection of the entire tire to ensure any cuts or bulges. You need to take this inspection very seriously because if the tires get punctured, you are left stranded in the middle of the road.

Selecting Right Tire for my Mountain Bike

Next, you need to check the tire’s air pressure, which should meet the vehicle manufacturer’s guidelines. Then the depth of the tread. It should also meet the minimum guidelines.

What Shall I Prefer for My Bike, a Tube Tire or a Tubeless Tire?

A tubeless tire is much better as compared to a tube tire. It is because a tubeless tire can retain the air pressure for a more extended period. So, whenever a thorn or nail pierces a tubeless tire, it will lose the air at a prolonged rate as compared to a tube tire.

When Should I Replace My Mountain Bike Tire?

A mountain bike tire should at least run 3200 to 8000 miles. But if you are going to ride very sharp mountain rocks, the tires may deteriorate soon. It depends on where you ride and how you ride.

When Should I Replace My Road Bike Tires?

When you see a flat spot on the center of the tire or cracked rubber or various cuts and holes on the tire, you should change your tire.

Why Does the Size of the Tire Matter on a Bike?

The size of your wheel on the bike predicts the rolling resistance. A big wheel will allow you to overcome significant obstacles.

What Can I Do With My Old Tires?

You can use the old tires in your house for various handy things or give them to your local bike shop.

Why Is Tread Depth Important?

A good tread depth is essential for a tire; otherwise, it will not grip appropriately on wet roads.

Best Mountain Bike Tires

I have listed below the best mountain bike tires along with their features, advantages, and disadvantages. I hope you like any tire among these three mountain tires.

#1.Vittoria Unisex E-maza Bicycle Tire

The Vittoria unisex E-Mazza bicycle tire is only for mountain bikes. This tire has a 27.5-inch diameter and 2.6 inches width. This bike tire is good to overcome obstacles on off roads.


    • Good grip on the road.
    • The tires have layers of graphene 2 compound which helps in reducing rolling resistance.
    • Lightweight
    • Good price
    • Good tread life
    • Works in all weather conditions.


    • Too heavy for some people.

#2.Maxxis Minion DHF tire

The Maxxis Minion DHF tire is mainly for mountain bikes with a 27.5-inch diameter and a width of 2.8 inches. You can use this tire on off roads. It will overcome various obstacles while riding. You can confidently ride on mountains with this tire.


    • Good cornering grip
    • Tubeless tire
    • Dual-compound increases durability


    • High rolling resistance

#3. Maxxis Dissector

The Maxxis dissector tire is mainly for mountain bikes. This tire has a 29-inch diameter, and its width is 2.4 inches.


    • Suitable for downhill mountain bikes.
    • Tubeless tire
    • Quick as lightning


    • The side knobs get wear and tear easily

Best Road Bike Tires

#1. Continental Grand Prix 5000

The Continental Grand Prix 5000 is a high-quality tire for city roads. It has a high impact quotient and just the right grip for a road surface, not to create too much drag while assisting speed.


    • Lightweight but still resistant to wear and tear
    • High vibration absorption
    • Great grip
    • Impressive cornering


    • A bit expensive

#2. SCHWALBE Marathon Plus

The SCHWALBE Marathon Plus is the perfect pavement tire. It gives you just the right grip on smooth surfaces without succumbing to wear and tear.


    • Rigid but durable
    • Protective coating on tires for durability
    • Smooth-rolling


    • It can be a bit difficult to mount


You can compare the tires of your bike with your shoes. You clean your shoes regularly. But when they wear and tear, you don’t like to wear it and throw it in the dustbin. Similarly, the tires of your bike require an inspection from time to time.

When the tires have various cuts or are dry and cracked, you need to throw them and buy a new tire for your bike.

An obvious question comes to the mind of every rider what size bike tires do I need?. Well, this article answers all your questions above. I hope you like the best mountain bike tires listed above.

You should never forget one thing that a narrow bike tire will have lower rolling resistance, and they are less comfortable. Wider tires are usually comfortable for a rider to ride a bike. So, you should prefer to buy a tire that will have ideal width and diameter.

Written by Lee Hill

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