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Electric Tricycle Bikes – Ultimate Guide

We are living in the future! The advent of technology has transformed our lives like never before. Every aspect of our lives has improved dramatically.

An electric bike or e-bike is one of the best innovations in the world of transportation. Electric bikes have rechargeable batteries that let you have the fun experience of riding the bike without having to spend all your energy on pedaling.

Electric bikes have become quite popular in recent years. E-bikes are a USD 41.1bn market and growing fast at a CAGR of 7.9%[1].

E-bikes with three wheels are known as electric tricycle bikes. They are equipped with an electric motor, which acts as pedal support. The riders’ can choose the level of support according to their needs. E-trikes (as they are popularly known) is very popular amongst people who find it hard to balance a standard bike and need a bit of help when riding long distances.

Ordinary Tricycle Bike And Electric Tricycle Bike – What’s The Big Difference?

If you remember your early days, you may have ridden a tricycle as a toddler. Tricycles are fun to ride, and you don’t have to worry about balance, like traditional bikes.

That is why tricycles are perfect for people who have limited mobility, have difficulties balancing themselves, or are recovering from a recent illness, injury, or operation.

However, the problem with a traditional tricycle is, of course, the pedaling that you have to do! While it’s still ok to pedal on a flat road, what about places with uneven terrain or a steep incline?

That’s where an electric tricycle comes in. E-trikes have motorized pedaling support that works using an onboard battery.

So, whenever you are stuck in a place where you cannot pedal your way through, you have the motor’s extra support to boost your pedal power.

What if you don’t want to pedal at all? Some trikes do that as well!

How to ride an electric tricycle bike?

Understanding and trying something new often seem confusing and challenging at first, but this is certainly not the case with an electric tricycle bike.

Before jumping onto your e-trike, check the seat’s position to make sure it is at a comfortable height for you. Also, check that the brake levers are tightly clasped while climbing onto the seat.

Just a heads up – e-tricycles take up more room than regular bikes. Keep enough room in your garage for the extra space you will need.

Best Electric Tricycle Bikes In The Market

When it comes to buying an electric tricycle bike, the market has a vast buffet of options to cater to you. Amongst the top manufacturers are Eurowheel, Progear, and Pedego. There are excellent e-trikes available from Liberty, Razor, and e-Zip as well. The Schwinn collapsible electric bike is a good option.

Buyer’s Guide: Electric Tricycle Bikes

If you are thinking of buying an electric trike, you should keep in mind the following points:


e-Trikes come in two varieties. One looks like a souped version of a stunt cycle (you might have seen those as a kid). These have wider tires and low slung seats. They also have a more powerful motor. But they are generally not comfortable for older people or riders who have an injury or balance issues.

The more adult version of e-trikes looks like a mobility cart. The difference is that an e-trike can be a lot more powerful and maybe a tad less stable than a mobility cart. Adults can choose between recumbent electric bikes or non-recumbent ones. 

Battery Life

Its battery type determines the battery life of an E-bike. If you want to use your trike regularly, this is something that you need to keep an eagle eye on.

Usually, lithium batteries are preferred as they tend to hold a higher number of charge cycles. The way you take care of the bike’s battery also affects its life to a great extent. In general, the battery has a life of 3-5 years, after which the cycle becomes less efficient.

Pedal Assist

If you need a bit of help on rough terrain or you live somewhere where there are natural inclines and slopes on the road, a pedal-assist will help you move around on your favorite trike. It is a simple mode on your e-trike that adds power to your pedaling through the onboard motor.

Throttle Mode

Throttle mode doesn’t require you to pedal at all! It is similar to how a motorcycle operates. It needs initial acceleration, and then the motor provides the power to propel forward. This feature should be on the top of your list if you are looking for a fast-paced ride or if the bike is to be ridden by an older adult.


The range up to which you can ride depends on whether you are pedaling a bit or entirely dependent on the throttle mode. Along with this, the level of assist you use determines the range you can ride to a large extent. With relaxed pedaling, most electric tricycle bikes can easily go up to 22-50 miles on a single charge.

FAQs: Electric Tricycle Bikes

How much does it cost?

Due to their increasing popularity, e-trikes have become a lot cheaper than they used to be. You can get one in the range of $200-$3500 with little variation in features, depending on different models.

However, your motivation to use an electric bike should typically be non-financial. They are environment friendly and much safer to use than conventional cars and bikes.

Is it safe to ride an electric trike?

Traditional and modern e-trikes both have risks associated with their usage. E-trikes are very similar to regular tricycles. However, you may perceive them to be more dangerous due to the batteries and motor involved.

However, electric bikes are not dangerous at all. Risks are always there with everything we use, but you can avoid these risks with adequate care.

One must realize that riding an e-bike is slightly different, especially when someone is riding it for the first time. The acceleration may be higher initially, but once you get a knack of it, it becomes more fun. Also, in trikes with a throttle mode, it is advisable not to apply full throttle until the trike starts moving.

Final Thoughts

Electric Bikes and Tricycles are going to be the future of commutation and transportation. They are easy to use, environment friendly, and an inclusive mode of transport. Anyone can ride an e-trike, including the elderly, injured, and disabled.

This is one mode of transport that we need to get used to seeing a lot more often on our roads.


Written by Lee Hill

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