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Benefits Of Owning An Electric Bike 2021

Cycling is no longer seen as an excellent way to remain healthy. People are also finding it an efficient mode of transport.

A survey poll done in 2016 showed that 51% of Americans never ride a bike[1]. But today, people in this group are beginning to experiment with cycling as well.

Electric bikes are a newer and smarter way of cycling. E-bikes offer the convenience of pedal-assist and throttle mode, which give the rider motorized support, which is needed from time to time.

The electric bike industry was a niche market till a few years back. But recently, it has seen a vast upsurge. Mordor Intelligence predicts the US E-bike market to grow annually at over 8% in the next five years[2].

E-bikes have several advantages apart from environmental benefits. Let’s discuss some of these advantages in more detail.

What Are The Benefits Of Electric Bikes?

Faster Travel

Electric bikes allow you to travel faster than manual bikes due to the electric motor. In several places, such as dense urban areas with a lot of traffic, people can get from one point to another faster than cars.

City dwellers who see high traffic every day are finding E-bikes as a more comfortable alternative to cars.

Lower Fatigue

Not everyone rides bicycles for their health benefits. Riding a bike can be strenuous for most people, and that is where E-bikes can be of tremendous support.

Electric bikes have pedal-assist features that add power to the users pedaling through a battery-operated installed motor.

Similarly, with the throttle mode, e-bikes can take over the entire effort of pedaling.

Low Noise

Most electric bikes use a brushless motor, which is almost entirely motorless. Even if this is not so, e-bikes are less noisier than gas bikes or cars.

Low Maintenance

Over a period, the maintenance cost of an e-bike is much lower than that of a gas bike or a car. This is one reason why e-bikes can be cost-effective even though their initial cost may be higher than a gas bike.


Electric bikes typically have speeds that range from 20 to 28 mph. At those speeds, fatal accidents are improbable, even if there is a head-on collision.

Environmental Benefits

We kept the best for last. A study done by CREDS in the context of England predicts that if e-bikes were to replace cars completely, carbon dioxide emissions would fall by 50%[3]. This is a whopping improvement, and we should all consider using e-bikes for this reason, if nothing else.

Health Benefits Of An Electric Bike

Riding an electric bike also has a lot of positive effects on your health. Some of these amazing benefits are:

Enhanced Metabolism

Electric bikes allow you to travel for a longer duration of time at higher speeds. This almost has the same benefits as a medium intensity workout. Riding a bike for an extended period helps to build and improve your endurance.

Regular exercise helps your body adapt to the workout and quickly break down the carbohydrates present in your food to replenish your energy.

Stronger Core Muscles

Cycling is also beneficial for the major muscle groups present in our body, such as the core muscles and the glutes. With regular exercise, our body can delay the production of lactic acid.

Lactic acid is the main component in our body, due to which we have cramps and aches in our muscles. Strong core muscles make a person more fit and active.

They can perform tasks efficiently with less strain and fatigue.

Improved Blood Circulation

Riding an electric bike increases the glucose uptake of the muscle cells. This increase is primarily for the compensation of energy spent while riding the bike.

This initiates a chain of reactions in the body, due to which there is an increase in the metabolism rate and blood circulation in our bodies.

There is a positive amount of oxygen intake due to this improved blood flow. With proper oxygen, our heart and other muscles can perform efficiently. A steady flow of blood is the best way to condition our body organs.

Lower Stress

Regular exercising such as riding an electric bike helps our body manage a chemical in our body named cortisol.

It is a stress hormone present in our body. It forms because of our daily tensions and problems. Because of lower levels of cortisol in our body, it undergoes a more relaxing and calming experience.

Additionally, this also leads to the release of pressure, releasing endorphins in the body.

Health Benefits Of Electric Bikes For The Elderly

Improves Mental Health

Older adults are often in a bad mental state because of their life experiences. There are plenty of cases where the elderly feel alone, left out, and depressed.

Riding an electric bike acts as a recreational activity that gives them joy and motivates them to lead a fit lifestyle. People above the age of 60 who cycle regularly experience fewer mood swings and mood drops.

Boosts The Immune System

Electric bikes have a lot of health benefits as well, apart from their mental health benefits. It acts as an outlet for keeping themselves fit.

Regularly cycling builds the immune system. Due to this, older people are easily able to fight off nasty bugs and infections.

Older people also face a lot of degenerative diseases and problems. To meet them with proper strength and courage, they must have a robust immune system.

Slows Down Ageing

It is a scientific fact that with growing age, our body loses muscle mass. On top of that, these muscles also lose the ability to contract.

This happens because of the fat and the connective tissues present in our body. Seniors who become inactive and do not exercise have higher rates of muscle loss and age faster.

Riding an electric bike reduces this process by preventing chronic diseases and preventing muscle loss.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are electric bikes more dangerous since they go faster than regular cycles?

Electronic bikes do not have to be more dangerous than traditional bikes. Both types have their safety measures and risks. It is up to you to minimize these risks by taking proper precautions and safety measures.

Safety measures such as: riding defensively instead of aggressive driving, wearing all the protective gear to prevent injuries, etc.

Even though electric bikes travel at higher speeds than regular cycles, they have power brakes that instantly cut off the motor’s power when pressed.

What’s the difference between owning an electric bike and a regular bike?

First of all, owning an electric bike over a regular or standard cycle costs more initially. Electric bikes are an expensive alternative to traditional bikes as they have more advanced and smart features.

Over time this difference between their costs minimizes as regular bikes have higher maintenance costs whereas electric bikes have virtually no maintenance cost.

People who buy an electric bike have a more convenient experience than those who purchase a standard bike.

What Are Some Of The Best Electric Bikes?

Some of the best electric bikes are:

  • Ancheer E-Bike.
  • Angotrade E-Bike.
  • Priority Embark E-Bike.
  • Hicient E-Bike.
  • Speedrid Folding E-Bike.


Riding an electric bike is not only a smart choice. It’s the need of the hour. It has a lot of general, health, and economic benefits, as discussed above.

We have seen a massive increase in the Electric Bike industry and expect to see a more prominent rise as more and more people are starting to realize its benefits.

We hope this article has inspired you to take up an electric bike yourself! Take the first step towards a cleaner and healthier alternative!


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Written by Lee Hill

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