Where to Buy a Scooter Helmet?

Where to Buy a Scooter Helmet

A scooter helmet is a type of helmet used by scooter riders. These helmets protect the head of the scooter from any unexpected accidents or injury. In some countries, it is mandatory to wear a scooter helmet while driving your scooter. This lowers the head injury by 69 percent and the risk of death by 4 percent.

The inner shell of a scooter helmet consists of polystyrene foam. It absorbs the shock of any impact. It has a plastic outer covering that protects your head.

When you buy a scooter, you should also buy a scooter helmet. But, now the main question arises where to buy a scooter helmet? There are plenty of options. You can buy a scooter helmet from both online and offline stores.

Scooter helmets are available in various types and designs. You need to select according to your preference.

Types of Scooter Helmets

#1. Full Face Helmets

When a rider rides a scooter, then there are chances that he may fall anywhere or he may have a road accident. So, wearing a full-face helmet will protect the head of the rider.

These helmets cover the entire face and head of the rider, which will protect a rider from unexpected accidents and serious injuries. A full-face helmet is an ideal helmet as compared to another helmet. A full-face helmet also helps in stopping the wind from blowing on the face of the rider. It keeps the levels of noise as minimum as possible.

Types of Scooter Helmets
Full Face Helmet

So, a rider is not disturbed by noise while driving on the road. Again during the rainy season, these helmets do not allow the water to creep inside. So, a rider can make a comfortable ride on the road. As these helmets completely cover the rider’s face, it does not allow the harmful ultraviolet sun rays to fall on the rider’s face.

Full-face helmets are usually bulky. But, the designers are trying to keep their weights minimum as possible.

 #2. Half Face Helmets

The half-face helmets are called a three-quarter helmet. They cover the entire head of a rider but leave the face open. As a result, a rider can get affected by wind and noise while driving. Again if there is an unexpected accident, these helmets will protect the head, no doubt, but a rider can have face injury as the front portion of the helmets is not covered.

You can wear sunglasses while using a half-face helmet, which is not possible in the case of a full-face helmet.

Some people may get suffocation after wearing full-face helmets. So, they should prefer a half-face helmet.

#3. Modular Helmets

The modular helmet has properties of both a full and half face helmet. The front portion of these helmets is adjustable. The outer covering consists of glass. When the rider wants to have a half-face helmet, he can raise the glass and enjoy his riding.

These helmets are a bit bulky because of the additional screws and bolts. The screws may loosen after using for some years. So, you need to purchase a good-quality modular helmet.

What Are the Types of Scooter Helmets
Black Modular Helmet

Again these helmets are not completely sealed. So, there is always a chance of rain, wind, or noise to creep inside the helmet.

If you want to enjoy both full-face and half-face helmets, then the modular helmet is the right choice.

#4. Half Shell Helmets

We call a half shell helmet a skull helmet. These helmets only cover the top of your head, and they don’t protect your neck or face. As a result, the face, neck, and jaws are entirely open. The rider’s face is open to sun, wind, noise, and rain, which is uncomfortable.

Half shell helmets are popular with kids and teens. They are good enough to protect you from head injuries when you are riding slow-moving e-scooters. However, if you drive a sufficiently powerful scooter that can run at 25mph, they are not recommended.

#5. Off-Road Helmets

Off-road helmets are designed mainly for off roads or dirt roads. These helmets have air vents that will keep the head of the rider cool. A rider can wear it for a long journey. These helmets have a visor, but the visor does not entirely cover the face of the rider. So, a rider exposes to rain, wind, and noise. So, it is less comfortable as compared to full-face helmets.

#6. Dual Sports Helmets

These dual sports helmets are entirely safe for a rider. They have an excellent visor that completely covers the face. Again you can raise it, and a rider can ride a scooter by wearing goggles. The visor’s design is aerodynamic, so it does not allow the wind to creep inside the helmet. These helmets are just a mix of an off-road and full-face helmet.

Buying a Scooter Helmet

Whenever you buy a scooter, you search around here and there where to buy a scooter helmet. Well, this question is obvious. But there are numerous options where you can buy a scooter helmet.

You may choose online as well as offline stores to buy a helmet.

There are several websites where you can buy a scooter helmet. You may choose to buy from, The Drive, or original Vespa helmets directly from Vespa. Several helmets are available on these websites. You will get various brands with varying colors under one roof. Even these websites give lucrative discounts from time to time.

Buying a Scooter Helmet
Half Shell Helmet

But in online stores, you cannot physically see the helmets whenever you choose to purchase online. It’s a hard nut to crack to select a helmet that will completely fit your head. You need to measure the circumference of your head with tape and according to purchase it from the online stores.

Whereas when you prefer to buy offline, there are plenty of retail chains where you can purchase a helmet like Walmart, Target, Home depot. Even you can go to various shops and try a helmet before purchasing.

If you are looking for a special helmet store, then I would suggest Dicks sporting goods. You can even buy online with them.

Wrap Up

Where can I buy a scooter helmet? Well, there are numerous offline and online stores where you can buy a scooter helmet. Wherever you may buy it, you should always wear a helmet for safety purposes. It is a life-saving accessory.

Written by Lee Hill

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