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How to Replace a Scooter Battery and the Best Replacement

How to Replace a Scooter Battery and the Best Replacement

Are you facing a problem while replacing a scooter battery? If yes, you need not worry as we have the solution.

The battery of an electric scooter is the same as the fuel tank of your car. The longer distance you want to cover, the more fuel you will have to fill in your vehicle. The same is the case with batteries.

For better speed and mileage, you need to replace your old battery with a new one.

Are you aware that most kinds of electric scooters use Lithium-ion batteries as they are durable, long-lasting, and robust? If your scooter stops now and then and does not give you the speed you desire, it is time to change your scooter’s battery. Replacing the battery requires simple steps that you need to follow.

Read the article and learn the easy steps of replacing the battery of an electric scooter.

How To Change Electric Scooters Razor E300’s Battery

Replacing the battery of Razor E300 is simple and takes almost 15 minutes.

How to Replace a Scooter Battery

Few essential tools that you will require for electric scooter battery replacement are-

  • Basic screwdriver
  • 8 mm wrench
  • Allen wrench 4mm
  • Needle nose pliers

The first step of battery replacement is to turn off the power supply.

  • Step1: for removing the deck to uninstall the battery, you first need to take out all the screws. Unscrew the first pair of screws with the screwdriver. Remember to keep all the screws in the place where you take them out so that there is no confusion of which screw goes where. Now remove the Allen bolts with the 8mm Allen wrench. Remove the third pair of screws with the screwdriver and the last couple with both screwdriver and wrench.
  • Step 2: Remove the old batteries by removing the bar that holds the batteries in place. Remember, you will have to remove the cords that attach the batteries as well. For this, you need to flip the battery. Now unplugging the cables will be easy. There is a big plug that is easy to remove by pressing the clip. For two other pins that are low enough, you will need pliers to remove them. Reach the plugs and pull them straight back. As the batteries are connected, you need to take them right out.
  • Step 3: putting the batteries right together is the easiest part. When replacing the old batteries, try and buy a new razor battery. Now, put the batteries directly in and place the battery with the longer wire towards the scooter’s rear. Start plugging the cables together with the pliers. First, plug in the bottom wires and then plug in the topmost wire. One thing to make sure that the plastic cover of the plug must connect to the metal connectors as it reduces the chances of currents.
  • Step 4: Before reinstalling the deck again, make sure you reinstall the battery tie-down strap with the screwdriver. Finally, install the deck will all the screws in the same position as you had removed them.

Note: after you reinstall the battery, make sure that you charge the battery for 8 hours.

In four simple steps, you can replace the battery of the Razor e300 electric scooter. This process is nearly universal; it is how you will install replacement batteries of almost any scooter brand.

Different Types of Batteries Useful for Electric Scooters

Have you noticed that electric scooters generally have lithium-ion batteries? As it is durable and provides impressive energy density. Many electric scooters also contain lead-acid batteries. These types of batteries work on individual cells and electronics that help them to operate safely. Lead-acid batteries work on Battery Management Systems.

The larger the battery is, the more powerful it is, and it will help cover longer distances. But Another thing to keep in mind is, the larger the battery, the heavier your scooter will become. The battery on any scooter is the heart of the scooter.

Thus, while replacing the scooter battery, remember to buy a set of original batteries of the same brand installed in the scooter.

Batteries used in the e-scooters use energy that is popular as watts. The higher the energy capacity of the battery, the longer distance you can cover on your e-scooter.

For example- if you consider an average battery with energy or power of 250 watts, you will be able to cover a distance of ten to fifteen miles. Some of the e-scooter batteries use a capacity of 1000 watts and make your travel distance 60 miles.

Types of Batteries Famous for Electric Scooters

Best Replacement Scooter Battery

  • Lithium-ion battery: with an extraordinary density, the energy produced by these batteries makes your scooter powerful. It not only increases the life of the scooter but makes it durable too. When you compare this batter with the lead-acid battery, it has ten times more power than other batteries.
  • Lithium Manganese: One of the safest chemicals which is popular in e-scooter batteries is Lithium manganese. The manganese in the battery lowers the heat produced by the working of the battery. The use of lithium manganese results in giving high current output but at lower temperatures.
  • Lead-acid batteries: Earlier lead batteries were useful for cars and large vehicles. But, today, some scooter manufacturers also use these batteries. One of the well-known brands that use this battery is Razor. The best feature of this battery.

Few Electric Scooter Battery Replacement

  • ExpertPower 12v 9ah sealed lead acid battery: the battery is made of long-lasting ABS plastic and is perfect for Electric scooters, bikes, UPS systems, and more. It has a power of 12 volts, 9Amp. Further, it is chemical resistant and is suitable for type 2 terminals. It boasts high energy density and makes the battery long-lasting. The battery has a one-year warranty.
  • Verizon Fios upgraded VB1280: will charge 12 watts scooters with ease even if your scooter is old. It is a low-maintenance gear that is simple to install. With an upgraded wiring harness, it is simple to install. The only issue with this replacement battery is, it does not work with Razor e200 models.
  • Rechargeable YTZ7S pirate Battery: is one of the cost-effective gears for those who do not want to spend too much on battery replacement. It comes in excellent packing that prevents any wear and tear. With a voltage of 12 volts and power of 72 watts, it is a powerful battery that is budget-friendly also. The replacement battery has extra-durable terminals that do not crack with any kind of pressure. This replacement battery has an eighteen-month warranty and can withstand freezing temperatures. The only issue with this battery is it takes almost 14 hours to get charged.
  • Expert power EXP12180 lead acid replacement battery: the battery has 12 volts 18Amp power with a rugged design. This replacement battery uses a strong ABS plastic that makes it shock and heat-resistant. The battery uses Absorbed Glass Mat technology and can resist a wide range of temperatures.
  • MMG Lithium-ion battery replacement: it is a highly compact device that does not need much maintenance, at least for a year. Charge it fully and enjoy your ride. The replacement battery is eco-friendly, and you can recharge it almost 2000 times.
  • Seize 12v 9AH, rechargeable SLA Battery FP 1250: it comes pre-charged and works with tons of different options. You can use it as soon as you take it out of the box. Ideal for all Razor models and requires a high-peak-power rating. It also involves some soldering. This battery uses a Non-conductive ABS plastic that has strong shock resistance.
  • Power Star 12v 9AH rechargeable AGM battery: PS 12-9.0 battery has a voltage of 12 volts and a capacity of 9 Ah. With T2 terminals and long cycle life, the battery is ideal for e-bikes, scooters, UPS systems, and more. It is a maintenance-free and spill-proof battery that has a leakage-free design.
  • Powersonic PS- 1250: is one of the replacement batteries that works excellent with all the Razor brand models. It uses an F1 terminal and requires soldering. The battery has a long shelf life and uses the original connecting wires to connect the battery to the scooter.


A battery of an electric device is like a fuel tank. The larger the tank, the more fuel you can store and the farthest you can go. Most scooter brands come with pre-installed batteries, which will last up to four to five years.

Once the original batteries die out, one of the most important things is to select an original replacement battery from an authentic seller. Check the Watt-hour capacity, Voltage, and Ampere hour capacity that your scooter can support and buy a battery accordingly.

If you want to increase your scooter’s longevity, remember to store your scooter inside and keep it in a dry environment. Any adverse environmental condition can damage the battery for sure.

Written by Lee Hill

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