Liftboard Single Motor Electric Skateboard – Up to 16 Mph

Liftboard Single Motor Electric Skateboard Review

An electric skateboard is the best way to take your skateboarding skills to the next level. The power and performance of an electric skateboard let you rip through the streets, adrenaline pumping with the wind in your hair.

There’s really no other experience like it. So if you’re considering purchasing an electric skateboard, the Liftboard single motor skateboard is one of the most budget-friendly electric scooters available on the market.

It fit my budget and provides me with the happiness and thrill I have while riding a bike. With a top speed of 16 mph and a travel distance of 16 miles on a single charge, what else can you ask for? A UL-certified single motor board provides high torque, great speed and puts less strain on the motor. This makes the motor last longer.

While Liftboard is no longer in business, these great electric skateboards can still be obtained. So read on to find out the pros, cons, and features of this great vehicle.


  • The single 21.6 V, 900 W motor provides a top speed of 16 mph, making it ideal for carving down the hill and roads.
  • On a single charge, the skateboard allows the user to ride up to 16 miles.
  • It meets official safety standards as the motor is UL-certified.
  • Liftboard electric skateboards are shock and fire-resistant.
  • The board is made with 7-ply maple wood that makes it durable and long-lasting.
  • The single motor and regenerative braking system make the skateboard convenient to control.
  • Going 15° uphill and riding on uneven surfaces is possible with this electric skateboard.


  • The grip tape on the skateboard can get loose from certain areas after several uses.
  • The board is not scratch-resistant.

Buyer’s Guide

Single or Dual Motor

Before buying a skateboard, it is essential to know the area you intend to use it in. If you are an adventurous person like me and like to travel longer distances, choosing a dual-motor electric skateboard will benefit you.

It will provide better torque, a better braking system, and much better control on any surface. But for all those who want to buy a skateboard for daily commuting and riding uphill at 15°, buying a single motor electric skateboard is always better.

Regular skateboarders drive skateboards with a 150 – 350 W motor. However, serious skateboard enthusiasts enjoy riding with a motor capacity above 350 W.

Battery Capacity and Type

There are three main types of batteries used with electric skateboards: lithium-ion, lithium-ion-phosphate, and lithium-polymer. Lithium-ion batteries are mostly preferred as they can provide enough weight capacity for riders and are lightweight.

All beginners to riding electric skateboards can use lithium-ion batteries as they do not require much maintenance. The other two are less popular amongst skateboarders.

Speed and Distance 

The average top speed for an electric skateboard is 18 mph, but a few high-end models run at an incredible rate of 45 mph. If you regularly ride a skateboard, then using a Liftboard electric skateboard will be great for you as it provides a top speed of 16 mph. With a single charge, the 21.6 V lithium-ion battery helps cover a distance of 16 miles, which is pretty decent for daily commuting.

Liftboard Single Motor Buying Guide


Generally, skateboards are made with 7 or 8-ply maple wood. The deck is strong enough to withstand heavy riders weighing from 200 – 265 lb. Next, polyurethane coating is applied to the deck to make the board extra smooth. 7 layers of wood are joined together to create a durable and long-lasting board. More ply layers are used to construct the board, and it becomes strong enough to help cruise on uneven and rough surfaces. 

Wheel Size

Wheels with a 70a – 85a rating mean that the board is ideal for rough surfaces. All those who prefer riding down the hill can choose wheels with an 80a – 90a rating. People who love doing stunts on skateboards can choose wheels with 90a – 101a ratings. If you love speed, it is always better to buy skateboards with harder wheels. And those who love using skateboards on rough terrain but want to ride smoothly can use soft wheels.

Features of Liftboard Single Motor Skateboard

Single motor board

The Liftboard electric skateboard has a single 900W motor that makes the board convenient to ride uphill and on any pavement. Riding at 15° uphill is possible with its 900 W strong motor.

Furthermore, as the skateboard has a single motor, it exerts less pressure on the motor while riding uphill, making the board long-lasting. In addition, the single motor provides the rider with high torque and a better braking system, thus making it easy to control the scooter.

Higher speed and better torque

As the motor produces more power, the speed attained by the skateboard is also high. With a powerful brushless motor of 900 W, the top speed achieved is 16 mph. The higher the rate attained by the motor, the better the acceleration.

Going uphill at 15° becomes more accessible when the speed is stable for longer distances. All those who are looking for higher torque can buy a Liftboard dual-motor electric skateboard. But those who want to use the skateboard for riding on even and less bumpy surfaces should go for a single motor electric skateboard.

Rechargeable lithium-ion battery

The skateboard has a 21.6 V rechargeable lithium-ion battery that allows the user to travel up to 16 miles on a single charge. It is always better to charge the skateboard after it is fully discharged. It takes approximately 4 – 4.5 hours to charge the skateboard. Lithium-ion batteries do not need regular maintenance and are long-lasting.

Lightweight and Portable

The built-in handle allows the user to carry this board with ease. Its compact size of 39 X 15 X 9 inches makes it convenient to store. Moreover, one can take it along easily even while traveling outdoors as it weighs just 17 lb. An easy-to-carry handlebar attracts buyers as everyone loves gear that is lightweight and portable. 

Liftboard Single Motor Features

Durable and long-lasting

The Liftboard skateboard is made with 7-ply strong maple wood that makes it durable. North American maple wood is considered ideal for constructing skateboards, as it is highly durable and weather-resistant. In addition, maple wood is the best material as there are fewer chances of wear and tear. It also makes the board shock-resistant. 7 layers of wood are used to make the skateboard. It is strong enough to withstand weight up to 265 lb, making it great even for heavy riders.

Wheel size

3.1” X 1.8” wheel size makes the board ideal for gliding through rough surfaces with ease. As the wheel is hard, it makes traversing downhill easier. If you want to buy a skateboard for daily commuting, then go for softer wheels. Softer wheels allow the rider to ride smoothly on uneven and rough surfaces.

Alternative Product

#1 WeSkate Electric Skateboard

If you are looking for an alternative to a Liftboard electric skateboard, you can go for a WeSkate electric skateboard. It is also a single motor electric skateboard, very similar to the Liftboard electric skateboard.

However, Liftboard electric skateboard has a 900 W motor that allows you to reach a top speed of 16 mph. The WeSkate electric skateboard, on the other hand, has a 350 W motor that provides a top speed of 12 mph.

The mileage is also different: the Liftboard can travel up to 16 miles on a single charge, and the WeSkate board can travel for 10 miles. Therefore, the WeSkate electric skateboard is ideal for short-distance rides and perfect for beginners.

One of the most attractive features of the WeSkate electric board is its 4000 mAh lithium-ion battery. The powerful battery charges fully in just 4 hours, making the WeSkate board one of the best options to buy for beginners. With three different speed options and LED battery indicators, it is not only safe to use but worth the money you spend.

The load capacity of the WeSkate electric skateboard is 220 lb. In comparison, the Liftboard single motor skateboard has a weight capacity of 265 lb, making it much stronger for heavy riders.

Bottom Line

Liftboard electric skateboards offer outstanding performance at a very affordable price. Its strong motor is what makes it one of the best options among all electric scooters. In addition, its long-lasting 7-ply maple wood board gives it extra strength and makes it ideal for daily commuting and fun.

Written by Lee Hill

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