Best USB Rechargeable Rear Bike Light

Best USB Rechargeable Rear Bike Light

Rear bike lights are essential for a bike as it makes you visible while driving in low-light or night. If you are exploring unexplored regions or forests at night, your rear bike light is also an indication for all your partners as it helps them track your location effectively. Most modern-day professional bikers use a USB rechargeable rear bike light as it is one of the best options to install on your bike.

If you are looking for a rear bike light rechargeable micro USB, then you have come to the right place. We will be discussing some of the best USB rechargeables LED bike lights in this article.

#1. MEILAN X5 Smart Rear Bike Light With USB Rechargeable Options:

MEILAN X5 is one of the best red-led rear bike light USB rechargeable bicycles in the e-commerce market. The smart rear bike light has impressive features and offers automatic brake light. The light also offers sideway indications and also offers smart indication light. The bike also effectively fits on any bike with ease. Here are some of the impressive features of this bike.


Brightness: MEILAN X5 has 30 ultra-bright smart LED lights, which are easily visible from a distance of 150 ft even during rainy, foggy, and during darkest nights.

Automatic signals: MEILAN X5 also automatically turns on when the rider applies brakes, sideway indications, and even during emergency conditions.

USB-Rechargeable: One of the best features of this light is a 200 mAH battery that can last up to 5-8 hours. You can also use a cell coin battery if you don’t like to charge the light often.

30 Days Return Policy: MEILAN X5 also offers a 30-day return policy which is an excellent initiative by the brand.


    • USB rechargeable.
    • 150 ft coverage.
    • 30-day free return policy.
    • Automatic signaling based on a smart indication lighting system.


    • Light doesn’t respond to movements when turned into laser mode.
    • Charing error.
    • Expensive.

#2. Ascher Bright Lithium 330 mAH Battery With 4 Light Mode Options:

The Ascher bright 330 mAH lithium battery light comes with interesting options like USB charging, four different light modes, and most importantly, it comes in a pack of two. Ascher rear bike lights also offer two distinct USB cables with the light making it versatile. Let us check the features of the Ascher bright LED Lithium 330 mAH battery.


Four Light Mode Options: One of the foremost features of the tail light comes with one-touch four-light mode options where the riders can switch between full brightness, half brightness, fast flashing, and slow flashing.

Easy to Install: Ascher also offers a one-touch install and dismount button, making it easy for all the riders to install and remove the light.

Battery: The tail light used a 330 mah lithium battery which one can charge with a power bank or USB cable.


    • Easy to install.
    • Affordable prices.
    • Increased brightness


    • Poor for heavy-duty applications.
    • Less battery backup
    • It takes some time to charge.

#3. RUBY-Q Bike Tail Light 5 LED And 3 Laser Light With 6 Modes

Combining five LED USB rechargeable rear bike lights and two laser lights enhances your safety during the night. The light offers full brightness to ensure that you are visible from long distances. Fast charging option enabled to save your time. One can easily install the light using the silicon strap which comes with the product.


Best Bike Tail Light For Safety: One of the best features of this rear light is its super-brightness which can avert the majority of road accidents because of visibility.

Quick Installation: One can easily install and dismount the bike tail light from the bike with the help of a silicone strap.

USB Rechargeable: It helps you in saving both time and money while replacing conventional cell coin batteries. Riders can easily recharge the light without any concern.

Waterproof: The bike tail light is also IP5 dustproof and water-resistant and can work with full force during adverse environmental conditions.


    • Water-resistant and dust-resistant.
    • USB rechargeable.
    • Improvised safety standards.
    • Easy to install and remove.


    • Expensive.
    • With time the LED light discharges quickly because of being highly intense.

#4. JIRVYUK Waterproof Rear Bike LED Light With Rainbow Colors

The JIRVYUK waterproof rear bike LED light with rainbow colors is one of the best-selling rear bike lights in the e-commerce market. The light offers superior brightness with red, blue, green, yellow, and white LED making it convenient to use. The bike light also offers 10 hours of battery backup to ensure that you don’t have to run for a charger every time. Now, let us get into the gorgeous features of the JIRVYUK waterproof rear bike LED light with rainbow colors.


RGB 7 Colors and 14 Light Modes: The light offers various modes, with the monochrome mode being the brightest of all.

Ultra-Bright LED Light: The ultra-bright light offers a brightness of 160 Lumen, and one can also select white light options.

Long-Lasting Battery: Built-in 300 mAH long-lasting USB rechargeable battery. All the riders can recharge the battery with a computer, power bank, and even mobile phones.

Impressive Return Policy: The company also offers a 60-day money-back warranty to all the buyers.


    • Waterproof.
    • Ultra-bright LED light.
    • Long-lasting battery backup.
    • 60 day return policy.
    • Multiple applications.


    • Red light is present in the majority of light modes.
    • It is not exactly RGB light.
    • Heavily priced.

The Ultimate Bike Tail Light Buyer’s Guide

It is paramount for all the riders to select a great bike light to ensure that other vehicles can see them easily. If you are new to the bike rear lights, follow the below-mentioned guide as it will help you in shopping for the right bike tail light, which will match your needs.

USB Rechargeable Rear Bike Light

The Brightness of the Light

When the concern is about shopping for the best bike light, brightness becomes a key asset. A single car beam light has a brightness of 700 lumens; therefore, you will need a bright tail light to make yourself visible to the other riders coming behind. If you love driving in the city, then 300-500 lumen is fine, but when you move out of the bustling city, the demand for brightness increases. Moreover, if you love riding off-road bikes, then you must look for 1000 lumen.

Understanding Different Modes on Bike

Most of the high-quality bike tail lights have different modes that help other vehicles see you. For example, a steady light is for visibility, and a flashlight is to indicate an emergency. Most of the professional riders use one LED light and control the different modes with buttons.


There is no doubt that you would love to spend hours installing and removing the bike from the frame. You must shop for bikes that are easy to install and remove. If you invest in a premium quality bike taillight, then ensure that you don’t damage it while installing and removing it from the frame.


Cheap bike lights might seem affordable, but you will have to consider that they will not last long before buying them. Most of the high-quality bike tail lights come with rechargeable USB cables, making it easy for riders. Always go for the lights that have higher battery backup and fast-charging options. You can also shop for lights to shop with a computer, power bank, and mobile.

Water and Dust Resistant

You will not always drive from ideal conditions, and if you are an MTB rider, you must look for waterproof and dust-resistant lights. If the light cannot glow during the rains, then the chances of accidents increase. Moreover, sandstorms are uncertain in rough terrains, and if your bike tail light cannot make you visible, you have to get ready for injuries.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do You Need Different Bike Lights for Mountain Biking and Road Riding

Yes, mountain biking is completely different from road cycling. One has to buy premium quality lights as MTB adventure needs some powerful lights as riders drive through the darkest terrains. A helmet headlight is an ideal option for all MTB riders.

Buying Guide for USB Rechargeable Rear Bike Light

Rear Bike Lights: What Do You Need to Consider

One has to consider the type of light, power of light, charging, and intensity of the light when shopping for the best rear bike lights. There are various factors that one has to consider while shopping for the best rear bike lights.

Should I Use My Bike Lights in Flashing Mode?

Yes, flashing lights can easily attract drivers from far distances. It doesn’t mean you should only go for flashlights as their intensity decreases with distance. The ideal combination of rear bike lights is one flash and one steady LED light.


Buying the right tail light for your bike can be difficult as you have to consider various factors before shopping. The only way to make your shopping experience simple is by categorizing your needs. You can follow the buyer’s guide to ensure that you shop for the right rear bike LED light. You can also share this article with your kith and kin looking for the right LED bike tail lights.

Written by Lee Hill

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