All in One Electric Bike Wheel – The Best Alternative to Ebikes?

You no longer have to pay for a fully-fledged e-bike with a hefty price tag. The all-in-one electric bike wheels have become a runaway success for every biker who prefers cycling with minimal effort.

Thanks to the revolutionized technology, you can now convert your conventional bicycle into an e-bike by merely swapping the wheel.

This all-in-one electric bike conversion wheel houses the controller, battery, and motor. Therefore, the installation is a breeze with the plug-and-play set-up.

What is the Best All-In-One Electric Bike Conversion Wheel?

There are different types of all-in-one wheel convert kit electric bikes . Installing the hub in your ordinary bicycle will cost you less than shelling out on the real McCoy e-bike. After all, they both have similar mechanisms.

The best electric bike wheel depends on your biking needs. Even so, there’s more than what meets the eye. Here’s a quick buying guide on what to look for when rummaging for the e-bike conversion wheel.


Most of the time, a small-sized motor is less powerful for long rides and off-roading trips. If you are in for daily commuting, less carbon footprint, and high speed, you should grab the large motor. For instance, its maximum power should be above 800W.

Speed Rating

The fastest all-in-one electric bike wheels would ride with speeds of up to 28mph. Yet still, some models would only achieve a maximum of 12mph. Long-distance bikers and off-roaders will thrive with a high-speed rating.

However, if you prefer short rides, it might be meaningless to shell out on such a powerful motor.

What’s more, some neighborhoods have strict limitations on velocity, which might be so inconvenient. To be on the safe side, splash out on the wheels with multiple speed options.

Note that most front-wheel systems will depend on your current gearing when adjusting the momentum.

Universal Compatibility

Electric bike wheels are not universal to all bicycles. Before paying for the conversion kit, ensure to cross-check its compatibility or the manufacturer’s recommendation. Most brands offer different wheel size options ranging from 20” through 29” to 700C mountain bicycles.

Extra Features

The more the electric wheel features, the more you’ll have to dig deeper in your pocket.
Some of these wheels have advanced system apps with fitness tracking, smartphone compatibility, and Bluetooth connectivity. You can customize and track your riding style, share the experience with friends, or even lock the wheel. You may also get an LCD screen for projecting your performance.

Do electric bikes charge when you pedal?

Some people may ask whether e-bikes charge when pedalling. Although this is possible, there is always a very low return on input of around 10%. This means, you may need to pedal for 10km to get 1km charge. It is for this reason that most e-bikes are designed in such a way that you only need to plug into the wall to recharge.

However, a few electric bike models come with a feature to charge the battery, normally when you’re braking. In such cases the battery range can be extended up to 10%. This feature may force you to dig deeper into your pocket by several hundred dollars. Also, because of the design of such motors which can be recharged, you will always find that the electric bike is more hard to pedal especially when using the electric bike with the power off.

How to Install an All-In-One Electric Bike Wheel?

Before assembling your bike, make sure to have a battery with you and cross-check the specified wheel-type.

The installation process begins by disengaging the current wheel. Some electric bicycle kits include the tire, rim, and spokes. However, you can choose to buy a conversion hub motor, which directly installs in your pre-existing freewheel.

Swap the old wheel with the new one and tightly fit the nuts on either side. Attach the brake levers and screw in the battery. By default, old-school rim brakes will be compatible with electric bike wheels. However, if your bicycle uses disc brakes, then you can switch over.

In case your kit has additional features, you might need to confirm the manual’s installation procedure. For instance, you might want to strap an OLED display and a wired thumb throttle near the handbrakes. The pedal sensors belong to the crank arm.

Maintenance Tips for All-In-One Electric Bike Wireless

How to Clean an Electric Bike Wheel?

When you are done with off-roading and long rides in the countryside, your mucky bicycle might need some thorough washing. Soap and water will work efficiently but remember not to touch the electrical parts or the battery of the e-bike. Most manufacturers specify if the kit is waterproof so you can ride in the rain or wash the components without a fuss.

There’s no need for laundering the bicycle unless it’s noticeably muddy and dirty. Otherwise, you can wipe it clean with a piece of a damp cloth.

Battery and Charging

Always keep your battery fully charged even if you used it for a couple of minutes. For example, a Li-ion battery depreciates at a slow rate when it has the maximum charge capacity. Besides, you should avoid depleting your battery completely as it accelerates its deterioration.

When the bicycle is out of service for an extended period, store it with an average power of 80%.

Keep the battery from corrosion, rust, grime, and dirt as it might reduce the efficiency of powering the motor. Make sure to dry the batteries in case of contact with water. What’s more, you ought to steer clear of extreme heat as much as you can.

Do You Get Exercise On Electric Bike Wheel?

The role of motor-assisted bicycles in physical fitness has been a bone of contention among cyclists and researchers. Some scholars have maintained that pedaling an e-bike requires less physical exertion than riding a mechanical bike. However, the opposite is true since various studies have debunked this notion.

According to research published in the Journal of Medical Internet Research, e-bikers equally exhibit positive exercise response. Riding on an electric bicycle is a cardiovascular workout that improves the heart rate, blood sugar levels, and physical fitness. It is an excellent form of training for those who want to use minimal effort in their aerobics.

The heart rate when riding an e-bike is approximately 94% of those cycling on conventional bicycles. You can burn an average of 280 calories if you are 150 pounds and biking at 10 to 14mph, while your counterpart can burn twice as much.

Your physical exertion might be slightly lower than that of the mechanical rider, but you used less energy and effort. You’d still have the stamina to ride for an extended period, even on hilly or steep ground. What’s more, you can cycle on your recovery days with the low power mode without hurting your quads.

Final Note

Owning an all-in-one electric bike wheel wireless is an economical way of upgrading from a conventional bike. The transformation will merely cost you half the price of a fully-fledged e-bike.

The advantage of using this conversion kit is that you won’t use much effort in the ride. Therefore, cycling becomes more fun as you can go on longer rides and traverse different terrains without being wiped out.

Not only will you be reducing the carbon footprint, but you’ll also be working on your cardiovascular fitness.

Written by Lee Hill

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