Best Scooter LED Headlight

Best Scooter LED Headlight

We should always pay attention to our headlights. It is an essential tool in our scooter. The headlight helps in preventing accidents.

I love to ride my scooter. But my scooter had a halogen bulb as its headlight, which produces excess heat and wastes most of its energy. When I drive my scooter on a foggy morning, these halogen headlights cannot light the way very far. So, I couldn’t drive well.

I decided to choose a new headlight for my scooter. But selecting a new headlight is a hard nut to crack. Finally, I thought of replacing halogen headlights with LED.

LED headlights consume less fuel than halogen bulbs. When I drive in fog or at night, I can see better and ride comfortably and confidently.

I am sharing below my choices on the best scooter-LED headlight.

Best Scooter LED Headlight

#1. Baza Designs Xl Pro LED Head Light Kit

The Baza Designs Xl Pro LED Head Light Kit is mainly for off-road scooters. This headlight transforms 40 Watt of power consumption into 4,900 lumens.


    • Its weight is 1.85lbs
    • The front lens consists of hard-coated polycarbonate, and you can easily replace it.
    • Its life period is nearly 50k hours.
    • This headlight kit housing consists of rugged anodized and powder-coated aluminum.
    • It is waterproof and submersible to nearly 9 feet.


    • Easy to install
    • Long life
    • It Produces bright light.


    • Wiring is a little confusing.

#2.GXENOGO 7 Inch LED Head Light

The GXENOGO 7 inch LED Head Light is designed mainly for Harley Davidson. The manufacturers built this headlight with anti-flicker technology. The Department of transportation approves this headlight. It has anti-scratch lenses. It produces2800 LMS on low beam and 4800lms on high beam.


    • Three times better than halogen lamps
    • The lens consists of polycarbonate.
    • The bracket ring and wire harness are there in the package. So, it takes less time to install on the scooter.
    • The high-intensity LED chips provide a brighter light which is very much close to the daylight.
    • The aluminum housing is durable, and the ribbed design in it increases the surface area. Consequently, it produces a better cooling effect.
    • The life span of this LED is 50,000 hours.
    • Durable, waterproof, and dustproof


    • Headlights are bright
    • A rider can use it in any weather condition.
    • Never glare at the oncoming driver.


    • Nothing till now.

#3. JW Speaker 8790 LED

The JW Speaker 8790 LED produces good quality beam pattern, which is helpful for the drivers and oncoming drivers.


    • Functions well on both high and low beam
    • You can legally use this headlight everywhere in the United States as approved by the Department of transportation.
    • 1600 lumen output on high beam and 1050 lumen output on low beam.
    • It has to diecast durable aluminum housing.


    • Easy to install.
    • It produces a bright light. It even lights up the side areas when you turn your scooter.


    • The primary light may not work after some days
    • The warranty policy is not that much good.

#4. Kuryakyn 2460 Motorcycle Lighting LED Head Light

The  Kuryakyn 2460 motorcycle lighting LED Head Light is compatible with Harley Davidson and Yamaha scooters. If you are looking for a good LED scooter headlight, you should purchase this LED headlight. The Department of transportation approves this LED headlight. A rider comfortably rides with this LED headlight. He can visualize everything on the road.


    • Raw lumen output:2600 on high beam and 1350 on low beam.
    • It distributes light uniformly.
    • Low beam current draw-1.5 amp
    • High beam current draw – 3.0 amp
    • Scratch-resistant polycarbonate lenses.


    • Installation is relatively easy. You don’t have to drill.
    • Good quality


    • The warranty period is not reasonable.
    • Terrible instructions

#5. Early Light 7 Inch Round Generation III LED HeadLight

The early light 7-inch round generation III LED headlight is compatible with Harley Davidson street glide, Softail, Road King, and various others. It is a perfect headlight and produces bright light on roads. A rider can comfortably ride his scooter with this headlight. Even at night, a rider can visualize everything on the road with this headlight. This headlight even meets all the standards of the Department of transportation.


    • It has a polycarbonate lens
    • Its body consists of diecast aluminum
    • It gives 33 percent more light as compared to the generation II beam pattern.
    • The headlight comes with a black finish which will surely match most of the scooter.


    • Easy installation
    • Good quality
    • Produced good light


    • Need adapter to install

#6. Wisamic 5-3/4 5.75 Inches LED Headlight

The Wisamic LED headlight is a nice LED headlight. IT produces bright light even in the dark. So, a rider can see everything clearly during the night.


    • The lens encases in a black durable aluminum housing.
    • It produces 2800 LMS at 30 W on low beam and 4000 LMS on high beam.
    • The color temperature is 6000 to 6500 K
    • They are waterproof
    • Their life span is more than 50,000 hours.


    • Durable
    • Produces bright light
    • !00 percent safe


    • This headlight is limited to specific bikes.

Buyer’s Guide: Best Scooter LED Headlight

#1. Quick Installation and Easy Maintenance

You don’t need the help of a mechanic to install a scooter LED headlight. It will take just half an hour to one hour to install it in your vehicle. In the kit, you will find all the instructions. You need to read and follow it.

6 Best Scooter LED Headlight

Even if we will talk about maintenance, the LED scooter headlight requires very little maintenance. You don’t need to change it each time. It runs for several years. So, you don’t need to change it numerous times. Indirectly, an LED scooter headlight saves your money. Only if your LED bulbs damage, then you have to change them.

#2. Effective Lightning

A good scooter LED headlight enables a driver to see the road in fog and at night. The LED light converts 80 percent of the energy into light.

#3. Little Fuel Consumption

Headlight needs fuel to power them. But, a good scooter LED headlight needs very little fuel to power—That’s why the scooter gives good mileage.

#4. Durable

A good scooter LED headlight is durable. A LED light remains on for 11 years before it dies.

#5. Safe on You and Other Driver

A good scooter LED headlight penetrates fog. You can visualize everything on the road during the nighttime with the LED headlight. But, this is not possible in halogen headlight or traditional bulb headlight. The yellow lights are weaker and generally reflect the light at you during the night or heavy fog. So, a rider feels very uncomfortable while riding.

Frequently Asked Questions

#1. Should I Switch From Halogen Headlights to LED Headlights?

Yes, you should switch halogen headlights to LED headlights. It is so because LED lights draw less power as compared to halogen headlights.

Halogen lights are cheaper than LED lights but have a brief life span, i.e., between 1000 to 6000 hours, whereas LED lights have a life span of 25,000 to 30,000 hours.

#2. Is It Is Illegal to Take the Ride Without a Headlight?

Yes, it is illegal. You should drive your scooter with an ahead light. In the night, the headlight helps you see the road. Even because of this, headlight pedestrians can see you. So, we can say that a good headlight can prevent accidents.

Buying Guide for Best Scooter LED Headlight

#3. How Can You Convert Your Headlight Bulbs Into LED?

You need first to purchase and unbox the LED conversion kit. Remove the halogen bulbs from your scooter and install the LED bulbs.

#4. Why Do Some Cars Have White LED Lights?

A white improves the visibility of a rider. So, it’s good to have white LED light. But, it’s illegal to use green, or any other color LED light in a car, bike, or any other vehicle.

#5. Should I Get Hid or LED Headlights?

HID (High-intensity discharge) headlights are brighter and more efficient as compared to LED headlights. But, their life span Is short. So, most people prefer LED headlights in their scooters.

#6. Can I Connect an LED Headlight Directly to My Scooter Battery?

Yes, you can install a LED headlight directly to the battery of your scooter, but your battery will drain very quickly, so you might not want to do that.


Changing a headlight for your scooter is a tough nut to crack. You need to search offline and online regarding the best scooter LED headlight. In this article, I have listed some of the best-LED headlights with their advantages and disadvantages. I hope that will help you a lot and give you an idea regarding LED headlights.

Written by Lee Hill

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