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What Is the Fastest Electric Scooter?

Although electric scooters are not meant for fast transportation, some can still run at 48mph.

In some states in America, riding e-scooters is permissible. However, local governments have set some regulations to ensure riders, pedestrians & other drivers.

A street-legal electric scooter has a maximum power rating of 500W. The law insists that speed should not exceed 15.5 mph.

Let’s look at some of the fastest electric scooters and see what makes them so fast.

Top-rated Fast Electric Scooters

Dualtron Thunder – 50 mph

Dualtron Thunder comes backed by a powerful motor and battery system. It has an exceptionally top-speed of 50 miles per hour & a 75 miles-range. It consists of two brushless DC electric dual hub motors that produce less noise, high torque. The frame and handle consist of durable & premium aluminum alloy, and the shaft is steel.

Razor Ecosmart Metro

Razor Ecosmart Metro has large wheels and a crisp white frame. It features a removable luggage carrier and basket, so you can modify its look & give a more sleek design. This electric scooter weighs 67 pounds & has a maximum capacity of 220 lbs. It comes with large 16-inch tires that deliver unparalleled comfort.

Kaabo Wolf Warrior 11 – 50 mph

This high-speed electric bike delivers the ultimate on or off-road experience. Thanks to its rear spring-brake & high-grade shock-absorbers, you can ride it on any surface. The two 40A regulators paired with two robust brushless 1200 W motors deliver a maximum output of 5400W. Kaabo Wolf Warrior 11 moves up to 30% incline with ease.

Levy electric scooter

Levy Electric Scooter comes with air-filled tubeless tires that deliver a smooth ride than anything else. This electric scooter highlights a cruise-control feature that lets it maintain a consistent speed. The majority of the scooters have batteries built into the deck. However, this electric scooter has a battery inside the downtube.

Razor E200

Razor E200 is perfect for teens & school-goers. The maximum speed of this scooter can go up to 12 miles per hour. It is lightweight, portable & has a foldable design.

The handlebars are not stiff & incorporate brakes.

Razor E200 offers a fantastic, smooth & safe riding experience at an affordable price.

Nanobot LS7 Electric Scooter

With a maximum velocity of 52 mph, the NANOROBOT LS7 is one of the fastest electric scooters available today. This electric motor comes with twin 1800W engines in both the wheels. It has a dual electric braking mechanism (EBS) & a hydraulic disk braking system that slows down the bike in case of an emergency. The optionally-powered ABS System, coupled with hydraulic brake, offers accurate & safe braking power.

Batteries Used In Electric Scooters That Helps Increase Speed

1. Nickel Metal Hydride Battery (NiMH)

They are lighter than sealed lead-acid batteries and are more advanced. The NiMH batteries are expensive.

The majority of the sophisticated e-scooters run on Nickel Metal Hydride Batteries. They are about 30% lighter than SLA batteries and last more than a typical sealed lead corrosive battery.

2. Fixed Lead Acid Battery (SLA)

SLA batteries are the standard type of battery used to run trucks. Since they produce a high current needed for starting a motor, they got used in primitive e-scooters. Thanks to their sheer power, Sealed Lead Acid batteries are the most commonly used batteries in electric scooters & bikes.

Factors Affecting The Maximum Speed Of The E-scooter

One question that’s often asked by the buyers is that “What is the fastest electric mobility scooter?”“. Well, multiple factors impact the maximum velocity of the e-scooters. These are as follows:

The rider’s weight

Most manufacturers specify the weight limit that a bike can handle. The heavier the rider, the more time it takes for the e-scooter to reach the maximum speed. Consider buying a scooter with a weight capacity well above your own so that you do not have to stress over expanding its speed potential.

Battery Power

Try not to get your battery down to empty, as it is better for the longevity of the e-scooter. If you ride your e-scooter daily, It is recommendable to charge it overnight. It will make the scooter charge for the next day.


Taller tires speed up the e-scooter & increase the ground clearance of the vehicle. Such scooters are easy to ride on potholes, curves & off-road terrain. Tire width will affect the bike’s capacity to grasp the street as wide tires offer more traction.

The surface type

If you spend a substantial amount of time riding your e-scooter through city roads, terrains shouldn’t affect its speed.

But, it would be best if you didn’t ride an e-scooter on dirt tracks, as it will sink further into the ground. The bumpers will also slow down the speed. The electric motor will work hard to reach high speeds on such surfaces.

What Are The Benefits Of Electric Scooters?


Electric bikes are portable & offer a convenient mode of commute. Electric bikes are lightweight and are foldable. Pull it along, much like you would fold a little suitcase. It means that you can take it wherever you go. When the time comes, unfurl it, and you’re on your way.

Eco-friendly mode of transport

High-speed electric scooters are eco-friendly. Our quest for environmental-friendly modes of transport and reduced pollution is witnessing improvements, with e-scooters being the frontrunners until now. They consume minimum power and do not produce emissions.


Compared to other personal modes of transport like cycling, roller skating, or hoverboards, e-scooters offer safer options. Unlike hoverboards, you have prompt access to the brakes, which hoverboards need. Electric-scooters are fun to ride & fast enough to be useful. They offer multiple control options & make you feel safe while riding.


What is the fastest electric mobility scooter?

The EWheels EW 36-3 is the fastest electric mobility scooter available in the market. It comes backed by a 500-W brushless motor & 48W Lead-acid battery & has a top speed of 18 mph. The EW 363 covers an extensive range of 43 miles per single charge. It pays equal attention to the rider’s comfort & includes a deluxe seat with soft padding. The EW 363 has a rear gasket that measures 11 by eight by 9 inches & an extra compartment under the seat, keeping your valuables secured. It not just enables you to travel fast but also ensures safety.

What is the fastest Razor electric scooter?

The E Prime Metro E-scooter does not require gasoline, making it eco-friendly. It has a bamboo deck with a steel frame, which keeps it new even after years of use.

The rear brakes ensure powerful stopping & control over this powerful scooter. The rear-wheel-drive provides increased traction when controlled.

This eco-friendly electric scooter incorporates a replaceable bike seat that is height-adjustable & offers a personalized fit. It has a maximum velocity of up to 18 mph and can retain charge for about 40 minutes.

Final Thoughts

Whether heading off to the office or traveling to the rail station, E-scooters are fun & simple to get around the town. The recent high-speed e-scooters travel long distances. They come with features like Bluetooth applications, headlights, solid construction, and much more.

Certain factors like the weight of the rider, the terrain type & tire affect the top-speed e-scooters. It’s recommendable to consider all these factors before committing to a speedy electric scooter.

Written by Lee Hill

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