How to Choose a Bike Seat?

How to Choose a Bike Seat

“How to choose a bike seat” is the question that every bike rider must be well-aware of. One has to keep comfort at the top of the list while shopping for a saddle. There are various types of bike seats available in the market; hence finding the right one can be a daunting task.

We will help you solve all the complications related to bike seat shopping in this article. Whether you are searching for a custom motorcycle seat or you need answers for choosing a specialized bike seat. We have listed all your answers below.

#1. How Type Of Riding Impacts Bike Seat Shopping?

If you want to shop for a bike seat, then consider the riding you perform. There are different types of riding which we have listed below. If you are looking for How to choose a custom bike seat, then understand your riding style. Cycling Weekly helps you in finding customizable bike seating options.

Road Cycling

Suppose you love to speed your rides and provide some heat to roads. Shop for seats with minimum padding or cushion as they will help you in transferring power.

Bike Touring

Races don’t last long, but bike touring lasts for weeks. Therefore shop for bike seats that have a maximum cushion as it will provide comfort to sit bones. Generally, bike touring seats have a narrow nose with an ergonomic cushion.

Mountain Cycling

Do you love to spend time exploring lush forests and trekking high-peaks? Look for elegantly streamlined mountain saddles as they can match your comfort. Moreover, you will use various cycling positions while riding through bushes and rocks, so shopping for a specific seat will add comfort.

Recreational Cycling

Shop for recreational saddles with short noses if you love riding during winter evenings and weekends. The bike seats for recreational cycling have springs and heavy padding to support your sit bones.

Bike Commuting

Most bike riders love riding in the rain; therefore, it becomes essential to use durable seats. If you love bike touring and road cycling, then this option will suit your needs.

Different Types of Bike Seat Cushion

#2. Understanding Different Types of Cushioning

No Cushioning

Now, if you are searching how to choose a custom motorcycle bike seat? You will be surprised to see that no cushioning is the best option. Most of the riders love to ride bikes with no cushioning. Seats with no cushion have a leather or cotton saddle.

The advantage of a leather or cotton saddle is it adjusts with your sitting style with time. Some riders comment that no cushioning offers “custom fit.” There are also various advantages of not having a cushion under the seat. Cotton saddles are incredible, and they are preferable for hot and humid rides.

Gel Cushioning

If you are a recreational rider, then you would love to gel cushioning as it adjusts with your riding style. It also keeps your butt cool and provides optimal comfort. It is also rigid when compared to foam cushioning.

Foam Cushioning

Riders who love speed need something to withstand their pressure and keep their sit bones in the right condition. Foam cushioning is a perfect option for all road riders. One of the best advantages of foam seats is it attains its shape back in a few minutes.

#3. Features of a Perfect Bike Saddle

Shock-Absorbing Tendency

If you ride on rough terrain, then you know the importance of the point. Shock-absorbing seats can be flexible and save mountain riders from a lot of aching bums!

Non-Slip Nature

If you love riding in wet regions, then having a nonslip seat is handy. You can lock your position and prevent lower back injuries which can pain a lot.

Height of the seat

If you select a too-high saddle, you have to switch your weight to maintain balance. It can cause discomfort as it irritates the perineal area. Select the perfect seat to ensure that you don’t have to face discomfort while riding.

#4. Different Types Of Seat Rails

A bike rail or saddle rail is nothing but the junction where your seat fits on your bike. You can personalize the seat rails depending on your comfort. Here are some of the common materials used for bike trails.

Different Types Of Seat Rails


Steel is the first choice material for saddle rails, but most riders don’t select it because they feel too heavy. On the other hand, various normal bike seats have rails made from steel.


It is one of the most expensive materials, particularly for seat rails. With price comes shock-absorbing quality and is widely preferred by professional riders.


Similar to carbon, Titanium is for riders who love to keep their rails light. It falls under the very expensive category for bike saddle rails.


If you want something at a medium price range, then an alloy-like chrome is a perfect option. It is also lighter when compared with the likes of steel.

#5. Men’s Women’s Bike Seat

A 2018 research showcase that women who love cycling have higher chances of sustaining UTI infections (Urinary Tract Infections) when compared to men. There are various gender-specific seats available in the market.

The brands design the gender-specific seat by keeping the average in their mind. If you feel uncomfortable or have any infection reported, it is the right time to change your seat. You can shop for chairs at (RideShimano) as they offer a 30-day free replacement policy.

#6. How To Try A Bike Seat Before Shopping

Now that you are well aware of different types of saddle shopping techniques, it is the right time to try one. When you are selecting your bike seat, it is essential to imagine the riding scenario. You can do this by trying different cycling positions to check your comfort.

Wrap up

You might feel intimidated while shopping for the right bike saddle. But if you fancy your choices, then everything will seem simple and sorted. We hope you enjoyed reading about bike saddles, and you can share this article with your friends who are crazy about cycling.

Written by Lee Hill

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