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Razor Trikke E2 Electric Scooter

Razor Trikke E2 Electric Scooter

If you know the world of electric scooters, the brand Razor needs no introduction. Razor has been putting electric scooters on the market for the past 21 years and manufactures some of the best electric scooters ever made.

It offers its riders many options of electric scooters at affordable prices. For the past two decades, they have always innovated and brought the best features to their electric scooters.

Over time they have expanded their selection and now produce high-powered electric scooters to suit any commuter. When I was looking through their recent products, I came across the Razor Trikke E2 electric scooter, which is suitable for children and teenagers (age 8+).

In this article, you will get to know everything about the Razor Trikke E2 electric scooter and its best features. At the end of this article, I have also provided you with an alternative to this electric scooter.


  • It has a special cambering platform for unique turning enabled by leaning side to side.
  • It is easy to assemble this scooter.
  • Strongly built frame for added stability.


  • Not suitable for heavy rains.
  • It cannot be ridden on grass.

Things to Consider Before Buying a Razor Trikke E2 Electric Scooter


A long-lasting and easily rechargeable battery is always the best pick. To have an uninterrupted ride, a battery with high voltage is better. So, before buying a scooter, be clear on how many miles you intend to cover with it every day.

Based on that, you can pick a scooter that will suit your needs. For example, to cover 20 – 30 miles, a 50 V battery is more than enough. Once you decide the range you need, you can easily decide on the type of battery you require.

If you are looking for a cost-effective option, pick a lead-acid battery, and if fast charging is your preference, choose a lithium-ion battery.

Speed and Brakes

Easy control systems with accessible buttons make it comfortable and provide a smooth ride. When you choose the scooter, always view the weight capacity.

As the scooter’s speed depends on the rider’s weight, pick one with a weight capacity that will allow you to reach the speed you require.

Along with this, an efficient brake system is vital to alter and maintain speed. Though most scooters have hand brakes, disc brakes are a significant safety necessity for your scooter.


The terrain on which you ride may affect the build of the scooter you require. The most prominent scooter frames are steel and aluminum. Steel is always preferable over aluminum as it is strong and reliable because of its strength and durability.

Razor Trikke E2 Electric Scooter Review

Features and Benefits of Razor Trikke E2


You need to assemble the scooter, which is very easy. The frame of the scooter is made of steel, which can absorb a lot of blows. The scooter has a push start system, which means that the scooter has to be pushed forward by kicking one foot along the ground, and then the motor will start.

Once you get on the scooter, it is easy to maintain your speed as it is automated. The scooter has a unique cambering platform (two arched surfaces on the scooter), enabling the user to move while still on the scooter and turn using this unique feature. This is a non-seated scooter.


The maximum speed that a rider can attain on this scooter is 9 mph, which is safe for kids and young adults. But it can vary if the person riding exceeds the weight capacity. The scooter’s weight capacity is only 120 lb, sufficient for most teens but probably not for adults.

The twist-grip throttle of the scooter makes it easy to accelerate. Riders can also increase the scooter’s speed by leaning with the help of the cambering platform.


The scooter has a front braking system. The hand brake on the left side of the scooter is easily reachable and accessible with limited effort, even by kids.


This Razor Trikke E2 scooter has three 6-inch polyurethane wheels. These wheels are free of noise and provide a cushion between the road and the scooter, serving as excellent shock absorbers.

The wheels are durable as they don’t rust easily and are resistant to any environmental damage. As a result, they are capable of carrying heavy loads and stay stable on the road.


Two rechargeable 12 V batteries come with the scooter. Once the batteries are charged, the rider can drive for 40 minutes and up to 6 miles. Charging the scooter is simple, as you simply turn it off and plug it into the charger.

Razor Trikke E2 Electric Scooter Alternatives

Alternatives to the Razor Trikke E2 Electric Scooter

Trikke Pon-e 48v WD Electric Scooter

If you are looking for an alternative to the Razor Trikke E2 that retains the cool design while being suitable for adults rather than kids, the Trikke Pon-e 48v 2WD electric scooter is a great alternative.

It comes with an aluminum frame, unlike the Razor Trikke scooter, which is made of steel. The aluminum frame makes the scooter lightweight, but it is not as strong as steel. This scooter also comes with a cambering system and stands on three wheels like the Razor Trikke scooter.

The high-power 600 W motor of the Trikke Pon-e 48v WD electric scooter gives you a top speed of 20 mph. Once charged for five hours, the lithium-ion battery will help you cover a distance of 20 miles.

The scooter has an LCD with a 10-level speed limiter that allows you to limit the speed, making this scooter the safest option for a person older than 13 years or weighing 250 lb.

So if you are older than 13 and speed is what you need, then go for Trikke Pon-e 48v electric scooter. Otherwise, the Razor Trikke E2 electric scooter is a great option.


The Razor Trikke E2 electric scooter is the best pick for those who are eight and older. Those who weigh up to 120 lb can easily ride this scooter without experiencing a loss in speed.

If you are a new learner, the cambering feature will help you learn the scooter quickly. This scooter is the result of an innovative idea and will help the rider steer better.

The scooter design allows the rider to take easy turns making the Razor Trikke E2 electric scooter one of the best choices for anyone 8 and up. Do tell us if you buy one, and have a fun ride!

Written by Lee Hill

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