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Best Electric Pocket Bikes for Kids 2021

Do your kids love adventure? A pocket bike can be a perfect gift for your LO. He/she will love the thrill of riding a bike, “just like the ones on TV!”.

Why Should You Buy An Electric Pocket Bike For Your Kid?

  • Experience: Let your child feel that they are riding a real bike. These bikes have a body that is very similar to a regular bike. They have horns, lights, a throttle, and a push-start ignition that makes them very near an e-bike.
  • Safety: Safety is the primary concern of any parent. Most pocket bikes available for toddlers (2-6-year-old) limit the speed to 2-4mph. Apart from this, they have training wheels and are relatively easy to ride. For older kids, there are pocket bikes that limit the speed to 15-20mph. They have front and rear lights that give the child safety while driving in the evening or night.
  • Learning: Riding a pocket bike is a great learning experience:
    • Your child will learn to balance their body.
    • They will understand the concepts of friction, acceleration, and motion.
    • Riding a bike also improves hand-eye coordination and problem-solving skills.
    • They get an important lesson in safety.
    • You can teach them the value of using electric vehicles over gas ones and why it is essential to stop using fossil fuels.
    • They get a great lesson in responsibility and the need to maintain their belongings.
  • Cheap: For the experience these bikes give, they are perhaps the most value for money toy you can buy. Most pocket bikes are available under $200, and with a little research, you can even find something under $100.
  • Easy to store: Storing an electric pocket bike is easy. It takes up very little space. If you are traveling, you can indeed carry it along. It easily fits in the trunk of any car.

Best Electric Pocket Bikes For Kids

Riding a bike gives a thrilling experience. For bikers, it is like a passion for riding a bike. Pocket bikes have become globally popular among kids. They are great practice for kids who would love to do it professionally in the future. Some of the best electric pocket bikes are:

MOTOTEC 500w Electric Pocket Bike

Its height is 24 inches and is one of the most stylish bikes for kids. The curved body of the bike and streamline design give it a futuristic feel. A high-torque chain-driven motor powers its engine. It also has three twelve-volt powerful lithium batteries that provide a charge of 46 volts.

Responsive disc-brakes make the bike safe for the kids. To engage the engine, it has twist-grip throttle as well as a gas-powered alternative. The low profile of the bike makes it easy to accelerate as well as balance the bike.

MOTOTEC has 11-inch wheels that provide excellent traction that reduces the chances of accidental falls. It has an excellent weight capacity of 170 pounds making the bike fir for kids up to 13 years.

The bike also has a storage compartment to store chips and snacks for kids. For beginners, it is one of the perfect bikes available in the market. With excellent speed and safety features, the bike is available at a reasonable price.

Razor MX350 dirt pocket bike

Razor mx350 has a design that is inspired by professional motor cross bikes that are used in contests. It is cool enough to inspire teens and provide the real fun that kids need while biking.

Its dimension is 44*24.5*31 inches. The bike has a maximum rider capacity of 140 pounds. Kids of age five till age 13 can use this bike with ease.

The bike has 12-volt lead-acid batteries that provide excellent performance. The battery motor gives a speed of 14 miles an hour that is a decent speed for the bike’s price.

It has a sturdy steel frame with large wheels and a molded seat that gives a joyous ride in any terrain. The bike has hand-operated rear brakes that provide the rider stability during the ride. Kids will enjoy riding the bike on any terrain, smooth or rough.

Buyers Guide When Buying A Pocket Bike For Kids

Height and Frame

The bike’s height and framework are the most important thing to check when buying a pocket bike. Height is significant because the bike’s height and your child’s height must correlate.

Almost all pocket bikes are of a height of 2-3 feet. Buying a strong bike is essential as it must be strong enough to hold a weight capacity of 100 to 160 pounds.

Brightly colored bikes with features that stand out are attractive for kids.


Safety is, of course, one of the most critical concerns. It would be best if you looked for pocket bikes with front and rear headlights, don’t go too fast for your child and are easy to control and maneuver.


Electric bikes run on a battery that can be charged with an electric power outlet. Go for bikes that have a motor of 36-46 volts. The bikes that have electric powered motor make less noise but are safe for kids. Nowadays, pocket bikes have a lithium-ion battery that is long-lasting and durable.


Even though a pocket bike is small, it is equipped with a 40cc, 49cc, or 50 cc engine that reaches a speed limit ranging from 35 to 50 mph. One hundred ten cc engine bikes give a speed of 70 to 80 mph.

Therefore, before buying an electric bike, it is essential to check the engine’s power to ensure your child’s safety. All those who buy a pocket bike for beginners must look for less speed than those who have experience riding e-bikes.


When buying a pocket bike for kids, especially when your kid is a beginner, buying a cheap electric bike is better. It will be useful as the kid can set his hands and practice on a cheap bike rather than an expensive bike.

The first question that must come to mind must be, is the bike worth buying? Even if you have a budget of 100 dollars, you can easily buy a smart-looking pocket bike that not only gives your ultimate speed but also make the ride fun-filled.


People do not prefer children to play with noisy gadgets and toys. But riding a pocket bike can be very fun. These bikes are quiet and will not disturb the people living in your neighborhood. They are eco-friendly and cost-effective too.

Pocket bikes are a small version of motorbikes that your child will love to possess. It will give your child the thrill of riding bikes that he\she always wanted.

Written by Lee Hill

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