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Best Electric Bike Brands 2021

So what are the best electric bike brands for 2021?

  • VanMoof
  • Specialized
  • Bianchi
  • Gtech
  • Orbea
  • Brompton

Electric bikes have experienced significant transformations in terms of design, functionality, and popularity in 2021. As most people seek for a healthier living environment, they are switching to electric bikes.

This mode of transportation promotes green energy, pushing sales of electric bikes to an all-time high.

The main reason for the recent success and popularity of electric bicycles is a change in design, function, and technological capability.

Electric bikes also have changed to look sleeker, weigh less, and offer extra comfort. This review covers some of the best electric bike brands in 2021.


VanMoof electric bikes are ideal for city users who ride daily. The brand has incorporated essential aspects such as bicycle trackers to safeguard your bike from theft.


Some of the notable features about these bikes include:


  1. Automatic gear shifting – Automatic electronic gear shifting gives riders a smooth and enjoyable ride. The gear comes with four speeds, enabling more comfortable riding in different urban inclines.
  2. Hydraulic brake system – VanMoof has improved riding safety by using fully integrated brakes in their electric bikes. This braking system enhances precision when braking in different weather conditions.
  3. Huge cargo capacity – The bike comes with extended cargo capacity due to the inclusion of front and rear carriers.
  4. Theft defense – Their bikes protect against theft by integrating smart location tracking and onboard alarms. It is easy to track your bike and recover it if someone steals it.
  5. Intelligent motor – VanMoof e-bikes come with a customized motor tuned to produce maximum power. The motor runs at a maximum speed of 25km/h and produces up to 59 Nm turbo boost torque. This new motor does not produce any noise even when riding at top speed.
  6. Super-smart electronics – Riders can access real-time motor feedback with onboard Smart Cartridge controls. This technology ensures you get real-time information about the motor responsiveness.
  7. Customizable bike settings with the VanMoof App – The VanMoof App enables riders to unlock the bike and configure features such as the digital bell sound and gear change. The app is available for download from Google Play and Apple Store.
  8. Sleek design – These e-bikes maximize comfort and convenience. The company has invested in developing bikes that look natural yet sophisticated. From the classic straight-frame geometry to the unique color finish, everything about the design is exceptional. Buyers can choose between dark and light colors for all models.
  9. Touch-sensitive alarm – VanMoof e-bikes come with smart technology. For example, the kick lock function immobilizes the rear wheel and activates the onboard security alarms when you tap the bike with your toe.

• Beautiful design with the option to choose between black and light color
• Big cargo capacity with front or rear carriers
• Tracking and alarm systems secure bike against theft
• Improved braking system
• Silent motor
• Automatic gear shifting improves the riding experience

• On the pricier end
• It’s not easy to remove the battery, making it less convenient when charging
• The e-bikes weigh around 41 pounds, which can make the bike heavier when not using electric power.


VanMoof is one of the best electric bike brands for a reason. Its e-bikes have some of the most innovative features to give you value for money.

They have topnotch security features and are fast and safe to ride. Without a doubt, VanMoof will give you an excellent product for your everyday ride.


Specialized has been a leader in the cycling industry for years. Since the company started producing e-bikes in 2009, it has focused on manufacturing lightweight e-bikes with robust motors and long-lasting batteries.

Its electric bikes have improved over the years, with the latest models incorporating the pedal-assist system. The brand has also made use of custom software to enhance the riding experience for users. No matter the kind of terrain you are riding on, there’s an ideal Specialized e-bike for you.


Some of the most exciting features include:

  1. Ride for every terrain – They have a variety of e-bikes designed to perform for specific terrains. Their collection includes road and gravel electric bikes, mountain electric bikes, and active electric bikes.
  2. Engineered in Switzerland and tuned in California – Instead of outsourcing batteries and motors, the company has a team of developers in Switzerland to deal with the tech part. The bikes then head to the company’s headquarters in Morgan Hill, California for tuning.
  3. Specialized E-Bike Technology System – Specialized designs its e-bikes to offer a smooth but powerful ride. They have silent pedal-assistant technology and superior connectivity solutions. The system’s expert engineering ensures all the parts work in harmony, putting Specialized on the map as one of the best electric bike brands.
  4. Seamless assistance – Specialized motors offer more power without producing more noise. The motors amplify the rider’s input and disengage when the bike reaches top speed, ensuring your ride is free of unnatural assistance.
  5. Custom connectivity – All Specialized turbo e-bikes offer Bluetooth or/and ANT connectivity. You can use this feature to connect your bike to Turbo Connect Display (TDC), third-party devices, displays, or apps, or even the company’s Mission Control App. This technology helps riders to manage their battery’s range, adjust motor output, and record rides.
  6. Battery performance – Specialized batteries feature a unique Battery Management System (BMS), ensuring a more extended battery maximum range and battery lifetime.

• Pedaling assistance for a smoother ride
• Available in different models for specific terrains
• Multiple connectivity options for a better riding experience
• Lightweight design
• Multiple color options
• Longer battery life
• The bikes offer more power and better performance for longer rides

• Higher prices


Specialized electric bicycles are ideal for all types of terrain. They are lightweight and made for convenience. This e-bike will make your riding experience better.


Bianchi easily ranks as one of the best electric bike brands for one factor: high-performance electric bikes. The company focuses on combining a powerful motor with a lightweight design. Their latest product is the Impulso e-road, a unique bike designed to perform well both on roads and gravel.


Some of the exciting features about Bianchi e-bikes include:

  1. Inner Power Drive assistance – Bianchi electric bicycles have pedal-assist technology to hit 25km/hr. Riders can choose between light or intense boost based on the level of assistance they need. The Inner Power Drive assistance adds extra power without overshadowing the sensation of road riding.
  2. Minimalist design – Bianchi e-bikes have a stylish and sleek design.
  3. Fully integrated high power battery – These bicycles come with slim but powerful batteries to give you extra power for more extended periods.
  4. Weatherproof charge-port – Simple plug-and-charge systems are suitable for any household’s electric supply. The weatherproof charging ports prevent damage when riding in wet or dusty conditions.
  5. Asymmetric swing arms – The wing arms’ alignment prevents chainstay damages and reduces noises from a chain hitting the frame.
  6. Integration of technology – Most Bianchi e-bikes come with additional features such as LCD and the Ebikemotion mobile app. These features enable the rider to monitor battery status, motor function, and HR frequency.

• Durable and lightweight material
• Integrates technology for easy monitoring of the bike’s features
• The motor in a central location ensures better balance
• Sleek design
• Adapts to different terrains
• Long-lasting, weatherproof battery
• LCD and the Ebikemotion app for high-tech performance
• High speeds of up to 25km per hour
• Warranties for various parts

• The bikes are relatively expensive
• Some e-bikes heavier compared to similar models from other brands


When you want a bike that you can ride upcountry or in the city, Bianchi e-bikes is the way to go. This brand offers some of the best products in pedal-assist, power, design, and technology.


Gtech manufactures two categories of e-bikes: Gtech eBike City and Gtech eBike Sport. The eBike City comes with a comfortable saddle and 17″ step-through frame. It’s an ideal choice for city trips and daily commutes.

The Gtech eBike Sport features a 20″ crossbar frame. It has a saddle designed for a more dynamic seated position. The crossbar frame makes the bike resemble conventional sports bikes.


Some of the outstanding features about Gtech e-bikes include:

  1. Advanced battery technology – The battery only weighs 1.4 kgs, making it possible to carry a spare when riding. The portable battery makes charging more accessible and convenient because you can charge it in your office or home.
  2. Design resembling standard bikes – If you want the capabilities but not the design of e-bikes, Gtech is among the best electric bike brands. People won’t notice that you are riding an electric bicycle when using Gtech e-bikes.
  3. Two power settings – You can choose from two power settings: the Eco mod (gives a boost up to 8 miles per hour for about 20 to 30 miles) and the Max mode (boosts up to 15 miles an hour for around 10 to 15 miles).
  4. Additional accessories – Buyers can add accessories offered by Gtech, such as helmets, safety lights, kickstands, and mudguards.

• A design like a conventional bike
• No wires cluttering the cockpit
• Offers just enough power assistance
• Lower price compared to other brands
• Clean, smooth and quiet ride
• Easy and convenient to charge due to the inclusion of a portable battery

• The bottle-styled battery mounted on the down tube affects the handling
• Brakes not as efficient in wet weather
• Self-assembly might be challenging for some people


Gtech e-bikes offer an affordable and convenient solution for riders. The bikes resemble conventional bicycles and offer just enough power for natural cycling.


Orbea electric bicycles have a reputation for comfortable riding even on steep and harsh terrain. These bikes boost climbing power for seamless riding experience.


Some of the notable features include:

  1. Aluminum alloy frame with a standard crossbar design – The frame resembles a conventional bicycle.
  2. Carbon fork and shockproof bar tape – Orbea bikes offer a smooth ride due to the combination of a carbon fork and shockproof bar tape. The bicycle is more comfortable and ideal for use in different terrains.
  3. Shimano hydraulic brakes – The braking system enhances braking power and instant motion stopping.
  4. Powerful battery – Orbea batteries have high power retention to give you hours of electric-powered rides. With its batteries hidden in the bike’s frame, it looks like a standard ride.
  5. Mode button – A discrete, sleek button on the top tube lets the rider check the remaining battery charge and motor assist level.
  6. High power motor – The motors can reach a maximum speed of 25km/hr. Most of their bikes come with a rear hub design to enhance drag-free pedaling when the electric mode is off.
  7. Voice command technology – Some models include voice command features activated through Bluetooth connectivity.

• Sturdy frame for use in different terrains
• Robust hydraulic brakes help to stop the bike instantly
• Discrete rear hub motor and built-in battery
• Warranty provided for different parts
• Enhanced security through automatic locking systems

• Pricey
• Only the crossbar frame model available


Orbea e-bikes offer reliability and convenience when riding on different terrains. Its e-bikes resemble regular bicycles but deliver smooth rides and multiple customization options.


One of the things that set Brompton apart as one of the best electric bike brands is the innovative folding feature. These e-bikes also come with 16-inch wheels, giving them fantastic uphill and off-the-line acceleration.


Other exciting features include:

  1. Internal torque sensor – The sensor, situated in the bottom bracket, sends information to the front hub motor when power is running low to engage the rider’s power.
  2. 250-watt internally geared motor – Its motor offers power assistance of up to 15 miles per hour.
  3. Foldable in thirds – Brompton developers have worked hard to enhance convenience and ease of storage by including the foldable concept.
  4. Two handlebar heights – You can choose between the standard handlebar and the two-inches-taller bar.
  5. Available in 2 or 6-speed – The two-speed options make it possible for riders to shop based on their preferences.
  6. Lightweight battery – The removable battery connects near the bag or basket attachment on Brompton’s non-electric bikes. You can attach it using a jiggle-proof plug to avoid damage when riding through potholes.

• Three-fold design enables easy storage
• Ideal for tall and short riders
• Simple controls for easy customization
• 16″ wheels offer better acceleration
• Ideal for multimodal commuters
• Relatively lightweight

• Not ideal for long-distance or sport riding
• Expensive


The Brompton e-bike is revolutionizing the design of electric bikes. This model not only stands out due to its foldable concept but also its functionality and comfort.

Written by Lee Hill


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