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How Fast Do Electric Dirt Bikes Go?

Do you want to buy an electric dirt bike? Can electric bikes be pivotal in adding fun and excitement to your kids’ boring routine? Riding an electric dirt bike can be an enjoyable and exciting escape from your mundane routine. Especially if they are speed and adventure enthusiasts, they would love to ride the bike faster. Even the AMA has recognized electric bikes’ growth in America and has started to organize electric dirt bike races.

Electric Bikes and Electric Dirt Bikes – What’s the big difference?

Electric Bikes or e-bikes have the same handle as a regular bike, but they use an electric motor. The electric motor assists propulsion, due to which it is suitable to be ridden for long distances. Still, it becomes problematic when the terrains are irregular and sloppy.

On the other hand, Electric Dirt Bikes have an exclusive design specializing in rugged terrains and irregular roads. You can ride them on normal trails and pavements, but the real fun begins when used in loose dirt, mud, or gravel. These bikes are specially for hitting trails and going deep.

How Fast Do Electric Dirt Bikes Go?

An electric dirt bike’s average speed is somewhere between 12-20 miles per hour, although this speed limit is not true for all-electric dirt bikes. There are plenty of high-end electric dirt bikes that are capable of going at much higher speeds.

For instance, an electric bike with a 1000 watt motor can go up to 32 miles per hour. picking the type of bike depends upon you, whether you want a fast electric dirt bike or not

The fastest electric dirt bike in the world is the Zero FX, manufactured by Zero Motorcycles. It can reach speeds of up to 85mph. The Redshift MX by Alta Motors can reach speeds of nearly 70mph.

The KTM Freeride E-XC is another speed demon that runs at up to 60mph.

The Best Electric Dirt Bikes That Has Good Speed

Razor MX650

The razor MX 650 is a powerful and strong electric dirt bike. It has a 650-watt high torque motor.

This motor is capable of generating high off-road traction on power. Kids will feel the genuine power of a real dirt bike. You get 16 inches wide front and 14 inches wide rear wheels on this dirt bike for greater stability.

The top speed of this electric dirt bike is 17 miles per hour and is street legal. The frame of this bike very closely resonates with the frame of an authentic dirt bike.

With the front and rear suspensions on this bike, your kid will enjoy a pleasant riding experience. The suspensions remove the intensity of the heavy impacts. This bike is for kids that are 16 or older.

Razor MX350

The Razor Mx350 is a high performance and highly durable electric dirt bike for kids. It has a 350-watt powerful electric motor that can go up to a top speed of 14 miles per hour. Your kids can ride this bike continuously for 40 minutes on a dirt track.

The high torque motor in these electric dirt bikes generates consist level of power even when the battery is not full. It has 12 inches wide knobby tires for excellent traction on irregular terrain and landscape. It has a 140-pound weight limit and is ideal for children who are 13 years old.

Razor SX350

This electronic dirt bike has a 250-watt single drive motor, and this bike is suitable for children at the age of 13.

Your kids can ride this bike to a maximum speed of 14 miles per hour. Continuously this dirt bike runs for about 30 minutes as it has a 24-volt lead-acid battery. It also has a decent distance range of 7 miles. The maximum load capacity for this electric dirt bike is around 140 pounds.

The 12 inches wide pneumatic tires on this bike provide your kids with exceptional handling and control. The outer surface of these tires is knobby to maintain a firm grip on the irregular surfaces.

To simulate a real dirt bike experience, this bike has hand-controlled brakes.

Factors Affecting The Speed Of An Electric Bike

Various factors affect the speed of an electric dirt bike, and if you want to ride an electric dirt bike that is pretty fast, you must consider these factors.

Motor Power

The capacity or power of the motor’s output in an electric dirt bike is also very significant in deciding its speed. The most common range of output motors installed in most electric bikes lies between 250-750 watts. These bikes are only able to reach a top speed of 20 miles per hour. But you can go way higher than this speed by installing a high power 1000, 3000, or even 5000 watts motor in your electric dirt bike

Weight of the rider

The weight of the rider has a vital contribution in determining the speed of an electric dirt bike. If the weight exerted on the bike is more, the motor of the bike would demand more power from the battery to run. More power output from the battery would result in faster depletion, and you would not be able to ride the bike at its top speed. Similarly, additional cargo weight also reduces the speed of your electric dirt bike.

Tire Pressure

Maintaining a high air pressure in your electric dirt bike’s tires is a straightforward speed hack. High air pressure pumps your bike’s tires and allows them to roll over irregular terrain and surfaces smoothly. Whereas if your bike tire lacks the appropriate tire pressure, you will not be able to reach the top speed of your bike.

Low air pressure in tires also significantly increases the risk of a tire puncture.


The type of terrain also matters while determining the speed of your bike. You must have a powerful motor to move faster while climbing an inclined or steep terrain.

Your speed reduces while moving an incline upwards as you move against the gravitational force of the earth. This force acts as a resistance that reduces your speed.

What’s Great About Electric Dirt Bikes?

No Kickstart

Maybe it’s the time for the old ways to die. It’s time to bid farewell to the conventional kickstarting mechanism.


You can call these bikes the undisputed off-roaders of the world. These beasts are small packages but a powerhouse of agility.

Zero Noise

The best thing about electric dirt bikes is their quiet nature. Yes, you read it right!
Electric Dirt Bikes are noiseless. You can be carefree about making a racket as you rock your favorite dirt road.

High Torque

These bikes make instantaneous use of power and require less maintenance. For instance, if you are riding it in an unusual terrain, you will maximize the torque to overcome more intense obstacles. Also, in case the battery gets depleted, you can easily swap it with a fresh one.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are electric dirt bikes waterproof?

Electric Dirt Bikes have a unique design that is completely weather sealed. They require no air intake, which makes them capable of even going underwater if needed.

The users can ride them easily in the rain without any impact on the engine or electronics. From the electronic sensors to the wiring, every part of the bike can withstand rainy and muddy conditions.

Even if you leave the bike for some time in the rain, there will be no irreparable damage besides a little corrosion near the seat frames.

What is an electric pukka dirt bike?

Pukka is an old USA based company which essentially manufactures bikes.

The Pukka Electric Dirt Bike is one of its range of battery-powered, two-wheeled electric bikes designed to be comparatively smaller in size and capable of carrying a single passenger.

How fast do electric Pukka dirt bikes go?

Pukka dirt bikes have an exceptional weight-bearing capacity of about 220-225 pounds. It is powerful and moderately fast enough to get you up to 16 miles per hour of speed. You can easily ride these electric bikes in rugged terrains and challenging weather conditions.

Final Verdict

Electric Dirt Bikes are ideal bikes for people who have regular trips through unpaved roads and irregular terrains. Their subtle design makes them easy to use without causing disturbance to others. Also, they tend to provide excellent mileage so that one can easily use them for regular errands.

Written by Lee Hill

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