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Top 3 Electric Trikes for Seniors

Do your parents or grandparents face difficulties in maintaining their balance? BPPV is one of the major balancing issues seniors face, and this problem is more common among type-2 diabetes patients than type-1 patients.

People with this disorder face problem maintaining their balance while walking or riding. To solve this issue, you can use an electric trike to travel. This type of electric bike has three tires and requires no effort to maintain its balance.

3 Wheel Trikes for Seniors

Check these top 3 electric trikes for seniors that will help you make a decision.

Top 3 Electric Trikes for Seniors Reviews

Viribus 3 Wheel Electric Trike

The Viribus trike is among the best electric trikes for seniors as it has a superior carbon steel frame, chassis, and suspension. Due to this carbon steel frame, this electric trike is suitable for regular usage. You get a highly durable trike that can sustain a high degree of wear and tear.

Features And Benefits

  • Ergonomic: This electric trike has a decent 250 watt motor for providing peak power. The top speed of this electric trike is 15.5 miles per hour. Moreover, this trike also has a 36- volts lithium-ion battery pack, and this battery pack allows this trike to cover a distance of 20 miles per charge.
  • Comfortable: The handles on this electric trike are laid back deliberately so that you get a touring riding gait. The adjustable seat on this trike makes this electric trike accessible to a majority of people. You will not strain your muscles by sitting on this trike. Its seat is thoroughly cushioned.
  • Versatile: There is an additional grocery or shopping basket attached at the front of this trike. You can use this basket for storing necessary items while you are riding or shopping on the trike. You can ride this trike for a long period as it has functional rubber wheels.
  • Folding: Folding electric trikes for seniors is very convenient as they have to spend less time and effort on these trikes while storing or parking them. The folding feature also plays a major role while assembling the vehicle.

Why should you buy it?

You should buy this electric trike for seniors as it has a self-balancing design. This self-balancing design is beneficial for people that have physical limitations. As this trike has three tires, you can balance and ride this trike easily. The front and rear braking systems on this trike also help you have a safe riding experience.

Ewheels Electric 3 Wheel Trike

The Ewheels trike is a 100% electrically powered electric trike for seniors. Seniors and the elderly find riding an electric trike easier than an electric bicycle as it is easier to maintain balance on a trike. Most of these trikes also have a self-balancing design that helps in improving the stability of these bikes.

Features And Benefits

  • Functional: The top speed of this trike is 15 miles per hour. This speed limit is fast enough to cruise around urban areas and cities. Many seniors prefer to use these trikes regularly to complete their daily chores.
  • Mileage: You get good mileage on this electric trike. This trike can cover 20-25 miles of distance on a single charge. The oversized and cushioned seat on this bike is suitable for the elderly as it also has a backrest. This backrest removes strain and fatigue from the back muscles.
  • Safe: You can drive this trike in dark places as well as at night as it has a powerful headlight and an incredibly loud honk. You can see to a great extent with the help of this LED light even if you have weak eyesight.
  • Storage: This electric trike for seniors has a small front storage basket and a large rear storage area for storing important shopping and grocery items. The elderly can also use these baskets to transport and lift heavy objects that they might not be able to lift otherwise.

Why should you buy it?

You should buy this electric trike for seniors as it has a low step-thru design. This unique feature is installed for the elderly as they often have difficulties climbing on and off the trikes and other vehicles. The low step-thru design curbs this problem.

Addmotor Electric Trikes

The Addmotor electric trike is a heavy-duty electric bike with three tires. This electric bike has three tires so that it is convenient and safe for the elderly. Seniors who have balancing and stability issues should purchase this electric trike for seniors.

Features And Benefits

  • Powerful: This trike has a 750 watt powerful and strong motor. This powerful motor makes this trike capable of moving at a fast speed. The Panasonic removable battery on this trike is also pretty Convenient to charge. You can simply detach this battery and charge it at your home or office.
  • Long Frame: This electric trike for seniors also boasts an extra-long frame. This long frame enhances the stability and balance of your ride. People who are tall or have longer limbs are also capable of handling and controlling the bike better.
  • Ergonomic: People who suffer from back-related issues or problems can also drive this trike regularly. This trike has an extended backrest with soft and plush cushioning. You can relax your back muscles while you ride this trike.
  • Display: The smart display on this trike has bigger and brighter font so that the elderly can see and read the things displayed on the screen. This screen mainly displays statistics like the speed, charge, distance, and so on.

Why should you buy it?

You should buy this electric trike as it has a tough and heavy-duty frame. The heavy-duty frame on this electric bike is capable of lifting a maximum load of 350 pounds. On top of this, this bike is also suitable for tall people who fall within the height range of five feet six inches to six feet six inches.

Buyers Guide Top 3 Electric Trikes For Seniors


The top 3 electric trikes for seniors must be stable and well-balanced. Although a three-tire bicycle is more stable than a two-tire bike, they are not completely fall-proof or safe. People can fall and injure themselves while riding an electric trike as they take sharp twists and turns.

Many electric trikes that are now available in the market have a self-balancing feature to curb this problem. This feature uses weight management and balancing, and if your electric trike is built with balanced weight, you are less likely to topple and fall even when moving at a fast speed.


Electric trikes for seniors should also be functional. An electric trike’s main purpose is to allow a person to travel faster and conveniently to their destination. You should always choose an electric trike that has a powerful motor and a high-capacity battery package.

Typically, electric trikes for seniors have motors with power output ranging from 250- 500 watts. You can reach or obtain a top speed between 15-20 miles per hour using such type of electric motor.

Electric Trikes for Seniors


Many people also have safety concerns when they choose an electric trike for their elderly. Bikes that have additional features and offer unique benefits to ensure the rider’s safety are very popular among people. There are a lot of these trikes that include a safety belt and an oversized seat.

Seniors feel at ease and high comfort level while sitting in such a seat. Sitting on a thick cushioned seat does not strain or fatigue the body muscles. Fatigue and weakening bones or muscles are very common problems that the elderly face and tackle regularly.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Are electric bikes safe for seniors?

Yes, electric trikes for seniors are much safer than electric bikes. Electric trikes have an extra wheel that improves the stability and balance of your ride. While driving an electric bike, the user has to focus on maintaining their balance and driving it.

In a case of an electric trike, the driver can be carefree about the balancing issues. To further help the elderly for having a safer ride, many electric trikes also have a self-balancing design. Due to this unique design, these trikes cannot topple.

Q: How fast are electric trikes?

On average, an electric trike’s speed ranges from anywhere between 15-25 miles per hour. The speed limit of these trikes is ideal for the elderly as they may face some difficulties controlling vehicles moving at a very fast speed.

Although the speed of your electric trike also depends upon the power output of your battery and battery. Higher capacity on the battery improves your mileage and reduces the charging time, whereas a higher power motor improves your top speed.

Q: Why is an electric trike better for seniors?

Electric trikes are a better option for traveling for the seniors as these bikes are simply more stable.

You require no balancing skill or ability to drive an electric trike as they have three tires that automatically maintain the bike’s balance.

To drive an electric bike, you need to have some balancing skills, people that lack this ability often fall and injure themselves while riding a bicycle.

Written by Lee Hill

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