What Is A Boosted Board – How Much Are Boosted Boards?

boosted boards dual review

Are you looking for an upgrade for your kick-powered longboard? Something with a little more power, perhaps? Electric longboards and skateboards are growing in popularity for a good reason – they provide an even greater thrill for experienced riders than traditional boards.

The Boosted Boards brand has one of the best-selling and most attractive longboards around when it comes to this exciting new market. The boards have a long, sleek design and are very comfortable to ride. Initially, Boosted Boards succeeded in launching their products: the Single, Dual, and Dual+. All these models varied in range and speed.

But unfortunately, Boosted Boards went out of business in March 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic. However, it is still selling its leftover products, so you can take advantage of the reduced prices and pick up the Boosted Boards Dual – one of the best products on the market. Let’s dive into its pros, cons, and features.


  • The boards are high-quality vanguard bamboo.
  • The motor is quite powerful and can climb steep slopes with inclines of up to 25°.
  • It provides a decent range of 7 miles.


  • You cannot kick and ride when the battery runs out.

Buyer’s Guide

Speed And Range

It is essential to look at the maximum speed and range the boards can offer. So first, you should determine how long you want to ride your longboard and then buy the electric board according to the speed and range you need.

young man riding electric skateboard

Power And Braking System

It is crucial for you to consider the battery power and braking system. Make sure the battery doesn’t take too long to charge. A board with a regenerative braking system maximizes your riding time. Tesla uses a regenerative braking system in almost all their vehicles. Also, check to see if you can ride your board downhill at top speeds and if it will handle sharp turns easily.


It is important to look at the deck length when looking for a longboard. The longboard deck uses wood. The piles are appropriately glued and pressed to give you a perfect platform. The deck comes in various shapes and sizes. It usually is 35” – 40” long and 8” – 10” wide.


Longboard trucks make turning the board easy. They provide axles for the wheels. The trucks match the deck length in each board. Most trucks have a 9” to 10” axle. This allows riders to have a stable ride at top speeds, with the added benefit of making turning easier.


The wheels mount onto the truck axles of the longboard. The wheels of the longboard are generally larger than those of standard skateboards. As a result, it provides a smooth and fast ride on all types of terrains. Wheels for an electric longboard generally measure between 64mm and 80mm in diameter.

Features And Benefits: Boosted Boards Dual

Speed And Range

The Boosted Boards Dual offers a top speed of 20 mph and provides an efficient riding experience. You can ride downhill at high speed on this board with ease. The Boosted Board Dual comes in three different speed modes to choose from.side view boosted dual

You can choose the speed as per your comfort. It covers a distance of 7 miles on a single charge. The range may differ depending on the rider’s weight and the road type. It may cover less distance if you ride in expert mode. It weighs just 15 lb.

Power And Braking System

With a powerful 1500 W lithium-ion battery, it covers a good distance. The battery charges very fast – it takes just one hour! This board is great for riding short distances.

The Boosted Boards Dual has a great braking system, which provides a safe riding experience. It uses a regenerative braking system that helps recycle energy for the board’s powerful lithium-ion battery.

You can ride your board downhill with ease and maximize your riding time with this regenerative braking system. The brakes are powerful, and you can slow down quickly when taking turns or riding downhill.


The deck length of this Boosted Board is 38”, which is excellent. This lightweight longboard is quite easy to carry on a bus or train. You can store it in a compact space with ease while traveling. The wide deck of this board makes it comfortable to ride and provides enough room for your feet.


The Boosted Boards Dual truck width is 10”, which is enough. It helps keep the rider stable while riding and helps you take sharp turns.


The wheels of the boosted longboard are 75mm in diameter and made of urethane. It has a 56mm contact patch. It offers excellent traction and speed, which makes it perfect for riding on rough terrain. You cannot customize the wheels of Boosted Boards, but you can replace them.

Remote Control

The Boosted Boards Dual comes with remote control. You can control the brake and speed using the controller with ease. You can monitor the speed and battery status through the LED display on the longboard, and you can change the speed mode using the remote control.

booster dual

So if you are a beginner, this board gives you excellent control. You can start with eco-mode first, and as you get comfortable riding, you can increase the speed gradually.


#1 Verreal RS Dual Electric Longboard

The Verreal electric longboard offers excellent performance and provides a long range of 30 miles. With a 1500 W motor, it provides a top speed of 12 mph, whereas the Boosted Boards Dual provides a top speed of 20 mph.

The Verreal RS Dual electric longboard offers smooth acceleration and slows down quickly, even when riding at top speed. You can climb uphill at inclines of up to 30°. You can ride smoothly and comfortably on rough roads with its 105mm cloud wheels. The double kingpin truck is mounted to the skateboard and offers incredible carving.

#2 RALDEY Electric Skateboard

The RALDEY electric skateboard offers a top speed of 28.5 mph and can climb a steep slope up to 30° with a 195mm rubber wheel. It provides great overall performance. The battery charges fully in 4 hours, while the Dual takes just 1 hour to charge.

The RALDEY skateboard comes with four different speed modes and four brakes so that you will have an extremely smooth and safe riding experience. The skateboard is perfect for people of all age groups. It is extremely lightweight and is easy to carry on public transport.


The Boosted Boards Dual has been one of the top-selling boards on the electric scooter market. It offers excellent performance and speed and is perfect for commuting around your city. It may be a bit expensive, but it is worth the price with its excellent build quality and features.


Written by Lee Hill

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