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Best Folding Electric Bike Under $1000

Are you looking for a compact bike? Why not try out a folding e-bike?

E-bikes are possibly the only conventional form of transportation that can be folded up and stored easily. It is a boon for people who don’t have parking space and live in small apartments.

It is also true that e-bikes are a bit expensive because of the battery, motor, and some other electrical parts that they use. To get you a good deal, we have brought the best folding electric bikes under $1000 .

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#1 SWAGTRON Swagcycle EB5 Folding Ebike

If you are a leisure traveler who travels and loves riding, the choice is perfect for you. The major plus is that it is maintenance-friendly. Thanks to the removable power lines. The frame material is aluminum so forget about quick damages.

Features and Benefits

  • Adjustable height: Whether you are a 6 feet tall adult or a child, anyone can use this bicycle. Thanks to the height adjustment feature. You can also conveniently adjust the seat and handlebar to find the most comfortable position.
  • Wheels: The wheels are 14 inches large connected with their field rubber tires. These tires have quick-disconnect power lines that provide excellent traction with the ground.
  • Mileage: You can cover 15.5 miles with just a single charge. This bike has both throttles as well as pedal assist. You can go as speed as 15 mph. Twist the throttle and use the paddle to assist in enhancing power and speed.
  • Hub motor: It is equipped with a 250-watt hub motor that is 83% more efficient than others. You can go up hills with the least effort. Not to forget, it is a brushless motor as it lacks brush, so there is no danger of wearing down the motors as in brushed motors.

Why should you buy it?

The best part is this bike already comes assembled, which means you don’t have to struggle to put it together. It can handle up to 264 pounds. This is a foldable bike that you can put under vehicles, desks, and adjust in other small spaces.

#2 Swagtron Folding-Bicycles

This is the best hard trail bike with excellent power, and also it is within budget. It is not only foldable but is robust in design. So you can conveniently carry it anywhere with you with no fear of tear and wear.

Features and Benefits

  • High Torque: It is inbuilt with an extreme torque level that gives you a three mph high speed. Not just this, you can climb up to 12 degrees inclination.
  • App control: You can connect your bicycle with a mobile app. It allows you to track the distance covered, GPS, time, and battery on your phone. No matter if you have iOS or Android devices, you can install the swag cycle 2 App in any of them and track your trip.
  • No pedal: Forget about pedaling hard and dripping in sweat. All you do is sit back, twist the handle, and move. You can control the speed with the throttle. Enjoy no pedal cycling and reach your destination.
  • Portable: Its folding dimension is 40x29x12 inches. You can collapse the whole system and handlebars and take it anywhere with you. After reaching, unfold it and start riding.
  • Easy charging: Messy and bulky charging cables only exasperate you. Not here! There is a hidden area in the bike’s compartment to store the cable. Open it only when you need it and plug it into the outlet.

Why should you buy it?

You get a USB port along with it in which you can plug your mobile. It helps you to stay fully charged every time. The load capacity is 264lbs. The motor is 250 watts, and it works efficiently.

#3 Jetson Bolt Folding E-Bike

This eBike has everything packed into one. It won’t be wrong to say that it screams value for money.

The major plus is that it has a rechargeable 5.2AH lithium-ion battery. It gets charged quickly. It takes about 3 hours only if the battery is drained.

Features and Benefits

  • Foldable and portable: From handlebars to the seat, everything is foldable. The design is also compact. It weighs just 34 pounds. There is an inbuilt carrying handle. All this makes it a super portable piece. Slide it under the desk, carry up or downstairs, adjust it at some corner of your home. It is a great on-the-go option.
  • Light and sturdy frame: Although it is light in weight, the aluminum alloy makes it sturdy and robust. Even if you fall, the cycle does not break into pieces. Also, it can handle up to 250 lbs and move smoothly.
  • The maximum range contains a 250-watt motor that allows you to cover 17 miles with a single battery charge. You can commute to local distances all day without running out of battery. You can push it to a maximum speed of 15.5 mph. All you do is twist the throttle. The motor is noiseless.

Why should you buy it?

As it is a 100% electric bicycle, so you don’t have to pedal. There is an attached LCD to track speed and other features. Also, the height of the seat is adjustable. There are 2 LEDs in the front and the back that let you move at night or in low light conditions.

#4 Swagtron EB7 Plus Folding Electric Bike

If you are an expert cyclist and looking for an Ebike with advanced features, you’re in the right place.

If you’re not an expert, this will make you one. This pedal-assist Ebike with zero-emission takes care of not only your health but also the environment.

Features and Benefits

  • Foldable: The folding dimension is 29.5×16.5×25.9 inches. It weighs 42.3 lbs. Also, there is a gap in the frame just below the seat. It serves as a carrying handle. So you won’t have an excuse for not cycling.
  • Powerful motor: The cycle has a 350 watt motor, which is, of course, powerful than others of its section. It is upgraded to give 23% more power. Hence it gives more distance range of 15.5 miles. Using the upper throttle, you can accelerate with 18.6 mph speed. It supports you to conquer 25-degree inclines. There is an aluminum heat sink that protects the rear hub motor from overheating.
  • Safe rides: Two LEDs in the front and the back part allows you to ride on rough roads even at night. The dual disc brakes cut off power to stop you immediately when required. Thanks to the ‘Autoguard’ technology.
  • Battery: There is a 36-volt lithium-ion battery. It hardly takes 3 hours to charge fully. You can also get an extra battery if needed. The battery is lightweight and streamlined, which you can adjust in a messenger bag or a backpack. Also, it is removable.

Why should you buy it?

This is a perfect cycle to go up hills. There are 7-speed gears that provide precision and ride control.

You can change the gears with just one push. One small LCD is attached to the cycle that displays battery level speed and other things. You get added accessories like two keys, and paddle-shaped grips, and an adjustable seat.

#5 Macwheel Electric Bike 16″ Advanced Ebike

Those were looking for an advanced folding electric bike, here is the one. As you can adjust the height, it is suitable for both adults and teenagers. It is easy to operate and easy to maintain. Also, it comes 95% assembled. You only have to install pedals, handlebars, and seats. It is a matter of a few minutes.

Features and Benefits

  • 2 in 1 mode: It has both electric mode and the pedal-assist mode to serve you as per your convenience. While choosing the electric mode, you entirely rely on a motor that gives you a 15.5 mph speed. With pedal-assist mode, you partially depend on the motor that gives the power to pedal effortlessly. So you can enjoy cycling and biking experiences with one gadget.
  • Powerful Motor: The cycle is equipped with one brushless hub motor of 250 watts. It can give 34MN maximum motor torque. You can depend on the motor to go 15 mph on full electricity. It is extremely quiet.
  • Battery: It has one 36 volts 7.5 AH battery of large capacity. It allows you to cover as much as 18.6 miles. The battery is well enclosed and protected from dust and splashes. Also, it is removable. It takes around 4 to 6 hours to charge fully.
  • Sturdy Frame: The aluminum made frame makes it strong and sturdy to support 220 lbs. KMC chain is used for smooth running.
  • Auto regulating system: There are 5-speed gears to use under electric mode or better assist. You can conveniently adjust the power by pressing the switch. But this product can automatically adjust the power level as per your pedal frequency. It makes your riding experience more flexible.

Why should you buy it?

There are LED lights and dual disc braking to make your ride safer than ever. LED displays allow you to view in dim light and control the features. The seat is adjustable. Hence it is also suitable for a big height person.

#6 Angotrade 26 inches Folding Electric Bike

This electric bike pushes your riding experience to the next level. This aluminum made cycle weighs 55 lbs. Its compact size allows you to store it in any corner. Its load capacity is 242 lbs. You can adjust the seat height in the range of 31.5 to 35.4 inches

Features and Benefits

  • Lithium battery: There is a smart lithium battery of 36 volt/8 AH. So it gives 28 to 35-kilometer mileage. It demands 4 to 6 hours full charge to run for the whole day.
  • Three riding modes: There are three riding modes chosen as per your interest. Use it in peddle assist mode when you want to pedal. Here motor participates that reduces your effort. Push the throttle to rely on electric mode. Also, it has a climbing ability that takes you through uphill.
  • Powerful motor: the 250-watt motor is used in this product, which works on German motor Technology. It offers 15 to 21.7 mph speed. It is a brushless geared motor. So it is light in weight, efficient, and long-lasting. It provides a maximum gradient of 30 degrees.
  • Safe ride: It can be dangerous if your bikes do not work immediately. For this reason, it includes front and rear wheel disc brakes. It helps you to stop anytime during forwarding or backward movement.

Why should you buy it?

It has thick and anti-slip tires that help you to swipe through the roads. You can ride this bicycle confidently and safely on all kinds of roads. You can also fold it and put it in your car. The powerful headlight lets you view the road at night. It can illuminate up to 20 meters.

#7 Hiboy P10 Folding Electric Bike

For those who are tired of booking cabs daily and get rid of the transportation charge, nothing can be better than this product. It allows you to commute to your work or school or a local store with ease. Also, it is a zero-emission bike that shows love for the environment.

Features and Benefits

  • Durable and stable: The metal frame makes it durable and robust to withstand harsh weather conditions. 12 inches air-filled tires make your ride stable and balanced. It is strong enough to support 265 lbs.
  • Portable: The cycle is compact in size and collapsible. It allows you to store it in your car trunks or closet or slide it under subway seats. It weighs 35.2 lbs.
  • Safe ride: Dual brakes located at the front and rear part of the cycle give an accurate and safe ride. Headlight and tail lights cover an extensive range of areas so that you can ride safely at night.
  • Motor: It has a 350-watt brushless hub motor that offers huge mileage of 15.5 to 21.6 miles. You can speed up as much as 15.5 mph. The battery is also of high capacity.

Why should you buy it?

It already comes assembled, which makes assembly less complicated and quick. Seat saddle is thicker than others that absorbs shock while riding on uneven roads.

Buyer’s Guide

Buying a folding Ebike is relatively easy, but finding one in your budget is challenging. You don’t want to compromise with the quality either. Let’s evaluate some points to get the best folding electric bike under $1000.


Choose a cycle that allows both pedals to assist as well as throttle mode. Pedal-assist allows you to pedal but with less effort than the traditional cycles. At the same time, the throttle mode is dependent on electricity. It includes zero pedaling.


Because all vehicles have brakes, but the quality of brakes is to be checked first. Disk brakes are the best as they quickly cut off the power supply from the motor. It means it offers quick and immediate stopping whenever required.


There are different types of motors that need a detailed explanation. Let’s make it short. Brushless motors are better than brushed ones as they have more life. Geared motors are better than gearless ones if they are small and light.

Adjustable seat

The seat should be adjustable in height. It allows the flexibility to use for all height persons. Also, if it is a bit padded, it would be a plus point.


Do E-Bikes need gears?

For flat and short rides, geared Bikes are not so essential. For other uses, you need gears in your brand new Ebike. In various bikes, there are pedal assists connected with gears. Gears are like speeds. The more is the gear, and the more is the speed of your bike. Most of the e-bikes have 1,3,18 up to 40 speeds.

Which gear should be chosen to go up hills?

If you need less effort, choose the gear minimum. That happens while riding on smooth roads as soon as you start going. You should note not to use too much speed while climbing a hill. The rule is simple. Lower gear indicates low speed while higher gear high speed

How fast are 500 watts, 1000 watt, or 1500 watt e-bikes?

This watt shows the power of the motor. A 500-watt motor can give you 20 miles an hour speed, while a 1000 watt motor allows you to move at 30mph. With 1500 watt, you can accelerate at 37/60mph. The more powerful motor you choose, the more is your speed.

Wrap Up

Swagtron dominates our lineup because they are amongst the premier manufacturers of affordable folding e-bikes. Whether it be the EB5, EB7, or the Swagcycle Pro, they are all great options for you to select.

Written by Lee Hill

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