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What Is the Best Two Person Electric Scooter

Best Two Person Electric Scooter Review

Do you and your wife go to the office together? Are you looking for a budget-friendly and time-saving option of transport? If yes, why don’t you buy a two-person electric scooter?

Electric scooters have gained popularity with changing technology. It is one of the best modern transports that are portable, cost-effective, and easy to use. The best way to escape early morning traffic is to ride an electric scooter.

Did you know that people are allowed to ride an electric scooter in America but under the speed of 25mph? Everyone loves to ride an electric scooter as it is fast, easy to drive, and makes the rider enjoy the ride. But, one crucial thing nobody wants to compromise on is comfort.

If looking for more convenience, it is better to buy a two-person electric scooter. Now, you will not have to strain your legs while riding the e-scooter for long distances. Dual seat options make the scooter take a ride with loved ones.

Our guide below will help you choose the best two-person electric scooter.

Benefits Of A Two-Person Electric Scooter

Electric scooters are one of the most convenient modes of transport. It has several benefits.

Review of the Best Two Person Electric Scooter

  • Higher flexibility: youngsters love riding an electric bike standing, but not all do. When covering long distances standing and riding an electric scooter can be very tiring and uncomfortable. With a seat electric scooter, the rider gets an option to sit and enjoy the ride without any stress. Few scooters come with a removable seat that makes the rider use the scooter according to his/her convenience.
  • Eco-friendly: riding an electric scooter is exceptionally eco-friendly as it does not emit harmful gases, unlike cars and bikes. It is quiet, smooth, and needs a powerful battery that will make you enjoy long-distance rides.
  • Convenient to use: riding an electric scooter is easy; it does not need much training. There is no need for pushing and kicking the scooter. The rider needs to switch on the power button, and you are good to go. Anyone can balance the scooter by sitting on the seat. Even kids ride such scooters with ease as it provides the riders with stability and control with the twist throttle and hand brakes.
  • Foldable and portable: many electric-scooter models are foldable as they have removable seats that can be taken out when not in use and fold the gear. This feature makes the scooter portable and easy to use. As it collapsed quickly, the rider can carry the mobile gear anywhere along with them.

Different Types Of Electric Scooters

Scooters with removable seats

Few electric scooters are highly compact and portable as their seats are easily removable. The ones with removable seats are slimmer, and you can adjust them according to your height. These kinds of scooters allow the rider to ride the scooter with ease and according to their requirements.

Some riders like to ride with a seat, and others love riding the scooters without a core. Thus, a scooter with an adjustable seat height and a removable seat is one of the best options to try out. This attractive feature makes the scooter lightweight and portable.

Electric Scooter Removable Seat

Electric scooter with built-in seats

These types of scooters are generally heavier than the scooters with removable seats. These scooters are large and also have big wheels that make the scooter look large. These types of scooters provide a large room for sitting comfortability. But, it also makes the scooter less portable and heavy as compared to other scooters.

Two-seat mobility scooter

Another form of scooter specially designed for disabled people is the mobility scooter, also popular as a disability scooter. With the latest technology and innovations, gone are the days when people used wheelchairs to move. Now, they can use a two-person mobility scooter as it allows two people to enjoy their ride simultaneously. With an increased sitting space, these scooters can fit two passengers side by side with ease. The seat is spacious and comfortable.

There is another form of a two-seat mobility scooter with seats one after the other in the linear arrangement. The fit person can ride the scooter, and the one with mobility issues can sit at the back and enjoy the ride.

Both the scooters are perfect for riding with people you love, friends, relatives, children, and more.

Anyone with any disability can use this electric scooter, get out of the house, and enjoy themselves the same as normal human beings do.

Reviews Of The Best Two Person Electric Scooters

Toxozers Adult City COCO

The Toxozers have everything you are looking for in an electric scooter. Most importantly, it has two padded seats that provide ultimate comfort to the rider. The backrest helps give support to the person sitting at the back. Its fat tires are an eye-catchy feature of the scooter that makes the scooter easy to control and balance.


  • Extra-large tires: the tires are large enough to withstand a weight of 450 lbs. Large tires help to balance the scooter well and provides stability to the rider.
  • Powerful battery and motor: the scooter has a 1000 watts rear hub motor that better allows the user to ride the scooter. Further, the rear hub motors are better as the rear tire can handle the large engine’s power. The scooter allows the rider to ride at a speed of 25 mph. The battery provides a capacity of 60 volts. It charges in less than four to eight hours. With a single charge, the battery can run at a speed of 15 miles to twenty-three miles.
  • Very strong and comfortable: the scooter has two padded seats that provide comfort to the user of the scooter. Hydraulic shocks of 8 inches support the seat, and The tubeless tires are strong enough that is safe and allows the rider to climb up the hill at an angle of ten to fifteen degrees. Using the scooter on dry surfaces will be the best.

Ephesus S5 Electric Mobility Scooter

Ephesus S5 is an electric mobility scooter with an adjustable dual seat that allows the rider to ride the scooter with or without the child seat. The e-scooter is ideal for people with mobility issues and has excessive leg space. Its weight is 62 to lbs which makes the scooter portable and convenient to use.


  • Versatile: the scooter is highly versatile as it helps the rider ride on stone, marble, grass, tiles, and granite floors with ease. Now, it is possible to ride in the garden, park, hill, and sidewalks. It works great on a 12-degree incline with a 250 wattsX2 motor.
  • Foldable: the gear is foldable, and you can store it in a trunk or a compact space. Its unfolded dimension is 40X21X35 inches, and its foldable size is 21.5X14.5X27 inches. The maximum weight capacity is 265 pounds with a ground clearance of 3.75 inches.
  • Special features: the scooter’s adjustable handlebar of 7 inches makes it unique in itself. The rider can adjust the handlebar according to the height and requirement. It has three different speed gears that the rider can use. Level one provides a speed of 3.75 mph. Level 2 offers a range of 7.5 mph, and level three allows the rider to ride at a rate of 12 mph.
  • Covers long distances: the scooter helps the rider cover 25 miles with a maximum speed of 12 mph when using the gear. The range can vary with the rider’s weight, road surface, and scooter design.

E-wheel EW-66 2 person scooter

The heavy-duty two-person electric scooter not only looks great but has great features too. The most attractive feature is its attached basket that helps store fruits, veggies, and water when shopping with your loved one. It has a brushless motor with 700 watts that provides a speed limit of 15 mph.


  • Sturdy framework: the steel framework makes the scooter withstand a weight of 600 lbs. The aluminum rims’ heavy-duty tubeless tires make the scooter perfect for two people.
  • An electromagnetic braking system makes the scooter safe and reliable. EBS is far better than traditional braces as there are no chances of the scooter slipping. The scooter uses the magnetic force stops as soon as the rider uses the brakes.
  • Speed: with a single charge, the scooter can also go at a rate of 40 miles. The speedometer clearly states the speed the rider is riding the bike in. The E-Wheel scooter uses a rear-axle motor of 48 volts and is available with a smart charger with a power of 48 volts.
  • Anti-theft alarm: the scooter features an anti-theft alarm system that keeps the gear safe from robbers. As soon as someone else puts in any other key to unlock the scooter, the alarm starts ringing.


The two-seat electric scooter is one of the best options for those who love to ride with a companion.

For those who have some mobility issues and need someone to be near, they too can use a two-seat mobility scooter. It is a more comfortable gear with larger seats, powerful motor, and backrest to support the person sitting at the back.

Written by Lee Hill

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