How Do Electric Scooter Throttles Work?

How Do Electric Scooter Throttles Work

Electric scooters have a throttle, gears, and brakes, just like gas-powered scooters. In the simplest terms, the throttle is what instructs your scooter to accelerate.

With a gas-powered bike or scooter, the throttle is nothing but a switch to an air valve that increases the amount of fuel burnt in the internal combustion engine, thereby increasing the vehicle’s power output. However, electric scooters do not work on gas. So how do electric scooter throttles work?

In this article, we will explore how the throttle on your electric scooter increases your vehicle’s acceleration.

What is a Throttle?

A throttle is a device in an electric scooter that controls the power supplied to the electric motor. You can easily locate the throttle in your electric scooter. A throttle is found near the handlebars. You need to use a throttle to start your electric scooter.

How do Electric Scooter Throttles Work?

You find various components that operate your electric scooter, like a battery, motor, speed controller, throttle, and other vital gear.

Whenever you press the throttle, it sends a signal to the controller through the cables. The controller instructs your electric scooter battery to release the power. The battery sends the power to the electric motor in a scooter. Finally, the motor propels your scooter forward.

You may have noticed that your electric scooter can never move backwards. It always moves forwards, and that is also because of the throttle. You can stop your scooter any time while riding by applying brakes.

Importance of an Electric Scooter Throttle

  • A throttle gives a boost to your electric scooter’s speed immediately.
  • Enables the rider to cruise at different speed levels
  • Enables the rider to travel on rough terrain or uphill. You will feel as if you are riding on a smooth surface even while the path is bumpy!
  • It saves you from unexpected accidents as you can set different speed levels.
  • The throttle saves the power of your electric scooter battery.

Importance of an Electric Scooter Throttle

Types of Throttle

All throttles are not the same. There are primarily three types of throttle: a finger throttle, a thumb throttle, and a twist throttle.

#1. Finger Throttle

You find finger throttles on advanced electric scooters. They are pretty easy to use. You just need to use one finger to squeeze the throttle down and move your electric scooter forward.


  • Easy to maintain maximum speed.
  • Easy to read the display of electric scooter in the sun.
  • Waterproof.
  • The rider can operate the throttle and brake without any straining.
  • Easy to use at any speed rate when traveling over bumps and uneven surfaces.


  • You need to tilt the display to properly use the throttle and brakes while riding.
  • Most likely to crack of all throttle types.
  • People with smaller hands may find it difficult to operate the throttle
  • The lever spring inside the throttle may wear out after some time.

#2. Thumb Throttle

With a thumb-type electric scooter throttle, you need to press your thumb down to move your scooter forward. You will find a display either attached to the thumb throttle or on the stem center of your scooter. These throttles are pretty difficult to replace in an electric scooter.


  • Easy access to brakes.
  • More durable and weatherproof than finger throttles.
  • The acceleration speed of a thumb throttle is good in comparison to a finger throttle.


  • The display gets washed out over time by the sun.
  • Bounces while moving on uneven roads.

#3. Twist Throttle

With a twist electric scooter throttle, you need to twist by using all your fingers to move the scooter forward.


  • Safe when traveling over bumps
  • People with hands of any size can easily use this throttle


  • Easy to forget about cruise control
  • Twist throttle doubles when you grip

How to Troubleshoot the Throttle in an Electric Scooter?

Sometimes your electric scooter will not accelerate, even though you have charged your battery at least 10%. If this is the case for you, then you need to inspect the throttle. For inspection, you need to follow just a few simple steps.

#1. Move Your Scooter to an Isolated Place

You need to move your electric scooter to an isolated place, but there should be a good power supply nearby to test the throttle of your electric scooter. Try to keep your electric scooter stable. You need to fully charge your battery before checking the throttle in an electric scooter.

How to Troubleshoot the Throttle in an Electric Scooter

#2. Check the Throttle

Now you need to test your throttle. In the throttle, you will find three color cables: red, black, and green. Whenever you push your throttle or twist it, the display. But if you cannot see the display, then there is a problem with the throttle. You need to check the connection of the cables between the controller and throttle.

To check the throttle properly, you need to switch off your electric scooter. Then you need to remove the fuse of your scooter. Try to lift the rear wheels of the scooter slightly from the ground when doing this.

Now you need to connect the multimeter and voltmeter with the cables in the throttle. If the voltmeter registers between 0 to 3 V, then your throttle is working correctly. But if the reading less than that value, then there is an issue with the throttle. After checking the throttle and replacing the fuse, the motor should turn. If it does not spin, then there is a problem either with the battery or with the throttle.

#3. Fix the issue

If there is a problem with the battery, then you need to replace it. For the throttle, if there is a loose connection between the controller and the throttle, you need to repair it by visiting the nearest electric scooter shop. If it needs to be replaced, invest in a good throttle. If your electric scooter is within the warranty period, you can directly call the company. They will replace the throttle without any cost.

Wrap Up

The throttle plays a vital role in an electric scooter. If you are riding an electric scooter, you should do your best to keep it in working condition and fix the throttle if there is an issue. I hope the throttle discussion above is helpful to you.

Don’t forget to give your suggestions for this article. I would love to read them.


Happy riding!

Written by Lee Hill

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