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Jetson Electric Scooter

Jetson Electric Scooter

Electric scooters are an increasingly popular way to get around town. Each new generation of electric scooter offers improvements in power, battery life, run time, and cost-efficiency. There is no better time than now for you to invest in an electric scooter to help you commute around town.

So how do you identify the best electric scooter for your needs? There are so many options available that vary according to portability, performance, ease of use, and price! Choosing the ideal electric scooter for you is a tough job.

That’s why I’ve written this review of the Jetson electric scooter. I was introduced to this electric scooter by my family, and I was thoroughly impressed. I spent a significant amount of time learning about Jetson’s brand and products. In this article, I have reviewed some scooters out of their wide range of products, so let’s dive in!


  • Jetson gives a cutting-edge finish to each electric scooter.
  • Jetson uses outstanding quality material to construct the body of the electric scooter.
  • Has an easy folding technique that is convenient to use.
  • Durable parts can endure all types of surfaces.


  • The customer service should be improved.
  • Some of the models do not offer a stand, which can be an issue while parking.

#1 Jetson Knight Adult Electric Scooter

One of the finest products among the Jetson electric scooter range is the Knight adult electric scooter. Its sleek design and sophisticated matte finish will make you chic enough to impress the world.

It comes with two rechargeable premium lithium-ion batteries, which means you don’t have to worry about charge time. At the same time, you can ride for a long distance with these batteries. Each of the batteries serves up to 16 miles in just a single charge.

You can even get an update about your battery status, your current speed on your LCD. The best part? You can change your speed through various speed modes by using the display. The electric scooter also provides a turn-on headlight feature, making the entire night ride experience safer for the rider. This product’s easy fold and carry feature makes it convenient to take with you when traveling by car or on public transit.

This rear braking system makes sure to provide a smooth stop whenever the rider wants. It comes with a powerful 250 W motor which always provides a noiseless ride. The powerful motor allows the scooter to climbs surfaces with an incline of up to 15°, so let the motor do the work for you!

#2 Jetson Element Pro 

If you are ooking for a scooter with an eye-catching finish and impressive features that make the whole ride pleasurable, then this one’s for you. The feature that makes it different from the others is its compact size that can fit in the trunk of a car or be kept in the corner of your garage shelf. Its futuristic design makes the entire product lightweight at a reasonable price.

It also has a phone holder, which makes your navigation easier. Its electric brake and rear braking system assure the user of a safe ride. You can also add the RideJetson app to your smartphone for a better experience.

Its high-tech frame for rough and uneven roads avoids instability and gives a better grip on uneven surfaces so that you can have a smooth ride. Its 250 W motor gives a high top speed of 16 mph and allows you to travel up to 12 miles on just one charge.

When it comes to carrying the electric scooter, it’s simple: just fold and go, and unfold it later whenever you want!

The product can withstand up to 235 lb and can climb hills with inclines of up to 15°.

#3 Jetson Eris Folding Electric Scooter

Now, if you want something that fits your budget while still providing you with satisfying features, you are looking at the right product. The Jetson Eris folding electric scooter is a fun, portable electric scooter that you can easily use during your daily routine and carry around conveniently.

This is an excellent choice for first-time electric scooter owners, as it runs at a maximum speed of 14 mph and allows you to travel 12 miles on a single charge. It comes with 8.5-inch of wheels for better grip on uneven surfaces, and its robust 250 W motor does justice to the product.

The reason why it is so in demand is for two reasons. It has a lightweight design, which is portable and easy to carry. It also has an LCD display on the handlebars that shows current speed, battery life, and the distance traveled. If this doesn’t impress you, it also has a phone holder where you can check any information you want while on the go!

It has a headlight and a rear brake light which is better for your safety while you travel at night. It also has three drive modes: eco, normal, and sport. Just switch between the modes based on your requirements.

Buyer’s Guide


The main motive behind buying an electric scooter is because it provides you with an effortless and maneuverable ride, even on busy streets. Sometimes, you will ride on the pavement, so you have to make sure that you can easily control it.

two girls with electric scooter


If the scooter is not light enough, you can not carry it around easily if, by any chance, it runs out of charge. Brands like Jetson make sure it doesn’t happen to you by including features such as the Jetson Eris hook feature. Jetson also produces scooters with a lightweight body, which means you can carry them with ease.


The more consideration given to the braking system, the safer it is for you. An electric scooter with a front or rear braking system or electric braking system is the best option you should go for while buying an electric scooter.


An electric scooter with high motor power is always an excellent choice, as it creates less noise while you ride around. Jetson’s scooters provide high motor power, which results in no noise while you ride to your workplace or hang out with your friends.


There is no doubt that Jetson creates the finest electric scooters; their standard quality materials and innovative designs never fail to amaze us. The brand presents a wide range of products with the best value, so you don’t have to complicate your decision. We would love to hear your feedback about which one you are planning to take home!

Written by Lee Hill

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