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How Much Is a Razor Electric Scooter?

Are you looking to buy an affordable razor electric scooter? Razor has various electric scooters with different specifications and prices that would not create a massive hole in your wallet. The starting price for these electric scooters is $140, and this price can go up to a maximum sum of $500.. Razor builds electric scooters accessible for everyone, whether you are a kid or an adult. You can ride these electric scooters easily, irrespective of your age, shape, and size.

The Best Razor Electric Scooters And Their Price

Razor E200 Electric Scooter

This scooter is a perfect combination of performance and durability, and its frame from high-quality alloy steel. The maximum load capacity for this electric scooter is 154 pounds. You can run this electric scooter continuously for about 40 minutes, making it suitable for short-distance traveling.

This electric scooter is suitable for riders that are 13 years old or over. This electric scooter’s top speed is 12 miles per hour, whereas its distance range is 8 miles. You also get a 200-watt chain drive motor with a 24 volts lead-acid battery. The price for the E200 electric scooter is $299.

Razor E100 Electric Scooter

This electric scooter by Razor is slightly less powerful than the previous models as it has a 100 watts chain drive motor and a 24 volts lead-acid battery. You can ride this scooter if you are eight years old or over and your weight is less than 120 pounds.

This electric scooter can also drive continuously for 40 minutes up to a range of 6.5 miles. This scooter’s maximum speed limit is 10 miles per hour, making it very safe for driving along the roadside or in the bicycle lanes. The wheels on this scooter are eight inches wide. This electric scooter would cost you about $169.

Razor E325 Electric Scooter

The Razor E325 electric scooter is more powerful and sturdy than the E200 and the E100 scooters.

You can ride this electric scooter if you are 13 years old or above. The maximum load capacity for this electric scooter is 220 pounds. You can get this scooter for $329.

This Razor scooter moves at a faster speed of 15 miles per hour because it has a 250 watt electric motor with a 12-volt lead-acid battery. You will be able to ride this scooter at its top speed continuously for about 40 minutes.

This model also has additional features that make this scooter stand out, such as softer handle grips, retractable kickstand, quick charging time, and a wider standing deck.

Types Of Razor Electric Scooters


This type of electric scooter has a flat deck, and this deck is attached to a T-shaped handle. Usually, the battery in this type of model is present underneath the deck of the electric scooter. You will have to ride these scooters in a standing position.

These electric scooters are very affordable, portable, and lightweight. People belonging to the younger demographic usually use these scooters. Riders require skill level to maintain balance on this scooter.


This type of electric scooter is similar to a stand-up scooter. Both these scooters have a flat deck. The seated and standing electric scooter’s main difference is that the seated electric scooters have an additional seat mounted on the deck.

There is enough room on the deck of these scooters for you to stand and sit—people who are old use this type of scooter regularly as these scooters have a seat.

Many models also have additional storage space or baskets that are useful for storing necessary items. People find these electric scooters handy for grocery shopping as well.

European Style

These electric scooters by Razor are pretty heavyweight and less portable. According to many people, they are the easiest to ride as well. The frame and overall design of this scooter are very stable. You will be able to perform your daily chores quite easily on these scooters. Many people also use these scooters for transporting heavy cargo or load over short distances. The downside of these European electric scooters is that they are not very portable and lightweight.

Benefits Of Razor Electric Scooters


Razor electric scooters are budget-friendly. You can get these scooters for around $150 for the starting and base models.

This price can go higher up to $500 for the electric scooters. Razor electric scooters are a good value for money, you get a high quality built and parts attached to your scooter.

You don’t have to pay any additional money for licensing or registration for an electric scooter, and these scooters are legal without needing such paperwork.

The electric scooter’s maintenance cost is also pretty less than the maintenance cost for a motor vehicle.

Environment Friendly

Riding an electric scooter instead of a motor scooter that runs on gas or petroleum is very good for the environment.

The vehicles running on fossil fuels, such as gas and petroleum, lead to huge amounts of carbon emissions.

Electric vehicles do not emit these harmful waste and gases in the air. You can maneuver through tight and compact spaces using these electric scooters because of the compact and lightweight design.


You also get a lot of additional features in a Razor electric scooter. Some of these exceptional features are high load capacity that allows people with different shapes and sizes to enjoy these scooters.

Razor also has diversity in their model designs, where these models have different specifications suitable for a different type of people. You can select the scooter with specifications that mostly appeals to you.

Final Verdict

Razor electric scooters are the best in class for affordability and functionality.

Many people prefer to use these scooters as they have a sturdy built. People can easily rely on the Razor brand as they always deliver value for money. Many people were skeptical about the high cost of electric scooters.

Razor then introduced high-quality electric scooters at affordable prices to people. Affordability is one of the foremost aspects that has increased the sales of electric scooters in America.

Written by Lee Hill

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