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Best Electric Dirt Bikes for 10-Year-Olds

Electric dirt bikes are a great way of indulging 10-year-olds in outdoor sports. Dirt biking can improve fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination, focus, and problem-solving. It also instills an active and outdoor lifestyle.

There is a speed limit imposed on electric bikes and dirt bikes in the US. The imposed speed limit is 20 miles per hour, so all the electric dirt bikes for kids will have their top speed less than 20 miles per hour.

No matter, your kids can easily enjoy themselves at speeds less than 20 mph. You can drive faster than the imposed limit on private land or property with the owner’s permission.

The Best Electric Dirt Bikes For 10-Year-Olds

Choosing the best electric dirt bike for smaller kids can be a tricky situation as most of the time the people have difficulties in choosing the right side of the bike.

If your kid is an average kid who just wants to have some fun and does not want to race seriously, then the following bikes are ideal for them.

The best electric dirt bikes for ten-year-old kids are:

  • Honda CRF-110F Electric Dirt Bike
  • Yamaha TT-R110E Electric Dirt Bike
  • Kawasaki KLX110 Electric Dirt Bike

These bikes have the right size for a ten-year-old kid. Their prices are also reasonable, so they will not leave a big dent in your pocket.

If you want to get your child into motocross, you must choose a different type of electric dirt bike. You should choose an electric dirt bike with a seat height of 27 inches and an electric motor with a power higher than 150 watts for a racing setup.

Types Of Electric Dirt Bikes For Kids

There are essentially three types of electric dirt bikes available for ten-year-old kids. They are as follows
• Trail Dirt Bike.
• Trials Dirt Bike.
• Motocross Dirt Bike.

Trail Dirt Bike Vs. Motocross Dirt Bike

A trail bike for kids has an air cooling four-stroke electrical motor. These bikes generally have a softer suspension than the other types of bikes. A softer suspension gives you a more comfortable and convenient riding experience while driving on a single track.

Children can easily use these bikes because of their electric starting and stopping feature. You may also feel that these bikes’ seat size is smaller and lower than a motocross bike for kids.

You can choose this type of bike for kids who are just starting out or in the learning phase. If your child just wants the electric bike for fun and amusement, then you should buy this type of bike.

Motocross electric dirt bikes for kids are more powerful, have a larger frame and a stiffer suspension than a trail electric dirt bike. The motocross electric dirt bikes require the children to have some experience and command over their bike riding skills.

These bikes are tougher to ride than a standard electric bike. The particular type of suspension in these bikes allows them to move at a faster speed. If your kid wishes to participate in dirt bike races and events, you must buy this electric dirt bike model.

What Is A Trial Bike?

A trial bike is very different from a trail and motocross dirt bike. These electric trial dirt bikes are specially built to go slowly over obstacles. You can buy them if your kid wants special trial dirt biking events.

The events that use trail bikes are also called trial events. In these events, you have to ride your bike slowly on technical terrain. This race’s main objective is not to put your foot down from the bike while traversing the terrain. These bikes are made for shorter rides and not for long single track rides.

Things To Look Out For In The Best Electric Dirt Bikes For Kids

Motor Output Power

The motor output power is an essential part of an electric bike. The power of the motor determines the speed of the dirt bike. You should consider it while purchasing an electric dirt bike for your kid. If your child is comfortable handling the bike faster, you should go for a higher power motor.

If your child is not very comfortable handling the bike and is in the learning phase, you should buy a less powerful motor.

Proper Braking Systems

A proper baking system in a dirt bike is essential for the safety of your kid. Dirt bike tracks are very rugged and challenging to maneuver, so you should choose a bike that has a robust braking system.

Most of the electric dirt bikes available in the market have a hydraulic braking system. Hydraulic brakes are potent, with less dragging distance and faster response time. You can research and choose bikes that have these kinds of brakes.

Speed Limiting

Speed limiting is also a safety feature. You may choose to activate this feature or not. Due to this feature, the electric dirt bike’s top speed will be limited, and your child will not be able to drive it at its top speed.

It is a pretty handy feature during the initial phases when your kid is learning to ride without stabilizers. Many parents also use this feature until their children are comfortable at riding.

You can limit the bike’s speed so that your child can overcome the fear of crashing by moving at a slow speed while not making them feel scared.

Frequently Asked Questions

At what age should a child have an electric dirt bike?

The age for riding an electric dirt bike without any stabilizers varies for every child.

It depends upon their learning capacity and the amount of effort or practice they are putting towards learning.

In most cases, a kid learns to ride a bike without any additional support between 3 and 8. The sooner they learn the basics of riding a bike, the better. If your kid knows how to ride a bike from a young age, then you can introduce them to electric dirt bikes sooner.

What size of bike suits a ten-year-old?

Kids who are eight or nine-year-olds ride a bike with a wheel width of 20 inches, whereas ten-year-old kids prefer to drive a bike with a wheel width of 24 inches. A 24-inch electric bike suits the natural build and size of a ten-year-old. Similarly, you can choose the size of the electric dirt bike depending on your kid’s size.


Purchasing an electric dirt bike for a ten-year-old kid encourages them to go out and enjoy themselves. You can help your kids to develop a great interest in outdoor action sports from a pretty young age by giving them these bikes.

Finding the right electric bike for your kid can be a considerable challenge as well.

You may find difficulty in choosing the right frame size, wheel width, seat height, and motor power. We have discussed the types of electric dirt bikes available in the market for kids so that you get a better idea about them.

Written by Lee Hill

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