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Nanrobot LS7 Electric Scooter

nanrobot Ls7 Electric Scooter

Do you have a need for speed? People often think that you can’t reach high speeds with an electric scooter, but this couldn’t be further from the truth. Several brands produce high-end electric scooters capable of reaching great speeds.

Nanrobot is one such brand. It produces electric scooters in different price ranges, but the Nanrobot LS7 electric scooter is among the very best high-end electric scooters and an absolute beast when it comes to speed.

Advertised as “the fastest non-racing electric scooter,” this scooter can reach a top speed of 52 mph, which is a blessing for people who like a thrill while driving. The dual motors with 3600 W of total power output with 60 V 25 Ah/35 Ah batteries give it a range of over 60 miles when fully charged. 

I will be jumping into the Nanrobot LS7 electric scooter’s unique features and benefits shortly, but first, let’s take a look at some of its pros and cons.


  • 52 mph top speed on straight roads to let you enjoy the thrill of driving.
  • Dual motors to provide a total power output of 3600 W.
  • Multiple shock absorbers with a rubber suspension system for stability on uneven terrain.
  • A range of over 60 miles when used on straight roads at a constant speed.
  • 11-inch pneumatic tires designed for smooth riding on any off-road terrain and giving you the ability to climb up 65° slopes. 


  • The design is not too portable.

Technical Specifications

  • Range: 62 Miles (35Ah LG battery), 37 Miles (25Ah)
  • Motor: 1800*2 = 3600 W
  • Top Speed: 52 mph 
  • Dimensions: 53.1 x 23.6 x 48 inches
  • Tires: Pneumatic tires
  • Wheel Diameter: 11 inches
  • Weight Capacity: 330 lb
  • Weight: 90 lb
  • Charger: Smart lithium battery charger 
  • Charging Time: 8 – 12 Hours
  • Hill Grade: 65°

Buyer’s Guide: Electric Scooters 

When it comes to high-end electric scooters that give you the power and thrill of any scooter running on gas, there are specific aspects you must consider. These beasts are built for short commutes as well as long rides, even on the roughest or steepest terrain.

Electric scooter close up

Here are some things that you have to remember while buying a high-quality electric scooter.

    • Weight Capacity: When buying a top electric scooter, you should be looking for a weight capacity of at least 260 lb, as you need it to be able to comfortably support your weight without affecting performance.
    • Battery Life and Power: Electric scooters at this range need to have powerful motors to maintain the scooter’s ability or give satisfactory results. You should expect at least a motor (or motors) with 3000 W of power output.
    • Tires: The hill grade and braking system are the responsibility of the scooter’s tires. Pneumatic tires are perfect for both off-road and on-road driving, while a scooter at this range should also have a hill grade of at least 20°. 
  • Top Speed and Range: For a powerful scooter, the top speed should reach at least 25 – 30 mph, while the range must be no less than 30 – 40 miles.

Features and Benefits: Nanrobot LS7 Electric Scooter


The Nanrobot LS7 electric scooter features a dual-motor mode that activates both the 1800 W brushless motors for a combined power output of 3600 W. If you combine the dual-motor mode with the turbo feature, the scooter reaches its highest speed for a thrilling experience that remains combined with complete safety.

Range And Speed

Gone are the days when electric scooters were made with tiny batteries that could only handle short commutes at low speeds. This e-scooter is no less than a racing scooter with a top speed that reaches an incredible 52 mph, providing an entertaining ride while also saving you time on commutes.

The scooter also has a range of 60 miles when used with a fully charged 60 V/35 Ah battery on a smooth road at a constant speed.

Braking System

You get Nutt hydraulic brakes on this scooter with the sensitivity you need to slow down even when riding at full speed. Of course, make sure to be a little cautious while slowing down so you don’t hit any unnecessary bumps. These brakes are also adjustable. 

It also comes equipped with an anti-lock braking system for emergency braking on slippery surfaces.

Hill Grade

This scooter has a hill grade of 65° that allows you to climb even the steepest terrain. You don’t have to shy away from taking your electric scooter on rough and hilly roads anymore.

Man riding an electric scooter

Weight Capacity 

The durable construction of the Nanrobot LS7 has a load-bearing capacity of 330 lb, so even the heaviest of customers can enjoy a ride on this scooter.

Smooth Riding Experience

The LS7 is full of exceptional features to make your ride as smooth as possible, including a bright game-like LCD to show battery percentage, ride time, current speed, etc. 

It comes with three riding gears, including a reverse gear and three headlights at the front.


#1 WePed GT Electric Scooter

The WePed GT comes equipped with dual hub BLDC motors with a power output of 3600 W, just like the Nanrobot LS7. It has a top speed of up to 45 mph (less than the LS7) and has a range of 64 miles, slightly more than LS7. The inclination it can handle is less, at only 27°.

It has a total weight capacity of up to 220 lb, weighs 77 lb, and has slightly better portability than the Nanrobot scooter. In addition, it features wide 10-inch tires. It’s a decent alternative to the Nanrobot LS7.

#2 Wolf Warrior Electric Scooter

The Wolf Warrior electric scooter offers enormous power with its 5400 W of power output. Moreover, it comes closest to the speed of Nanrobot with 50 mph of maximum speed. 

It provides a fantastic range of 93 miles and has a weight capacity of 330 lb like the LS7. The scooter has hydraulic brakes with dual suspensions on both front and rear wheels. It has a hill grade of 40°.

#3 Dualtron Ultra Electric Scooter

The Dualtron Ultra electric scooter has a power output of 5400 W with a maximum speed of 50 mph along with a range of up to 75 miles which is more than the LS7. It has 11-inch wide pneumatic tires like the LS7, and it weighs 11 lb.

The weight capacity is 265 lb and runs on a 60 V 32 Ah battery. Like the LS7, it also features hydraulic brakes but no ABS braking. Its hill grade is 25°.


  • Power: 9/10
  • Range: 10/10
  • Top Speed: 10/10
  • Tires: 10/10
  • Design: 9/10
  • Portability: 8/10
  • Overall Rating: 9.3/10

Couple riding on electric scooter


The Nanrobot LS7 electric scooter is among the best you can find in this price range, with a long travel distance and a top speed that can be matched by few other scooters. But most importantly, the incredible hill grade of 65° allows you to climb any slope you encounter.


Written by Lee Hill

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