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What Is the Fastest Razor Electric Scooter?

Have you ever wondered how fast a Razor electric scooter can go? Well, the fastest Razor electric scooter has the highest speed about 18 miles per hour. 18mph is not that high of a speed than several other electric scooters available in the market with rates as high as 50mph. But considering the price point and lightweight design, Razor’s EcoSmart Metro Electric Scooter and E Prime III

Electric Razor Scooters are the fastest out there.

Fastest Razor Electric Scooter

Suppose you love the thrill which comes with riding a fast electric scooter. In that case, Razor’s EcoSmart Metro Electric Scooter and E Prime III Electric Razor Scooter are the most closed razor electric scooters perfect for you. The lightweight design offers ease of carrying around, and at a price of less than 400$, the E Prime III is the best option for a smooth ride. The sleek design, comfortable seat, and luggage rack are what make EcoSmart Metro the best for roaming around your neighborhood.

With the trend of sharing electric scooters via several platforms, people’s numbers using electric scooters have increased substantially. Apart from renting an electric scooter for your commute, you always have the option to buy it. The Razor electric scooters lead the electric scooters market with several high quality and pocket-friendly electric scooter models.

In 2000, nearly two decades ago, the company launched the first razor scooter. Within six months of its launch, Razor sold over five million units. The company launched its very first electric scooter in 2003. More than 13 million e scooters have been sold to this date, with numbers increasing each day. Along with selling electric scooters for personal use, Razor also provides a platform for sharing electric scooters through its app Razor share. Razor share offers riders several choices of electric scooters to choose from.

The Fastest Razor Electric Scooter – EcoSmart Metro Electric Scooter

With a maximum speed of 18mph, the EcoSmart Metro is one of Razor’s fastest electric scooters. With its padded seat, high speed, and price of 469.99$, it is a perfect blend of comfort and speed.

The fastest razor electric scooter comes with a 500-watt high torque and chain-driven motor providing a maximum speed of 18mph. The three-12 volts (total 36V) sealed lead acid rechargeable batteries are highly efficient. A single charge of the batteries can take you up to 12 miles. The continuous use of electric scooter gives a run time of 40 minutes. The battery charger comes along with the scooter.

The twist-grip throttle and hand-operated rear brake make controlling the fastest razor electric scooter easy. The Ecosmart has spoked wheels with standard bicycle sized 16″ pneumatic tires. It helps in a smooth and stable ride on uneven terrain. Its rear-wheel-drive shifts the weight to the back, which enhances traction. It also offers ease of steering the electric scooter.

The frame of the Ecosmart is made up of steel, providing a sturdy built. The handgrips are made of rubber and are soft on the hands. The electric scooter has a padded seat and a bamboo deck wide enough to accommodate both feet adequately. These help in a comfortable ride.

The razor electric scooter fastest model comes with a retractable kickstand, making it easy to park independently. The detachable luggage rack and basket can hold up to 10 pounds of weight. It offers ease of carrying your backpack or groceries.

The fastest electric razor scooter weighs 65.12lbs. It supports a rider’s weight up to 220lbs. It is suitable for riders of age 16 and above. The low cost and high quality make it a perfect choice in the fastest razor electric scooter category.

The Fastest Razor Electric Scooter – E Prime III Electric Razor Scooter

The E Prime III is one of the best-selling electric scooters of Razor. With its 24.2lbs weight and 18 miles per hour speed, it is the fastest lightweight electric scooter offered by Razor. The foldable design, along with its lightweight, makes it easy to hand carry while using public transport or to your apartment.

This fastest electric scooter Razor comes with a 250-watt high-torque, a brushless, rear-wheel hub-driven motor that offers the highest speed of 18mph. Continuous use provides a run time of 50 minutes. Its 36 volts (three-12V) rechargeable lithium-ion batteries can take you up to 15 miles on a single charge. An LED displays a five-level battery indicator.

The throttle is thumb activated for easy use. Riders can use it for paddle control and varying speed.

The brakes of E Prime are electronic and thumb-activated. The brakes are paddle and rear fender controlled. The pneumatic 8″ front tire provides shock absorption on rough terrain for a smoother ride. The rear-wheel-drive offers traction and easy steering by shifting the weight to the rear of the electric scooter.

E Prime’s deck is broad enough, with a length of 16.5″ and a width of 5.5″ with full-deck grip tape for providing better stability. Its rubber hand grips have a prism design and are soft on the hands. The steel fork and aluminum frame offer a 24.2lbs electric scooter. Its aluminum downtube makes it easy to fold. The foldable and lightweight design allows you to carry your electric bike on public transport or inside your home.

It features an LED headlight, brake light, and reflective decals, which are not common in a Razor electric scooter. The security lock point provided in the front allows for better security of your electric scooter. The electric scooter can be easily locked using a bicycle lock or a chain during shopping or dining. It comes with a retractable kickstand.

An essential feature of the fastest razor electric scooter E Prime III can be a regular non-electric scooter. In case of a battery discharge, you won’t get stuck somewhere. In case of no electric power, the electric scooter can function as a kick-scooter.

The Razor fastest electric scooter can support a rider’s weight up to 220lbs. It is suitable for riders of age 18 and above. With this many features, the fastest razor electric scooter comes under 400$. The low cost and high quality make it a perfect choice in the fastest razor electric scooter category.


If you enjoy speed, you can try your hand on any of these Razor electric scooters. They are fast. They are safe and, most importantly, rich in features. So, next time when you plan to boast your riding skills, select a Razor scooter with good speed and stylish features.

Written by Lee Hill

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