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How To Build An Electric Bike?

Do you want to enjoy the features of an electric bike without spending a boatload of money on buying a new one? You can always build your own.

According to market research, the global electric bike market is expecting a cagr of 7.9%. It will reach 70 billion by 2027 from the current market size of 41.1 billion in 2020.

Several manufacturers are offering good quality electric bikes. But with the high cost of good quality electric bikes, people are leaning toward building an electric bike at a much lower price.

Yes, you heard it right! You can now build an electric bike at your home at your comfort with much less money than it takes to buy one. What is even better is that you can transform your regular bike into an electric bike.

There are two different ways of building an electric bike for a person having basic knowledge about bikes. So, to get the answer to your question “how to build an electric bike?” read further!

How to Build an Electric Bike With a Conversion Kit?

Using a conversion kit is the easiest way to build a sustainable electric bike. A conversion kit has all the essential components required in an electric bike. All you need to do is assemble all the parts as per the instruction manual. Building an electric bike with a conversion kit requires you to have some basic knowledge about bikes.

How To Build An Electric Bike with conversion kit

Materials required

A regular bike

  • If you don’t own a bike, you always have the option to buy a second-hand bike at a fair price. You can use any regular bike for building an electric bike, but having these few features would help.
  • The wheel size of 26″, 20″, or 16″ is preferable as these are the most common wheel sizes. A large size wheel helps in the acceleration of the bike quickly.
  • Any type of bike is preferable as long as it is strong to handle the extra weight and extra speed.
  • It would be best to have wide handlebars to place all the accessories and lights properly.
  • Good quality disc brake will make it easier to stop even at high speed.

A conversion kit

It is the essential material of the whole transformation process of your bike into an electric bike.

Most conversion kits have a wheel with a hub motor, throttle, and speed controller. While choosing a conversion kit, keep these few things in your mind.

  • Make sure the wheel size is the same as the bike you have. While a rear-mounted hub motor may provide more power, it isn’t easy to replace on your own. Make sure to choose a kit with a front wheel hub motor.
  • The batteries of an electric bike cost the most. Most conversion kits do not include a battery. But it would be best if you choose the battery from the same manufacturer as the conversion kit.


While choosing a battery for your electric bike, you should consider its voltage and capacity. Electric bike batteries come with a charger and are easy to install on a bike. For your electric bike to perform well, you would need at least a 36 or 48-volt battery. High voltage offers a powerful performance.

Building An Electric Bike

The capacity of your battery should be e10 ah for 20ah. The capacity of the battery determines the range up to which it will last on a single charge.

How to Build an Electric Bike: Instructions

Step 1: Replacing the Wheel

Replacing the wheel would be much easier if you have ever changed the flat tire. Remove the wheel using suitable tools. Release the air from the old tire and separate it from the wheel. Remove the tire and the inner tube and transfer them to the new wheel from the conversion kit.

By reversing the old wheel’s removal process, you can put the new wheel and connect it to the brake cable.

Step 2: Connecting Other Parts

Connecting components would be the trickiest part if you bought batteries and the conversion kit from two manufacturers. It would be best if you placed the throttle at the handlebars for easy reach.

Secure the speed controller to the bike frame with the bolts provided. If you have other accessories, make sure to connect them in this step.

The conversion kits come with a manual with instructions on how to assemble them. Follow the instructions while connecting each part. You would need to plug the connectors of the speed controller and the battery. Similarly, you would need to join the throttle to the battery by plugging the connectors.

Step 3: Mounting the Battery

Electric bike batteries can fit in the place of a water bottle holder. If you are using a different type of battery that is too large to fit on the frame, you can put it in a box and place it at the bike’s front or back.

Step 4: Secure Any Loose Wires

You don’t want to get tangled in the cables or wires while mounting or dismounting from your electric bike. Use zip ties to secure the cables and wires to the frame of the bike.

Step 5: Test Ride

Before taking your bike to ride in traffic, make sure to test it in a less populated area first. On your first ride, go easy on the throttle and start with low speed. Once you get comfortable in handling the bike, only then increase the speed. Electric bike batteries come with a charger. Plug into the nearest outlet whenever your bike batteries drain.

Build An Electric Bike

How to Build an Electric Bike from Cordless Drill?

Did you know you can transform your existing bike into an electric bike using a drill machine? Yes, you heard it right. While this may sound absurd, it is possible. It won’t be as effective as an electric bike in the long run, but it definitely will serve the purpose.

The electric bike built with a drill machine works by spinning the rear wheel by the chuck’s rotation.

Materials required

  • A bike
  • A cordless drill
  • Zip ties

How to Build an Electric Bike From Cordless Drill: Instructions

Step 1: Securing the Drill on to the Bike

Place the drill on the bike frame such that the chuck is always in contact with the rear tire. Secure the drill machine with several zip ties so that it stays in place while riding. Tie the drill as tightly as possible; better friction results in better speed of your bike.

Step 2: Removing the Rear Brake Cable

While it may sound tricky, it is not that difficult. Loosen the bolt that secures your brake cable to your rear wheels.

rear brake cable

Once the bolt is loose, remove the brake cable. You will be using your rear brake cable as a throttle to operate your bike in electric mode.

Step 3: Attaching the Brake Cable to the Drill Trigger

There is a metal part that tightens when you press the brake handle at the end of the cable. Zip tie the covered part of the brake cable around the drill to make sure it doesn’t move. Now, wrap the metal part around the trigger button of the drill machine. Zip tie it securely so that it stays put.

Make sure there is no pressure on the trigger while wrapping the brake cable. Only when you apply the hand brakes then should it press the trigger. This step is the trickiest part of this whole process, be careful while doing this.

Step 4: Test Before a Ride

Even though the setup is complete, there is one thing remaining to do. Tilt your bike to the side and activate the throttle. If the back wheel is rotating smoothly, then you are all set. Hop on your bike and ride. But in case there is any problem, go back to the setup process and see what you did wrong.

Frequently Asked Questions on How to Build an Electric Bike

Can I transform my regular bike into an electric bike?

With some knowledge of operating tools and bikes, you can transform your regular bike into an electric bike. With a conversion kit, you can add a motor and batteries to your bike to make it an electric bike.

How to build an electric bike at a low cost?

In case you already have a regular bike, then all you need is a conversion kit. It would cost somewhere around 200 to 500 dollars. If you do not have a bike, there is no need to waste money on a new one. You can always buy a second-hand bike at a much lower price. Building a drill operated electric bike would cost even less than $100

What power motor do I need for an electric bike?

For an electric bike to operate smoothly, you would need a motor of good quality. A low wattage motor would struggle while riding uphill or with a heavyweight rider. It would be best not to choose a motor less than 250 watts. A high motor capacity offers a better-performing electric bike.

How feasible is a drill-powered electric bike?

Transforming your regular bike into an electric bike with a drill is a low-cost process, but it is not very economical. With the low speed, it is suitable to ride only for a small distance. The batteries drain fast, and you would need a replacement every few days. It might work better if you used a high voltage drill machine as it would offer fast speed.

Written by Lee Hill

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