How Fast Do Electric Scooters Go?

How Fast Do Electric Scooters Go

Don’t you agree that today, time is money? Increasing traffic is making it difficult to reach from one place to another.

Today, one of the most comfortable and most environmentally-friendly modes of transport is an e-scooter. Are you one of those who wants an e-scooter that saves you time and provides the best speed? Buying an electric scooter which is the fastest, is the best you can do.

Buying the fastest electric scooter is excellent as it is small, compact, portable, and gives you top speed to reach anywhere on time.

Did you know Raine RE90 is one of the fastest scooters with a speed rate of 75 miles per hour? Surprising, isn’t it? The question that is haunting your mind about how fast do electric scooters go will be clear after reading the article?

Why Are Electric Scooters So Popular?

Earlier, people used to think it is just a kids toy that helps them have fun and adventurous rides with friends. But the reality is the adults prefer riding an electric scooter more than kids. It is lightweight, foldable, easy to use, requires low maintenance, and can be useful for anyone of any age.

According to a survey conducted by the National Association of city transport in the United States, an e-scooter is much more popular than an e-bike amongst adults and kids.

Factors That Help To Build-up Speed Of An Electric Scooter

Everyone mostly has a notion that the motor and battery influence an electric scooter’s speed. But the reality is many other factors make a scooter reach its maximum speed.
A few factors are:-

  • Weight of the rider.
  • Batteries power.
  • Tires size.
  • The terrain the rider is riding the scooter on.
  • Scooter with or without seat


If you have fully charge your scooter battery, it is possible to reach full speed while riding the scooter. If the battery is low, it will keep indicating that the scooter runs at a low rate.

Electric Scooters Battery

Therefore, if you regularly use the scooter, it is better to use the battery and let its power drain. Charging it overnight will help get a fully charged battery that will not affect the scooter’s speed.

Weight of the rider

The weight of the rider affects the speed. If the rider’s weight is more, the faster the battery will drain out as the battery uses more power to run the scooter. This fact is the reason why the description of any gear online clearly states the scooter’s weight capacity. Hence before buying, it is essential to look for scooters with the maximum weight capacity.

Tires size

The bigger the tire of the scooter, the easier it is to reach the top speed. Larger tires provide better traction and also influence the speed of the scooter. Bigger tires allow the rider to ride smoothly in bumpy and rough terrain. On the other hand, buying scooters with small tires will not help you to achieve top speeds.

Type of terrain

Smooth roads of the city will not affect the scooter’s speed and help to ride the scooter at high speed; when depending on rough terrain or a rocky road, it will affect the speed and the power of the scooter.

Size of the motor

The larger the motor, the better will be its speeds. On the contrary, the smaller the engine, the more power it will take to ride on rough terrain. The wattage of the motor also is one factor that influences the speed. The higher the watts, the better rate you can attain.

How Fast Do Electric Scooters Usually Go?

Generally, the top speed that an e-scooter achieves is fifty miles per hour. But not all electric scooters attain this speed. Each scooter is of a different brand, has a different motor and unique design; thus, all this together decides how fast e-scooters go?

Commute Electric Scooters

List Of Fastest Electric Scooters

Dualtron Thunder

It is one of the fastest and the most intense electric scooters with a dual motor capacity. Each motor has a power of 2700 watts of power. It also has a gigantic 1000 watts battery and weighs 95 pounds. It can again hit 50 miles per hour speed and will give you a ride that is full of excitement and thrill. Dualron is also one of the most expensive scooters. Therefore, if your pocket allows you and is looking for a high-speed scooter, this is the best.


Fluid free-ride Mantis has a speed of 40 miles per hour. The best thing about this scooter is, ride it anywhere, on any terrain, as it has great suspension. If driving on flat ground, you can hit a speed of 42 mph. It provides 2kilowatts of continuous power. The 1.5-kilowatt battery helps you go for long-distance riders with a single charge.

Raine One

The best cyber scooter will make you reinvent the way you commute with a speed of 31mph. It features safety, range, and speed. With 48 volts, 557 watts of battery capacity, and a high-power brushless hub motor of 750+ 250 watts. It has a regenerative braking system means that every time the user uses the brake, the battery is not in use. Thereby, this helps to save power. The company

Raine boasts of using the brightest LED headlights. It makes your commute safe at night and allows you to see and oncoming traffic to see you.


Though there are many fastest scooters available in the market, they can be dangerous too.

Therefore, it’s essential to consider the safety feature first, especially when buying it for kids. 10 miles per hour is the best for kids.

When buying it for an adult, you can choose an electric scooter wisely, according to its weight capacity. 30 35 mph also works great for adults. When on the road ride with responsibility, taking safety and comfort hand in hand. After reading this article, the question that comes to your mind that how fast an electric scooter can go will be solved.

Written by Lee Hill

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