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Zero 10x Electric Scooter

Zero 10x Electric Scooter

If you’re a savvy consumer, you want to ensure your purchases last a long time and are high-quality. When it comes to electric scooters, your mindset should be no different.

Zero 10x electric scooters are known for their long life and high build quality. These scooters are famous for high speed, power, and long-range coverage.

If you are looking for a fun ride, something that allows you to climb hills, or just daily transport, you should strongly consider a Zero 10x electric scooter, as it will last for many years.

This article delves into one of the versions of Zero 10x electric scooters. Also, you can see the two best alternatives for the Zero 10x electric scooter at the end of this article.


  • Dual 1000 W motors that provide a total output of 1600 W.
  • Strong and solidly built parts.
  • Range coverage is good.
  • Achieves top speed incredibly quickly.
  • Can climb a 10° hill.


  • Very heavy and cannot be carried around.

Things To Consider Before Buying A Zero 10x Electric Scooter


One of the fundamental reasons people choose electric scooters is that they are fast and provide an easy way to get around. The motor of an electric scooter determines the top speed of an electric scooter. For example, if you are a regular commuter and need to cover long distances in less time, then a 1000 W motor serves your purpose as it will provide you with a top speed of about 37 mph. However, the speed of a scooter is also influence by factors such as the rider’s weight.


Hand brakes and disc brakes are prominently seen in most electric scooters. In addition to hand brakes, disc brakes are safer and more efficient to use. To avoid any delay in stopping or locking wheels, pick a scooter with hydraulic disc brakes. These help in attaining a smooth stop to the scooter as brake fluid is used instead of cable.


When you plan to buy a scooter for both off and on-road usage, design matters the most. For longevity and stability on the road, choose the scooter made of sturdy materials like steel alloy or aluminum. They keep the scooter stable on any terrain and help you remain comfortable on the scooter. Foldable handlebars and the display will increase the safety levels and make the scooter portable.

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Features And Benefits Of Zero 10x Electric Scooter


The best part of Zero 10x scooters is their deck, which provides a standing space of 19.2” x 9.01” (L x W), which will easily accommodate a person and allow them to stand comfortably. The fin on the rear of the deck is solid enough to support anyone who stands on it during their ride. The curved handlebars of the scooter give good control to the rider.

The grips of the bar are tightly clamped onto the scooter to avoid rotation during the ride. But to have a safe ride at top speed, riders who are under 77” may have to check the height on the scooter for comfort purposes, as the handlebar to deck height is 40”. The stem of the scooter is welded, which will prevent any wobbling during the ride.


The Zero 10x scooter’s motor comes with a dual 1000 W DC motor that is brushless, requiring less maintenance. These motors give out an output of 1600 W. This output will help in accelerating the Zero 10x scooter to a top speed of 37.2 mph.

The motor of this scooter is quiet, even if you accelerate at high speed. The LCD will allow the rider to see the current speed, battery level, and riding modes. The rider can pre-set units of speed or cruise control using the P-setting feature on the LCD. The throttle control is easy to access for the rider using their index finger.


The highly efficient hydraulic disc brakes of this Zero 10x electric scooter will bring the scooter to a halt in a short time, even while driving at high speed. The hydraulic brakes use no cable but will compress the brake fluid, which will reach the brake caliper.

Now, the brake pads will directly push into the rim and stop the scooter efficiently. Also, the regenerative braking mechanism will store the energy, which you can use later during the ride to extend your drive. Along with reflectors on the fenders, the front and rear lights provide additional safety during night rides.


The spring shock absorbers on the front and rear wheels have high suspension, which will support the Zero 10X scooter on any road at any speed. The pneumatic tires of the electric scooter will absorb any unevenness on the roads and provide stability. The 3.1” width of the tires will keep the scooter firm and strong while climbing ]hills. The split-rim of the wheels will help you quickly change the inner tubes in case of punctures.


The 23 Ah battery is temperature tolerant, which will avoid overheating the scooter. The battery has a long life which will allow the rider to cover a distance of 26 miles. The range coverage may vary based on the weight of the rider.

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Alternatives To The Zero 10x Electric Scooter

Nanrobot Ls7 Electric Scooter:

The Nanrobot Ls7 Electric Scooter comes with a dual 1800 W motor with a total power output of 3600 W, which is higher than that of the Zero 10x Electric Scooter. Though the power output is high, the top speed of this electric scooter is 52 mph which is slightly less than the Zero 10x scooter.

Also, the range coverage of the Ls7 scooter is 37 miles. But the hill grade of this scooter is very high when compared with the Zero 10x scooter, making it a suitable alternative to the Zero 10x electric scooter.


An electric scooter is suitable for short-distance travel and fast commutes and for those who love to ride fast. A high-performance electric scooter like the Zero 10x electric scooter will give you the speed you crave.

The dual 1000 W motor of this scooter provides a maximum speed of 37.2 mph, which is quite high. It also helps you climb the 10° inclines quickly. In this article, we have also suggested an alternative,  the Nanrobot Ls7 Electric Scooter, whose power output and hill-climbing ability are more than Zero 10x electric scooter. If you try either one of them, share your review here.


Written by Lee Hill

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