Are Electric Scooters Legal on Sidewalks?

Are Electric Scooters Legal on Sidewalks

Are you new to electric scooters and don’t know the basic laws associated with them? Don’t worry.

We will help you.

Riding any vehicle on the road and even on sidewalks can be dangerous. Are you aware that almost 29-30 people lost their lives due to riding an electric scooter at top speed in America in 2018? In few cities of the world, an electric scooter is legal, and in others, it is not.

Even though these devices are gaining popularity day by day, but the reality is, some scooters reach 40-50 miles per hour speed.

Riding the scooter at this speed is dangerous for the rider and the pedestrians on the sidewalk. There have been fatal cases coming up in the different parts of the world that show that these gadgets can be dangerous.

However, every state has different regulations and laws for riding electric scooters on the sidewalk.

Here are some rules that the scooter operators and owners need to comply with. Read the article and understand why electric scooters are legal on sidewalks?

Electric Scooter Laws According To Different States Of United States

In the United States, different states have different laws that the e-scooter operators and owners need to follow.


In the state of Birmingham, the electric scooter needs a registration tag as it is a motor vehicle. The operator needs to get an authorized motorcycle license to ride an e-scooter.

In the state of Auburn, people do not have permission to ride an electric scooter on sidewalks. Any city named Tuscaloosa has a law that electric scooters are not at all street legal.


The operators of e-scooter come under the same rules set for electric-assisted bicycles. There are Federal laws that apply the rules and regulations on the usage of e-scooters.

According to the law, it is legal to ride an electric scooter on the sidewalk, bike lanes, and Arizona’s bicycle lanes. The user does not need any standard registration for using e-scooters.


The latest rule for electric scooter legislation took place in the year 2019. According to the law, on a busy road, you cannot ride an e-scooter and e-bike above the speed of 15mph. On some streets, you can ride at a rate of 25 mph.

Electric Scooters Laws on Sidewalks


On the streets of Delaware, teens below the age of 16 cannot ride an e-scooter. In Tennessee, one cannot ride a scooter on public roads. If you want to ride it, you need to turn off the motor.


You need to be of age 16 and above to be legal to ride an e-scooter at a speed of 15mph. The scooter must have a motor of power 750 watts or less. Moreover, the scooter needs to be on a kickstand when not in use.


One of the reasons Florida has banned electric scooters is that there is no seat on them. Riders above 16 are licensed to ride the scooter, but they need to possess a motorized scooter license.


Georgia permits its residents to ride an e-scooter at a speed of 35mph. The resident can ride on bicycle paths, streets, pavements, sidewalks, and bike paths without any restrictions.


People cannot ride an electric scooter on roads, sidewalks, greenways, and parks in Indiana. But, they can ride it on highways by following the government’s rules but not on busy-lanes. It is better if they wear a helmet.

Are Electric Scooters Legal To Ride On Sidewalks In Hawaii?

In Hawaii, electric scooters and bicycle users need to follow the same rules set by the government.

Riders above 16 years of age can ride an e-scooter but with a helmet. It is essential to use a headlight if riding in the dark to see, and others can see you riding on the road.

The local government allows the riders to ride on bikeways, sidewalks, and roadways. Further, there are no restrictions on the maximum speed in Hawaii. But looking at the latest scenario, the minimum age of young riders has changed from fourteen to 18 years.

Are Electric Scooters Safe for Sidewalks?

Riding an electric scooter on the sidewalks is the safest as there are no bumps, no traffic, and fewer people walking. But, it can be risky if you can not control the speed.

Are Electric Scooters Safe on Sidewalks

Are E-Scooters Legal Or Illegal In The USA?

Everyone loves an e-scooter. But, it is legal in some states and illegal to ride in other states of the USA. Though these gadgets are easy to ride and are eco-friendly, it has exploded in popularity making the streets busy. Many people do not even know that these scooters are illegal to ride on public streets.

The main problem is that these scooters are motor-powered, making them both speedy and dangerous. But, on public roads, these scooters are illegal.

Even to ride it on the streets, the user needs to have insurance, license, and protective gear. If the authorities find you riding an electric scooter in the UK, they will fine you GBP 300 as it is illegal to ride on public roads.

According to the law, motorized vehicles cannot ride on pavements, roads, and cycle lanes. Yet, the law has nothing specific about e-scooters or e-skateboards.

In Paris, the state authorities have strict regulations on riding the e-scooter on pavements, cycle pathways, and sidewalks. The speed limit in Paris is 12 mph; if anyone exceeds the speed, he/she will have to pay a fine of 135 euros. There is another fine of 35 euros for anti-social parking the e-scooter.

Regulations Around The World Are Beginning To Tighten Up

In France, the speed limit is20 mph. As there is no bike lane in the city, riding scooters is becoming challenging for people.

Sweden has fixed the speed limit to 12 mph as it is the largest speed listed to ride e-scooters. In the states of Melbourne, the speed limit is 6 miles per hour. Here, if the user is a responsible citizen and wears protective gear, it is legal to ride on the sidewalks.


Different cities have different rules and regulations. With the changing time, even laws are changing about e-scooters being legal or illegal. But for enthusiasts, the laws and regulations are the last things they want to hear.

They think using electric scooters is fun, full of excitement, and the future of tomorrow. But, everyone needs to abide by the rules to stay safe.

While riding any motorized transport, it is essential to think about others on the road first. Then most importantly, think about yourself as life is everything.

Written by Lee Hill

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